Wallpaper in the living room 2017

If it turned out to be not so easy to pick up the wallpaper in the living room, prepared a number of interesting solutions not only from a practical point of view, but also taking into account the 2017 fashion trends.

Wallpaper in the living room: new 2017

The time of similar and boring designs has passed, along with a limited choice of colors, textures and facing materials. In modern times, awesome series of wallpaper fabrics surprise with their colors, imitations and textures. Now and then in the interior, they are often the focus of attention, serving as a decorative accent. Forget the standards and outdated techniques in the decoration of the walls, because modern wallpaper design technology, thanks to bright, unusual atmospheric scenes, rely on individuality and impeccable style.

The choice of wallpaper depends on the type of room where it is planned to glue. Often for the living room owners prefer options from different types of elite collections - tapestry or fabric-based. Although no less interesting, practical and more affordable can be non-woven or vinyl wallpaper. Any decision can be original and even exclusive in its own way, and a key role in this is played by a professional approach and design creativity.

Classic prints on wallpaper canvases look incredibly elegant at all times. The modern approach of classical design assumes deeper mixed palettes and amazing drawings. And this is not only the usual flowers and floral motifs, but also unusual abstractions, 3D geometry.

More style and imagery

Undoubtedly, fusion gives a special chic and atmospheric living room. In this case, comfort and style is manifested in the smallest details. Fusion in design combines colors, textures and objects from different directions, eras and tonalities. It seems that the designer intuitively selected all the elements that perfectly complement each other, creating perfect harmony in the room. And the wallpaper here plays a significant role.

As a rule, the whole space is united by the background gamma, and the remaining elements in it are assembled into a single representation, like an artistic picture.

Modernity and retro always go hand in hand, and stylish vintage still enjoys incredible demand from its admirers.

Large contrasting patterns attract particular attention, but with this approach, furniture and accessories should be carefully considered so as not to disturb the decorative balance.

Individuality in color

Do not like a bland interior? But how to give the living room an expressive look and at the same time not to overdo it with accessories? Individuality and diversity can be achieved thanks to bright colors. Textured colorful wallpapers, a luxurious sofa with a rich tint, in harmony with the wall palette, textiles and colored furniture give the living room an optimistic character. This design does not require various accessories, extra shelves and extra furniture.

Warm deep shades as if fill the space of the living room with a special meaning and mystery.

You can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere with the help of an appropriate color scheme. We see a good example in the photo. Wallpaper noble blue hue does not look dull and faceless. Completing the white elements give liveliness to the interior, make the living room refined and concise. It is very pleasant to spend time in the family circle or with close friends, enjoy heart-to-heart talk or just relax, immersed in the history of your favorite book.

Color neutrality of the room will give a black or gray color with white. But most likely the priority in living rooms in such a range is not at all an emphasis on color design; here, in the foreground, originality, sophistication, and sometimes extravagance of style, accessories and furniture.

Add contrasts, highlight accents

The diverse design of the wallpaper allows designers to maximize their creative potential. And here a lot of tricks and unusual decisions are used. Mixing colors and textures, creating bright accents and original contrasts, even the simplest setting can be turned into an interior piece. In this case, you must always keep a balance Different types of wallpaper should combine a common element. Only then will get a harmonious complete image.

With the help of an accent wall, decorated with bright beautiful wallpaper, you can divide the room into zones, visually select certain areas.

The combination of various textures - the solution is quite bold, but a competent approach to the design will make the interior unique and unique. The floral in combination with a striped print looks organic. Abstract patterns are perfectly combined with any shade.

Wall mural in the living room

In a small living room, wallpapers with a sea horizon or a road stretching into the distance can increase the room to an immense scale! This simple reception will visually expand the space, and the room will be dominated by the incredible atmosphere of a serene island, urban beauty or a seaside resort.

Fashionable wallpaper in the living room 2017: original examples in the photo

The nuances of choosing a wallpaper in a small living room

Smooth uniformity is not an option.

Smooth, homogeneous linen is not the best solution for a small living room. In this case, the walls look sad, so it seems that there is clearly not enough active intervention of decorative elements - paintings, photographs, posters, etc. But the abundance of such things is a losing option for a compact room. Therefore, we recommend to abandon this kind of design.

Invoice rate

Relief on the walls in a small room is welcome. Moreover, the expressiveness and depth of the texture does not matter. Even the most insignificant, barely noticeable relief will have a positive effect on the visual perception of a small space. But somehow, the more noticeable the texture, the better.

Add shine

With a lack of meters, wallpapers with a reflective effect are perfect. Even a moderate “shine” of individual fragments will benefit the small living room.

The essence is not in size, but in the saturation of the pattern.

They say that in small premises large prints cannot be used in finishing. But you can argue with that. Here it is not a matter of the size of the ornament, but of its activity and color. Neutral tones on canvas with a large but low-contrast pattern have every right to safely declare themselves in the interior of a small living room.

Caution with bright active prints

Certainly, the ban on bright expressive patterns is not imposed, but you need to understand that in a compact living room with them you should act very carefully. This kind of prints use metered, combining with other surfaces. This is the only way to achieve the perfect accent effect.

Cardinal Zoning

If the low ceiling is the main problem of the living room, divide the space by height. Choose two types of wallpaper that are in harmony in color or plot of the picture. You can paste a third of the wall below with wallpaper with a dark shade, the rest of the surface - light. Or vice versa, let the bottom be light, and the top - with a deep saturated color.

As you can see, the options in the selection of wallpaper for the living room is not count. Want to follow the latest fashion design - please! You prefer to be guided solely by your own taste - you have every right! The main thing is to observe harmony, style and general ideological interior.

Did you have to make a choice between wallpaper, painting or another type of wall decoration in the living room? Share your own experiences in the comments.

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