The luxury of romance at rest: a bedroom in Provence style, 70 photos of the best interiors

The bedroom should be the most comfortable, relaxing place in any home. Only a competent approach to the arrangement of this room will be able to ensure proper rest and relaxation. One of the most popular stylistic trends in the design of the design is considered to be Provence - an arrangement option that creates an atmosphere of lightness and romance.

Stylish bedroom interior in Provence style

The original, pretentious style has its own distinctive features. Only in the presence of specific elements of decor and finishing materials can create an ideal picture of a modern bedroom.

An important role will be played by furniture that preserves the traditional features of this style. Only by adhering to certain rules, you can arrange a high-quality, thematically grounded interior. The main parameters for the Provence style in the arrangement of the bedroom include:
• The presence of antique furniture - with artificial scuffs, chips and patina.
• Use of soft colors, delicate combinations of light and pastel shades.
• Floral ornaments, prints, floral and rustic motifs in decoration and textiles.
• Lack of sharp contrasts, fanciful brightness, unreasonable combination of colors.
• A large number of decorative items, accessories, vintage trifles and souvenirs.

The main, central piece of furniture in the bedroom should be a double bed with wooden carved or wrought metal backs. The presence of elegant cabinets and chest of drawers is considered appropriate.

How to choose wallpaper, furniture, curtains, bedroom chandelier in the style of Provence

All materials, furniture and accessories should be properly combined in the room, not standing out among the rest and not focusing on attention. For Provence style, it is impossible to choose cutting-edge products, veiling even the necessary technical delights under the original rural flavor.

Selection of furniture, textiles, accessories can be done with the help of qualified designers or independently, using the advice of professionals. When choosing guided by the following criteria:

1. Furniture. All items must be aged, with elements of forging or stained glass. The ideal would be the presence of vintage items. If there is a large area, you can put an antique buffet in the bedroom, a chest, a rocking chair. Upholstery should be tapestry, calico, cambric.

2. Wallpaper. Various materials can be used to finish the walls. Among the wallpaper, you can choose several varieties - non-woven, paper, textile, vinyl. Products can be embossed, with images of unobtrusive patterns and ornaments. A selection of contemporary photo wallpapers is appropriate.

3. Textiles. Natural fabrics are preferred. Furniture upholstery, bedding, curtains, bedspreads should be plain or with a floral print. Contrast or saturated colors are not implied. Relevant marine themes, rural landscapes.

4. Curtains. Production material - flax, coarse calico. The finished product can be presented in the form of simple wide canvases decorated with hand-embroidered or braid. Use monophonic options, the presence of strips, cells is considered appropriate. Eaves can be shod or wooden.

5. Chandelier. A special, original element, which should be a highlight of the interior. The best choice - textile, stained glass, forged products. Ceiling chandeliers are represented by modern ceiling lamps made of plastic, metal, glass. Suspended versions may consist of one or more lampshades suspended from a string or chain.

You should not saturate the room with excessive decor. Volume images are best not to use. More comfortable bedroom in the style of Provence will make rich lighting and the presence of mirrors.

Cozy little bedroom in Provence style

To design a small room you need to approach as competently as possible. The accent in such a bedroom should be one. For Provence style, such an accent can be a bed - large, double, comfortable. The best option is a product made of light wood, with original carved elements.

In order to make a compact bedroom as comfortable as possible, the rest of the furniture should be selected miniature. The presence of bedside tables, a dresser, and a dressing table on classic carved legs would be ideal.

Provence airy white bedrooms

Rest in the bedroom should be charged with peace and positive emotions. The right choice of colors will provide the desired effect, creating the most comfortable atmosphere. Dominate in the bedroom in the style of Provence can beige, pastel, cream, cream, olive and lavender shades.

Popularity does not lose the airy and light white color, which has a calming effect on the psyche. A pretentious, successful-looking room will give white furniture, whitewashed ceilings and lightened wallpapers.

Floral motifs will adequately and organically stand out against the snow-white background. Floral prints can decorate individual items of furniture, textiles, bedding.

Successful combination: Provence-style bedroom

If you need to save space or equip a studio apartment, one room can be adequately arranged in the form of a bedroom-living room. The interior in Provence style in this case will be the right decision.

For competent arrangement of both zones, it will be necessary to use specially aged furniture, original textile decor, and a multitude of elegant knick-knacks and accessories. You can zone a space using the difference in design:
- Wall or floor surfaces;
- furniture items;
- lighting devices;
- monophonic drapery;
- woven flooring.

Simplicity and convenience should prevail in two zones. The graceful, modestly furnished living room will smoothly flow into the bedroom, where lighting is implied in more muted colors, and small pieces of furniture become organic additions to the massive bed in the center.

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