Actors, models, pornstars and clowns in politics

To say that strange things are happening in the political world - to say nothing! The absurd tricks make you wonder: why are some of them so eager to take their “warm” place as soon as possible in the public arena?

Scandal around mayor of toronto

That only is worth the trick of a Canadian figure, Rob Ford (mayor of Toronto).

The excitement caused a video in which a man, not only smoked a narcotic crack, also called Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Canadian party, “fagot”. In his comments, Ford denied everything and gave remarks - “This is complete nonsense!” But over time, at the city council, he admitted that he had been buying illegal drugs for the last two years. At this oddity is not subsided. Later, the mayor was repeatedly drunk at work and behind the wheel of a car, and also sexually harassed colleagues. In 2013, the official was completely deprived of state powers.

Politics stars

What kind of star actors, actresses and filmmakers did not see the policy! Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Reagan here also managed to play their main roles. Even the most stellar films of the 30s of the American actress Shirley Temple, where she played her main children's roles, did not become the limit of her career. In the 76-77th years it is already the first lady-head of the protocol of America. And since 1989, President George W. Bush has appointed her ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

But not only the stars of the film industry have declared themselves in the public service. Strangely enough, there are also such unique personalities of the most unexpected creative professions, who also decided to try themselves in such a serious political matter.

Clown in congress

Often politicians arrange clowning. But there are the most real - professional clowns! Yes, yes, you heard right. Even before becoming a candidate for the national congress of the Republican Party of Brazil, Francisco Evererdo Oliveira Silva was a widely known clown, humorist, and singer. His stage name is Tiririk.

In 2010, the artist dramatically changed his life, declaring his desire to run for congress. Many accused him of illiteracy and even appointed a test. But according to the laws of Brazil, there is no place in the Parliament only for those who understand absolutely nothing in reading and writing, and Tiririk was not so. According to the results of the elections in the state of Sao Paulo, he worthily took his place. People believed in the sincerity of his intentions, and as a result, Francisco became the second record holder for the votes cast for the entire election period in Brazil.

Over time, Tiririka was recognized as the most industrious and active congressman; he often condemned his colleagues, whom he considered to be lazy and idlers.

Pornstar rules!

Another proof that in politics all professions are important, all professions are needed, was the election victory of the Italian porn actress Anna Helena Staller, known in star circles under the pseudonym Chichcholina. Her first shooting experience in “hard” porn was in 1983.

1987 - Elena successfully competed in parliamentary elections. 20 000 votes of its voters were nominated by Staller for the 2nd place after the leader of the Radical organization Marco Pannell. In 1991 - one of the leading organizers of the movement “The Party of Love”.

The new “political role” didn’t prevent Cicciolin from continuing to act in porn movies! On the eve of the Gulf War, the star confessed: “For the sake of peace on earth, I could make love to Saddam Hussein.” In 2006, she proposed the same to Osama Bin Laden.

“Fantomas” is applying for the presidency?

Vladimir Franz is a famous artist in the Czech Republic, a talented composer, publicist, and he teaches at the Prague Academy of Arts.

Incredibly, tattoos and body piercing cover 90% of his body. Random red and greenish patterns on a blue body, sometimes, shock others.

On the chest of Franz is depicted the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, on the arm - the tattoo of the composer Bohuslav Martin. “Avatar” or “Fantômas” - this is how it is called in the people.

Czech presidential elections in 2013 did not pass without the participation of Vladimir Franz. Gaining 11.5% of the vote, he took 3rd place. The election campaign of a shocking candidate is aimed at young people, his plans were to legalize marijuana.

“Best Party” actor

Jon Gnarr - an extraordinary person in Iceland, a famous actor, a wonderful musician, a writer and, finally, a bright politician (2010-14 - Mayor of the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik).

Such original politicians history has not yet seen! His “Best Party” promises to ignore his election slogans - Parliament away from drugs, a free towel in the pools, at the Disneyland airport, “write off all debts”.

2010 was remembered by the city for its gay parade, in which Jon struck everyone with his female flower dress, blond wig and brightly painted lips. He openly teased - “And the mayor could not come!”

In 2012, Jon Gnarr morally supported the group Pussy Riot (at this time the girls included in its composition were under arrest), visiting a gay parade in a lilac balaclava and a bright sparkling dress.

During his political career, the shocking mayor built a large number of bike lanes, reorganized educational institutions. The result of his reign was a complete reconstruction of finances, and tourism grew to 20%.

“Non-political” photos of the young deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Already in her 24th, the former model Anastasia Deeva confidently took the post of Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Not having had time to prove himself in his position, the young diva has long been the object of close attention not only of Russian and Ukrainian publications, but also of European media. Her intimate photos, flooded the Internet, were the subject of discussion of popular publications Mirror, Daily Mail, The Sun and others.

The Jewish role of Miss America

A Jewish woman by nationality, Bess Myerson, in 1945 received the title “Miss America”. In the 1950s and 1960s, she actively participated in television shows. Since 1969, Bess has been representing consumers in New York, and in 1983 she is the main commissioner for culture.

The state career of an American beauty ended in 1988, when she and her lover were accused of stealing and bribery.

Showman and politician

The show business of America of the XIX century is impossible to imagine without Phineas Taylor Barnum. This famous American person, a showman who founded the circus, opened his museum. Taylor Barnum is the author of several books and publications of his own autobiographies. In his role, he was a successful businessman.

In 1860, despite his anti-political convictions, Barnum is still elected a republican deputy and serves as many as 2 terms. It opposes slavery and the infringement of the rights of black people. 1875 - serves as mayor of Bridgeport.

“Every minute a fool is born on earth” is Phineas's catchphrase, which has become the winged expression of those times.

From bartender to president

Surely you know that Abraham Lincoln was a successful lawyer before his US presidency. But are you aware of the fact that this national hero, who liberated America from slavery, was a bartender in his youth? Incredibly, Lincoln is the only head of state who has a bartender license!

The cat in the political post

What is just not seen and not heard in the political world. But we still have something to surprise you!

In 1997, in the town of Talkitna, Alaska, the shopkeeper Lori Stack tamed a kitten, Stubbs, who did not have a tail. At that time, the mayoral elections were held, and the people did not want to see any of the current politicians in this post. Laurie jokingly suggested Stubbs’s candidacy, as a result the kitten scored 900 votes of its voters, and that’s the entire town’s population.

Jokes jokes, and Stubbs still took his place of honor in the political arena. With this unusual method, the people decided to develop tourism in the city.

2012 - Stubbs is re-elected mayor of Talkitna. The daily "ritual" of the honorary servant of the people - mint cat water is necessarily from the glass!

These are the unusual, and sometimes shocking facts in the world of politics, we told you today. Friends, if you know more stories or news, share in the comments!

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