White Nails 2018: the best design ideas

White manicure can be called universal. After all, it looks great at any time of the year, you only need to complement it with an appropriate pattern. In spring, delicate flowers will look great on white nails, in summer you can add bright colors, focusing on the marine theme. In the fall, such a manicure should be emphasized with shades of yellow and red. And in the winter white color is simply irreplaceable for drawing snowflakes. And this is only a small part of the ideas that allow you to make a white manicure bright and expressive.

Nuances of white manicure

Monotonous white marigolds are rare. And absolutely in vain the girls refuse such a design, because on the nails, especially on short ones, the white varnish looks neat and stylish. As an experiment, you can combine different textures.

However, making such a manicure, you need to adhere to some rules:

  1. It is important that the selected varnish is of good quality. Only in this way you can be sure that the monochromatic light coating will be flawless.
  2. Any defect on the white surface (abrasion, chipping, etc.) will immediately be evident. Therefore, it needs to be regularly updated or use gel polish, which is able to extend the life of the manicure.
  3. Any bright lacquer, and white in particular, is able to focus on any irregularities of the nail plate. To avoid this, a special base coat is applied to the nail, which can even out any surface flaws.
  4. There are situations when the coating is non-uniform. In this case, you can use a shimmering lacquer that can correct this flaw.
  5. Ideal solid white manicure looks on short oval or square nails. But any pictures, especially voluminous ones, will look better on long ones.

Trendy color combinations

Few girls decide on plain white manicure. As a rule, nail design is complemented by various patterns or patterns. As an option, white lacquer is used to highlight individual nails.

In 2018, the following color combinations will be considered to be trend: black and white, white and red, as well as white with pink, blue or blue.

French and moon manicure

White French manicure is a classic. These pens always look stylish, feminine and elegant. The basis of the manicure will be light pink, beige or the natural color of the nail. The edge of the nail is painted white. Trend 2018 will be a French manicure with rhinestones.

The idea of ​​a moon manicure is the selection of the nail hole. But, in 2018, they propose to combine a moon manicure with a franchise. In this case, the main surface of the nail plate, the edge and the hole will be painted in 3 different colors. A manicure in pastel colors, where the shade of the hole will differ from the main coating by just 1 tone, is considered to be especially exquisite.

Deciding to decorate a French or lunar manicure pattern, you need to be especially careful about his choice. In 2018, girls offer animalistic or geometric patterns. No less relevant will look on white nails bright flowers. If you are not sure that you can perform such a drawing yourself, you can use special stickers.

The festive version of the moon manicure can be supplemented with brilliant lacquer or special foil. Interestingly on such nails will look large rhinestones, bulky stones or even spikes. There is also great news for fans of acrylic modeling - in 2018 this trend in nail design is again relevant.

With rhinestones

Rhinestones will help decorate a simple white manicure, making it more refined. Depending on the length of the nails, they can be of different sizes. But do not forget about the sense of proportion. For everyday manicure, decoration with sparkling stones of several nails is allowed. But decorating marigolds for a party or a holiday, you can create whole pictures of rhinestones of different colors and sizes.

Drawing on white manicure

White coating is the best for applying various patterns and patterns. But you should pay attention to the fact that this will look best on nails of medium length.

Which picture to choose? It all depends on your imagination. It can be as simple geometric shapes and plain ornaments, and complex compositions. Designers in 2018 advise to focus on minimalism. Perfectly look small black drawings on a white background.

To make the manicure more festive, you can decorate the nails with sparkles. Actual in 2018 will be floral and animalistic themes, as well as futuristic ornaments.

Black and white combination

This combination is classic and will be relevant at any time. Variants of patterns weight. Puzzles or chessboard look great. Geometric patterns also allow you to visually change the nail shape. For example, the triangles at the base of the nail plate will make it longer, and the squares, on the contrary, will visually shorten.

Bold women of fashion can stop the attention on black and white stripes. Various decorative elements or painting with brilliant varnish are able to diversify the palette. Skillfully using the black-and-white combination can be beneficial to emphasize their individuality.

White with red

This combination can express your versatility and courage. Incredibly beautiful on a white background will look like a blooming poppy flower. If a girl does not want to stand out much, then red can be used to decorate only 1 finger.

On long nails, abstract patterns in red and white are ideal. No less impressive, they will look in the technique of ombre.

White with gold

This combination can give manicure an expensive and sophisticated look. Undoubtedly, the brilliance of the gold ornament on the nails will attract the attention of others. If you are going to a party, then you can additionally use nail decoration with rhinestones or other elements. The main thing is that they should be in the same style and color as the main manicure.

Strips and shells

White nails with stripes will look good in any setting, be it an office or a date. At the same time they can be applied both vertically and horizontally. Interesting and look intertwining lines. Apply them on a white basis can be any color (black, red, blue, gold, etc.).

Going on vacation, pay attention to the manicure with shells. You can make them with rhinestones, 3D effect, etc. Remains relevant option decorating the nail miniature shells.

As you can see, the white color is absolutely not boring. Moreover, the white coating will be the ideal base for the wildest fantasies.

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