What eyebrows will be in fashion in 2017?

The fashion trends of past seasons remain relevant in 2017. Naturalness and naturalness are exactly what you should strive for. In particular, this rule applies to the eyebrows. So what should they be to create the perfect image of a real woman of fashion this year? About this and talk further.

Fashion trends in the world of eyebrows

This year, it is the eyebrows that are given attention, because the expressiveness of the face depends on them. If you pick up the wrong shape, the image may seem too sad, serious and even angry. Therefore, it is very important to visit professionals who will select the most suitable option.

As for the form of "strings" or "commas", today it is considered a bad form. Such options do not decorate and look old-fashioned. Even if you are accustomed to this form, we recommend to grow your eyebrows with the help of special tools and sign up for a correction with the master. Be sure that a good specialist can find the perfect option for you.

Natural thickness

Many beauty experts claim that the eyebrows of 2017 will have wider eyebrows than before. Despite this tendency, it is very important to consider your face shape as well as your type of appearance. After all, if the eyebrows are too broad you do not have to face, then you should not blindly chase the fashion.

Grooming and density

According to many girls, thick eyebrows do not require special efforts to bring them in order. In fact, it is not. Without constant care, they will look sloppy, which is not permissible, according to experts. Therefore, you should definitely equip with tweezers, eyebrow gel and a special brush for their styling. All these items will help give them a neater look.

Soft curved lines

Smooth lines - this is something without which eyebrows simply can not be called fashionable. In 2017, they must have soft bends, that is, smoothly go to the tip of the eyebrows, without changing the thickness. The legislator of this trend can rightly be called Cara Delevin, the style of which is followed by women of fashion.

Bleached eyebrows

In contrast to previous trends, bleached eyebrows will be relevant. Tint can be close to the skin tone or any other in pastel colors. Of course, such experiments are far from being to every girl.

But if you are a creative person who is not afraid of surprised looks to his side, then be sure to try. The main thing is to choose a suitable bow so that your image looks complete. But nevertheless the most often similar color of eyebrows can be seen on fashion catwalks. After all, there it looks appropriate.

Also in 2017, at shows you could see an unusual design in the form of a thin strip over painted eyebrows. The latter option is suitable only for the podium.

Perfect eyebrow creation rules

Contrary to the opinion of many girls, to create a beautiful shape of eyebrows will need not only tweezers. Such a tool does not help to make symmetrical eyebrows. Therefore, they often do not look very neat. To create a truly beautiful shape, we recommend that you consider a few rules.

If you previously had thin eyebrows, it is best to wait until they grow. But unfortunately, with long-term removal, they can stop their growth. Those who are faced with a similar problem, it is better to contact the salon for the procedure of reconstruction.

Girls who naturally have rather thick eyebrows can try to shape themselves. It is very important to determine their contour. The beginning of the eyebrows coincides with the inner corner of the eye, and the end is located at the junction of the line from the nostril to the outer corner.

Thus, you can find out the optimal length of the eyebrows. But there are cases when the length is not enough. Do not immediately paint them or sign up for a tattoo. Even this version of the eyebrows can be arranged neatly and naturally.

The next thing to determine - the point of recovery. It is located at the top of the iris. But it is very important to make a smooth bend without abrupt transitions. So eyebrows look much more natural.

Attention should be paid to the width of the eyebrows. You do not need to pull them out from all sides; it is enough to process the nose bridge and the lower arch. The top of the touch is not necessary. The exception will be single hairs, which give a scruffy look. By the way, if the eyebrows are not thick enough, you can use a pencil or shadows that will help fill the bald spots.

When eyebrows already have a certain shape, we recommend to start their installation. Special brush can give them the right position. Experts recommend placing them along the hairline and fixing them with a cosmetic gel. Due to this eyebrows will have the correct position and a neat appearance.

Who does not fit wide eyebrows?

Wide, thick eyebrows - this is the trend of 2017. Therefore, many girls are in a hurry to grow them, do various procedures to care for them, and even increase. But still the actual width is not suitable for everyone.

Miniature girls categorically should not make eyebrows too wide, as it will look ridiculous. Also abstain is worth girls with oily sheen, rash and problem skin. This combination does not look very nice, so it’s better to stay at an average thickness.

The next category, which does not fit wide eyebrows - women aged. The fact is that this width visually adds a few years. And if young girls want to look a little older, then women after forty would like to avoid it. Therefore, we recommend to look at the classic options that perfectly emphasize facial features.

Creating perfect eyebrows is not easy. After all, it is necessary to take into account not only the trends in the fashion world, but also the individual characteristics of each girl. This is the only way to give your eyebrows the right shape, with which your face will look beautiful.

How do you care for your eyebrows, by yourself or with a specialist?

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