Lunar calendar for January 2019: phases of the moon, favorable and unfavorable days of the month

For many centuries, it has been proved that the position of celestial bodies actively influences the destinies, well-being and behavior of people. This ability is especially clearly demonstrated by the Moon. Its phases affect people, animals, plants, oceans, and more.

In order that this factor could be used for the good, the lunar calendar was compiled. People can calculate in advance the phases of the moon and predict the development of events.

January 2019: phases of the moon

In January 2019, the New Moon falls on January 6 at 04:28. The Full Moon will come on January 21 at 08:16. The second quarter falls on January 14, 2019 at 09:45. The fourth quarter - January 28 00:10. The rising moon falls on dates from January 7 to 20, 2019, and decreases from 1 to 5 and from 22 to 31 January. Also in January there will be a solar eclipse. It will happen on January 6, 2019 at 04:41. The lunar eclipse will also be - January 21 08:12.

Lunar calendar in detail by day

Every day can carry a negative or positive energy charge. Therefore, you can often hear that the days are called favorable or unfavorable for any action.

1st of January

This is a 24-25 lunar day. The moon is waning, in Scorpio. This is a great day to carry out difficult and unpleasant tasks. In the course of the tasks they need to be adjusted. It is also recommended to solve problems as they come.

For a haircut, it's a bad day. Hair will react inadequately to the procedure: they won't fit, they will become dull, staining can give an unexpected unpleasant result. If you cut your nails on this day, you can energetically protect yourself from the attacks of enemies. Everything connected with deep cleansing of the skin should be postponed, as this will provoke severe inflammation. From body care programs, it is better to choose light workouts, yoga and meditation.

January 2

25-26 lunar day, waning moon in Scorpio. On this day, it is good to go to the temple and talk with spiritual leaders. A casual phrase may unexpectedly give an answer to a question that has been hanging in the air for a long time. The day is good for sports and walking.

It is not recommended to get a haircut on this day, as it can give a negative charge and affect the fate in an unpleasant way. The same goes for staining. If the need to cut your nails is extreme, then you need to be very careful. Even small cuts made on this day will heal for a very long time. From cosmetic and beauty treatments, you can choose pore cleansing, massage and everything related to water treatments.

January 3

26-27 lunar day, the moon decreases, in Sagittarius. On this day, emotions will be on the verge. Decisions made on January 3, 2019 may be biased and ineffective.

On this day, almost all salon procedures will benefit. Coloring and shearing will be exactly as planned. Pedicure and manicure is better to postpone, as injuries resulting from, will be difficult to heal. All kinds of masks and massage will be very effective.

4 January

27-28 lunar day, waning moon in Sagittarius. Today you can actively do things that require energy. Also useful will be trips to nature and the implementation of creative plans.

Interestingly, a haircut on this day will be able to attract success, financial well-being, success in business and business. Dyeing the hair on this day will give excellent results. This is a great time to experiment. It is also useful to do a manicure and pedicure. In the care of the skin of the face and body is better to resort only to natural methods and means. Useful will be fitness classes and all sorts of means for losing weight.

5 January

28-29 lunar day, the moon is decreasing in Capricorn. Today it is easy to find contacts with people. Effective will be the search for like-minded people. On this day, communicating with people is best: it’s worth calling friends, supporting those who need it and participating in social life in every way.

Going to the hairdresser and cutting your hair can help improve your financial condition. Dyeing hair is not recommended. Nails cut off on this day will help to get rid of the accumulated problems. Salt-based cosmetics are preferable to face care, and for the body it is better to choose a complex to combat sagging of the skin.

January 6

1-2 lunar day, new moon in Capricorn. Haircut on this day can adversely affect health. The same goes for staining. Also, the day is definitely unfavorable for nail care. The skin of the face today must be given rest. Enough light cleansing procedures. In the care of the body should also be limited to simple methods - swimming in the pool or walk.

Today is a great day for shopping and travel. Reading books and communicating with relatives will be useful.

January 7th

2-3 lunar day, growing moon in Aquarius. Of the procedures on this day will benefit hair coloring, manicure, pedicure. More intensive can be done body treatments.

Today, you can accumulate positive energy, so the day is worth devoting positive emotions and pleasant activities. It is advisable to free the day from work and household chores.

January 8

3-4 lunar day, growing moon in Aquarius. On this day, among the procedures for the hair is better to choose dyeing in light shades. The remaining manipulations should be postponed. Manicure and pedicure will be successful, and facial treatments will bring the maximum effect. In general, toning procedures for the whole body will be beneficial.

In business today is to be careful. It is better to once again give in and forgive detractors than to get involved in a conflict. This behavior will save from big trouble.

January 9

4-5 lunar day, the moon is growing, in Aquarius. Today it is necessary to show wisdom and prudence. Non-standard solutions will be the most successful. Plans built on this day will fail. But the incoming problems will be solved easily and simply. It is enough to follow your desires and listen to your intuition.

Grooming can adversely affect well-being, just like staining. It is also better to be from manicure and pedicure. If this is possible, then it is worth to refuse from cosmetics and various facial treatments for this day. It is better to give the body the maximum feel of comfort and pamper yourself with relaxation and delicious food.

January 10

5-6 lunar day, growing moon in Pisces.

Shortening the hair on this day is not recommended. It is better to do something to lengthen them: extension, hairpieces and more. Coloring can ruin the hair. Nail care is highly undesirable. Care should be taken with skin care products - adverse reactions are possible.

Today, you can safely hand out debts. Things for this day need to be carefully planned and followed the previously outlined pattern. Wellness procedures of any nature will be beneficial.

January 11

6-7 lunar day. Growing Moon in fish. Today, a haircut promises to attract funds. To dye your hair is only in bright colors. But from any procedures related to the nails, it is better to refuse. Soothing compresses are suitable for the face, and for the body as a whole, you can begin a course of diet.

January 11 will be one of the most difficult this month. It is better to be alone with yourself, to limit communication and the expression of emotions. Any promises on this day are likely to be false, and plans are broken. It is better not to begin highly intellectual employment.

January 12

7-8 lunar day, growing moon in Aries. Today, communication with nature will be especially valuable. This will allow you to discover new facets. On this day, do not fall into apathy, but rather spend it with maximum productivity. It's time to change something in your life, go on a business trip or just a trip.

If you cut your hair on January 12, then you can feel the increase in intuition. Manicure on this day will be very successful, and a pedicure is better to postpone. In the care of the body there are no restrictions, and for the face it is better to choose the previously tested methods and products.

13th of January

8-9 lunar day, growing moon in Aries. On this day, luck is on the side of those who clearly defined their preferences. It is important to strictly follow the plan and the result will be on the face. Creative people will feel an unprecedented surge of energy. Now it is especially useful to receive new information and absorb the experience of older colleagues.

New haircut on this day will be unsuccessful. For nails preferable care procedures. A person will benefit from massage and gymnastics, and the body - an active pastime.

January 14

9-10 lunar day, growing moon in Aries. For health and beauty treatments today is a neutral day. The anti-aging procedures aimed at smoothing the skin will be beneficial. More attention should be paid to the liver and kidneys - on this day, exacerbations in this area are likely.

January 14, 2019 is suitable for serious undertakings that can turn life around. You can plan a move, a wedding, a job change. It is better to give up cases connected with the sale or division of property - you can lose more than you can acquire.

January 15

10-11 lunar day, growing moon in Taurus. The day gives energy to those who start something new. It will be easy today to move, a business trip, the conclusion of any kind of union. In monetary matters, it is better to postpone non-cash payments, and deal only with real banknotes.

The day is good for creative haircuts and hairstyles. Perhaps the promotion at work, obtained through a well-chosen image. Cutting nails categorically impossible. For the face the most effective will be anti-aging procedures, for the body - massage and light toning exercises. All that can injure the skin, it is better to postpone.

January 16

11-12 lunar day, growing moon in Taurus. The day is able to harmonize the internal energy of man with the one that comes from space. Today it is better to postpone any destructive processes, both material and moral, documentary and energy. It is also better to postpone making decisions on global issues. Physical stress is undesirable and dangerous.

Day to manipulate hair is extremely unfavorable. Coloring in light colors can protect against negative influence. Any impact on the nails will only worsen their condition. The skin of the face and body must be given rest. And in the gym it is worth working on especially problem areas.

January 17

12-13 lunar day, growing moon in Gemini. Among the treatments on this day is to choose a manicure, pedicure and hair coloring. A haircut will help cleanse the energy. Massage today has a beneficial effect on the immune system.

From the point of view of the surrounding energy state, this day is difficult. New things are better to be postponed and not to take important decisions. It is better to show less activity and sit out for the usual light activities. Communication is permissible only with pleasant people. In monetary matters, we can expect the return of debts.

January 18

13-14 lunar day, growing moon in Gemini. On this day, travel, work and leisure travel will be good. Today will be useful new acquaintances and drawing up plans. Shopping is better to postpone for another time.

Hair care will have a positive effect on overall health. It is worth refusing only coloring. Special attention should be paid to nail care. It is good on this day to visit the pool, to carry out the procedure for face whitening

January 19

14-15 lunar day, the moon growing in Cancer. The day is suitable for self-digging, meditation, and similar activities. You can objectively evaluate your tasks and make plans. It's time to start the path to the cherished goals.

Among salon procedures, it is better to choose hair restoration, nourishing face and body masks. Overwork should be avoided.

January 20th

15-16 lunar day, the moon growing in Cancer. The day is generally unfavorable for manipulating hair. For the body, the best today will be rest.

The greatest pleasure will bring trips, travel, and even just walking. On this day, you can effectively get rid of fears, unnecessary items, unnecessary things and defects of every possible character.

January 21

16-17 lunar day, full moon in Leo. Among the procedures for this day, you should plan scrubbing, manicure, pedicure, skin peeling. It is better to refuse a hairstyle.

Day has a rest and rest. Reading or pacifying conversation will benefit both physical and moral status. You can also meditate alone.

January 22

17-18 lunar day, waning moon in Leo. Every decision of this day must be carefully thought out and weighed. It is better to distract from business and business, devoting time to walking and visiting new places.

For health and beauty you should choose mud wraps. Well this day make a new haircut. Special attention should be paid to the teeth.

January 23

18-19 lunar day, the moon is waning, in Virgo. Today it is risky to engage in quarrels and squabbles. Great risk of losing friends and respect for others. An alarming energy will boil around, so each problem will seem much more serious than it is.

Great day to visit the pool. For hair, you can try new dyeing techniques. Haircuts will be very successful and will bring a positive charge. Today, you need to carefully consider the choice of cosmetics.

January 24

19-20 lunar day, the moon is waning, in Virgo. On this day persist anxious mood. You should be attentive to decisions and actions. On this day, by negligence, you can lose what has been earned for a long time.

For health, you should choose effective methods of losing weight. Facial skin may appear dull. Hairstyle, you can add minor changes.

The 25th of January

20-21 lunar day, waning moon in Libra. This day is perfect for relaxing. Great time for self-education and tempering spirit. It may even be possible to get rid of old bad habits. Today, massage, cleansing procedures and moisturizing skin will benefit.

January 26

21 lunar days, the waning moon in Libra. Today is the day when good news and events find the person themselves. To do this, do not even need to make an effort. On this day, it is useful to take care of the figure. The diet started on this day will be as effective as possible. For cosmetic procedures, the day is neutral. Surgical interventions of any nature should be excluded.

January 27

21-22 lunar day, the waning moon in Scorpio. Today you can feel a special energy and capacity. All obstacles will be destroyed as if by magic. Interesting unexpected events and turns are possible.

Exercise today can be traumatic. From the care procedures, manicure and pedicure will bring maximum benefit, but the haircut will be unsuccessful.

28 January

22-23 lunar day, the moon decreasing in Scorpio. Today we can safely decide on the beginning of risky cases. The moon in Scorpio is prone to charge enough energy for a convincing first step in the desired direction.

On this day, anti-cellulite treatments will be effective. But from the beautician is better to be - any impact on the face may be adverse. Clipped nails will help speed up all metabolic processes in the body.

January 29

23-24 lunar day, the moon is waning, in Scorpio. The day is suitable for learning and accumulating new knowledge. Part of the day should be devoted to relaxation, but do not be lazy. Particularly favorable for mood and energy balance today will affect privacy.

Benefit will go wellness treatments for hair. It is better not to touch the nails - injuries are possible. Bath and massage will be the best body treatments.

January 30

24-25 day, the waning moon in Sagittarius. This day creates a fallen state: there is no strength for joy or quarrels. You can use this and concentrate on communicating with loved ones.

January 31

25-26 lunar day, the waning moon in Sagittarius. Difficult and incomprehensible day, which brings confusion in thought. With the right concentration, you can spin intrigues and plan all sorts of scams. The state of mind will make a step closer to enlightenment. This needs to be used.

Excellent results will give aromatherapy and wrapping. Attention should be paid to the neck and throat. Manicure and pedicure should be done only for hygienic purposes.

If we study in detail all the nuances of the position of the Moon relative to other luminaries, then we can successfully use this and get a benefit from its influence on the fate and mood of people.

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