Glass curtain for the bathroom

Fortunately, modern technologies allow to solve almost any problems, including coping with the inconvenience and crampedness of traditional bathrooms. So, the usual bathroom can easily be transformed if you get the original glass curtain. Today we will take a closer look at the features and types of this stylish bathroom accessory.


  • Glass curtains, as compared with other materials, can serve for many, many years. Moreover, their surfaces are treated with a special protective coating, which protects the structure from mechanical damage.
  • With glass curtains, you immediately have a great opportunity to take a bath and a shower.
  • A variety of models allows you to choose the option for a traditional bath, and for the corner.
  • The glass is resistant to the appearance of mold, fungus, it does not crack or fade. It is treated with a special composition that repels dirt, lime, so that this surface remains clean for a long time.
  • Large selection of shapes, colors, models allows you to choose the most harmonious option for the interior of your bathroom.
  • And swing, and folding, and sliding curtains provide full protection of the floor from splashes.
  • Glass curtains are quite easy to install. Enough minimal repair skills and a standard set of tools to easily cope with the installation yourself.
  • On the aesthetic side, this is an absolute favorite among other analogues. This design is stylish, modern and often glamorous, it gives lightness to your bathroom, visually expanding its space.


After water procedures, stains from splashing water remain on glass curtains. But this is not so problematic when there are good household chemicals and wipes that perfectly cope with any spots and divorces.

Also, for many, a significant barrier to the acquisition of such curtains may be their cost, because of all similar options, this is the most expensive solution for the bathroom. However, here we must understand that this thing is bought for a sufficiently long period, and will not only protect the bathroom from splashes, but also serve as a very effective and stylish element.



Many interior designers and owners of glass curtains still consider this model the most successful of all the other options. And above all, because it is ideal for both large rooms and very compact. Sliding glass curtains do not occupy additional space and fit perfectly into any interior.

The best option - sliding curtains with rollers on top and bottom, which resemble a shower stall. Models with a groove-groove are not very convenient, since the flaps in the grooves themselves can eventually stick.

The most common models are in the shape of a rectangle, a circle or a semi-circle. Semicircular designs are perfect for a corner bath.

The sliding type of glass curtains fully replaces the shower stall.


This type of glass curtain is appropriate only in a spacious bathroom, as its doors will need a certain place for a swing position. Such doors open similarly to a double door. This nuance was the reason that the swing options are not very popular among the inhabitants. And some experts even say that the owners of even spacious bathrooms are in no hurry to purchase such curtains, for the sake of additional space savings.


This model is presented in the form of a kind of screen, which is able to close the entire bath, half or its third. It is very appropriate to install a similar screen when there is a washing machine, a cabinet or other furniture, equipment that needs to be protected from splashing water near the bath.

Model screen looks incredibly stylish, emphasizes the modern design of the bathroom, its conciseness and excellent taste of the owners of the house.

Folding (accordion)

Folding glass curtains are a good choice for non-standard baths, but this model is rather fragile and quickly fails, therefore, it needs particularly careful operation. The accordion curtains can be fully folded, which makes it convenient to manipulate, remove or put back.

In the corner bath

In this case, there are two options for the arrangement of the bathroom - a special design for the corner bathroom or a folding model. Experts still advise the first option, as it is more reliable and durable.


A variety of forms and “external data” of such structures allows you to choose a variant to any bathroom interior. Consider some of the decorative features of glass curtains.

  • Give the interior weightlessness, make it ultramodern. Ideal for a minimalist or hi-tech bathroom.

  • Frosted glass - a great option that protects from prying eyes. Such a surface can be both smooth and textured rough.

  • Blinds with mirror surfaces visually expand the boundaries of the bathroom and give it a modern touch of design.
  • The original ornament or pattern on glass curtains can be a highlight of the bathroom design. It is important that it ideally fits the style and generally harmonizes with the interior.

  • Colored glass makes the choice even more interesting and diverse.
  • The design of reliable durable tempered glass - a great option that will last a very long time. Often such a model is made of tinted glasses, which, in turn, produce an incredible impression of a luxurious and stylish bathroom.

Glass curtains for the bathroom are simply indispensable for those who are looking for the most convenient, high-quality, stylish, reliable and durable option of its arrangement. Despite the relatively high cost, experts still strongly recommend a similar design, since this thing is not bought for one year and will become a spectacular and stylish interior decoration.

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