What to wear knitted dress: 100 ideas and new products

Dresses are never left unattended by designers. The trend of recent seasons, aimed at the exaltation of femininity and natural beauty, made them an indispensable attribute of the girl's wardrobe.

Knitted dresses are a popular trend of the current season. Designers offered a lot of styles, colors and decor, allowing each girl to choose the appropriate model. But with all the diversity of this feminine wardrobe item, fashionistas treat them wary, believing that the knitted texture visually adds extra centimeters to the waist and hips.

New collections of knitted dresses are designed to dispel this myth, offering models that focus on elegance, lightness and slimness.

How to choose a knitted dress

The range of knitted dresses is very wide and is not limited to models with a large viscous, which really fill the figure. Lightweight fitted styles will always be popular and in demand by fashionistas. They are easy to combine with different accessories, every day, creating unique images.

Knitted sheath dresses with an A-silhouette, sweater dresses and flirty models with a lush bottom are especially popular. The right style will emphasize the dignity of your figure and make the image incredibly feminine.

For tall girls, stylists recommend wearing short woolen dresses that emphasize feet. As shoes, choose high boots or boots, stockings. Another option - knitted models in the floor, slightly tight figure.

Dresses of medium length are suitable for almost all types of figure. The length of the product can be up to the knees or below.

For fashionable women with big hips and narrow waist, you should choose empire dresses. This style emphasizes the silhouette, while hiding problem areas on the hips.

If you have a slight tummy that you would like to hide, then pay attention to the trapezoidal cut patterns. They will make the figure slimmer, and legs visually longer and more attractive.

Lush ladies stylists recommend dresses of medium length and free fit. From tight models to the knees should be abandoned. Some girls, trying to hide their completeness, get outfits a size larger. This is not an option - such a dress will make your image baggy and tasteless.

A knitted dress of any length can be decorated with a thin belt that visually divides the figure into two equal parts and focuses attention on the waist.

What to wear knitted dress

Knitted dress is quite controversial piece of clothing. There are so many styles that many girls get lost when they need to choose shoes and accessories for him.

We offer you 5 basic bows with knitted dresses that you can confidently use every day.

Casual style with knitted dress

Casual or urban style - the most familiar to girls, as it is used much more often than, for example, business or evening. We wear everyday clothes every day and sometimes we don’t even think about creating unique and unique images every day.

For a casual look, choose a crochet dress with a loose silhouette. It should not fit the figure, rather the opposite, to bring some ease and freedom to the outfit. The optimal length of the dress - to the knees.

As a shoe, light gray shoes, high boots, ankle boots, knee-high boots will suit this image. Choose shoes with heels, platform or wedges. This balances the image and makes it much more feminine.

No less stylish is the combination of a knitted dress with sports shoes. Such an ensemble is especially to the liking of young girls with their fast pace of life. Choose light colored sneakers or moccasins. It is not recommended to combine a knitted dress with sandals, sandals, ballet shoes or classic shoes.

Business image with knitted dress

Models of knitted dresses in a business style are designed in dark colors. The priority is brown, black, gray, blue colors, which most accurately reflect the image of a sophisticated business woman.

The silhouette of the knitted dress should be fitted or straight. Product length - to the knee or below.

Diversify a strict business image will allow properly selected shoes. To keep a discreet outfit in dark shades from making you a gray mouse, choose classic shoes with a closed toe and heel, paying attention to the material and decor of the pair. Particularly impressive is varnished and matte leather, suede. The color can also be classic - shades of gray, black, brown, blue, and more saturated.

In a business style shoes with frilly decorations, with a combination of several colors, are unacceptable. Accessories should also be discreet. A modest costume jewelry made of pearls and stones of muted tones will suit the business image.

Knitted dress in minimalism style

The main feature of the image is the absence of unnecessary decorations and details. The color scheme of the dress is designed in calm and restrained colors. Silhouette - semi-or free. Length - below the knees.

The dress in the style of minimalism is ideal for everyday work everyday or walking with friends. Most models are made in an unusual style. This may be an asymmetrical hem or smell on the chest, a custom style sleeves or cuffs. This image does not need additional accessories, it looks very attractive without them.

When putting on a minimalist outfit, combine it with high-heeled shoes. Complete the image with a bag of any size or a stylish clutch.

Extravagant outfit with knitted dress

Tired of boring shades? Then this style will surely please you with a variety of bright colors and combinations. Knitted dresses are made in an extravagant and ethnic style. The silhouette can be absolutely any. Length - midi (below the knees).

A distinctive feature of this style is the use of various patterns and weaves, which serve as a decoration for the attire. It is clear that such an image does not need additional details. The only way you can diversify it is shoes, handbag or jewelry. Do not forget about the appropriate make-up and hairstyle.

Bright colors, variegated patterns, unusual volumetric texture, non-standard form - all this is an extravagant style for bold girls ready for fashionable experiments.

As shoes for your outfit, use classic or sports shoes, shoes, boots or shoes with heels or platform.

Knitted dress with leggings and jeans

This combination is acceptable if you wear an ultra-short knitted dress, more like a long sweater. For him, tight pants, jeans or leggings as the bottom is quite appropriate. Choose exactly tight-fitting models of black or other dark shades, so as not to create additional volume.

Knitted dresses are suitable for all girls, regardless of the type of figure and height. You should not abandon them by trying on several models. A variety of styles allows each woman of fashion to fill up the clothes with a unique dress which will find a worthy place in your daily and business bows.