Refrigerator in the kitchen: Accommodation options

Different kitchen options have their own layout and different sizes, however, like all apartments. When the kitchen is large and spacious, problems with the placement of any pieces of furniture or decor, as a rule, does not arise. But already in a small room of 6-7 square meters, you need to think carefully about how to correctly position even such a significant element in the kitchen, like a refrigerator.

But fortunately, modern interior design, innovative technologies and the creative approach of professionals make it possible to solve the problem in the best possible way, offering several solutions for optimal placement of the refrigerator in any areas, and with minimal territorial costs.

The corner is the best place for a refrigerator.

To save maximum space in the kitchen, professional designers highly recommend using a free corner to place the refrigerator. This is the best option for planning, which will allow guests and hosts to move around the room without hesitation. And if the size of the refrigerator is matched to the size of all kitchen furniture, it will not stand out from the general line, creating the integrity of the perception of the whole structure.

In addition to all the above, there are collections that offer narrow and more elongated forms of refrigerators, which is an excellent option for a competent layout and space saving.

The refrigerator near the door is a great alternative.

If the kitchen area is quite compact, a refrigerator by the door is an even more comfortable and convenient option. The use of a high refrigerator allows to solve the issue of additional zoning of space. In this case, it serves as a partition. But more often it is more expedient to completely dismantle the door, thus increasing the area of ​​the room and expanding the door arch itself.
You can also make a separate niche of plasterboard specifically for the refrigerator, then the kitchen will get the perfect complete look.

Great idea - a fridge under the work area

Such a solution is ideal for small apartments with miniature kitchens. Fortunately, modern technologies offer a wide selection of refrigerators, among which there are those whose dimensions are identical to a washing machine. A mini-fridge can easily be placed under the countertop, this is a real salvation for the owners of the kitchen is too small. By the way, quite often similar kitchens with a limited area are also found in studio apartments.

Invisible solution: a refrigerator in the kitchen, built-in set

For such a decision, the organization of the interior requires a fairly spacious kitchen. The built-in refrigerator is completely invisible in the closet with the doors closed. This is a great idea for those owners who do not want appliances to occupy a dominant role in the kitchen interior.

Stainless steel option

If you like stainless steel products, but at the same time you want the refrigerator to look as harmonious as possible against the general background of the kitchen interior and not stand out, then you need to add the same type of decoration to the design. So, you can place any items made of stainless steel, for example, a stove. Only then the refrigerator will not be in the foreground in the field of view of others, and will become an integral element of the whole stylish composition. If you have two ovens, it is best to arrange them vertically - above each other.

Perfect camouflage

If you absolutely do not want to see a refrigerator in your elegant interior, and even ideally built into the kitchen is not an option, then disguise it as a cupboard. In this case, to immediately find it, it will take more time!

And do not forget to choose a color!

Often, buying a refrigerator, its color solution is not always in the foreground. As a rule, traditional white refrigerators or with a metallic tint are purchased. Today, however, designers offer a lot of interesting options with a variety of stylish noble shades - burgundy, turquoise, azure, blue, red, black and even orange! And if you take the choice of color very responsibly and correctly select the optimal shade, then the refrigerator can serve as an expressive decorative accent and decorate the whole interior.

Although it is difficult to disagree with the fact that while the bright color for the refrigerator is not as relevant as, for example, white or steel. But if you are one of those who are looking for special and unusual items for your interior, then it is better to buy some version of home appliances or furniture of the same color in a pair to a color refrigerator. So, the interior will look more harmonious.

And if we talk about style, in this case it is not so important. The original refrigerator is appropriate in almost any design decision.

But even the white or steel classic version does not exclude the obligatory selection of a nice couple of objects of the same color, which can serve as an extractor, microwave oven and other kitchen appliances.
As for uniqueness, today there are incredibly refined ways to decorate kitchen appliances. It is painted with original patterns and even decorated with all sorts of crystals and rhinestones. Also, an unusual effect is produced by bright prints on the whole door, for example, in the form of juicy olives, colorful sunflower, blooming tulip, world map, refined abstraction or ornament. And if you wish, you can even decorate the refrigerator. A great option - so popular recently vinyl stickers.

What is the place of the refrigerator in the interior of your kitchen?

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