Top 10 most beautiful and impressive design houses

Every person is attracted by comfort, luxury and extravagance. And this applies to everything - the car, clothing, home. As the saying goes - with a nice paradise in a hut. Of course, it is good when a loved one is near, but the idyll will not last long in a cave, hut or hut. From these primitive types of housing, humanity has stepped forward. The beginning of the movement to extravagant housing put medieval castles, ancient Roman, Greek villas.

The article will present the most beautiful houses that cause surprise and admiration. But all this is relative. There are many other homes around the world that amaze with their beauty and magnificence.


Palazzo Antilla - India, Mumbai

Accommodation, owned by Mukesh Ambani, who became the fourth person in the world in terms of wealth, serves nearly 700 people. Fewer servants simply can not cope with the cleaning of countless rooms at home. And this modest house has 27 floors. For the construction of such a "modest" home was spent 2 billion dollars. Several floors of the house are reserved for tanning salons, gyms, fitness centers.

South Coogee - Australia, Sydney

One of the most beautiful houses in the world is located in Sydney. We are talking about a beautiful villa of about 1000 square meters. overlooking the ocean and rocks. Despite the fact that there is an ocean nearby, a huge swimming pool is built on the territory of the villa. All the chefs of the world would envy such a kitchen, which is located in this house. The building has several living rooms and five bedrooms. This dwelling has been under construction for several years already, because the project of the house is ambitious and huge.

Versailles - USA, Florida

The most beautiful and largest house in the United States is located near the city of Orlando, 30 kilometers away. This palace is owned by billionaire David Siegel. The building has 30 magnificent rooms, a bowling hall, an adjacent swimming pool. But that's not all ... Let's continue - a baseball field, tennis courts, a garage that can accommodate 20 cars, a garage, three pools, a small theater, entertainment and game rooms for children, 23 bathrooms with Jacuzzi.

Manalapan Residence - United States, Florida

In Florida, there is another very beautiful house, which on both sides overlooks the ocean. This villa has 24 bathrooms, 14 bedrooms. The total area of ​​the site is more than 2.5 hectares, and the cost of this "summer cottage" exceeds 125 million dollars. On the territory there is a huge garage, a casino and a beach of infinite sizes, and on this beach there is a bar with extravagant cocktails and elite drinks. Of course, all this can be supplemented with an aquarium with sharks, a beauty salon, a go-kart track ...

Starwood Estate - USA, Colorado, Aspen

After Florida, moving to the central part of the United States, you should pay attention to one more beautiful house, or rather a real royal palace. The mountains of Colorado have always impressed with their indescribable beauty of landscapes. But this palace is striking in its beauty, even against the backdrop of such landscapes. The rooms of the palace are decorated with expensive types of trees, furnished with white and black leather furniture. There is a large heated pool. Romantic and charming touch to the interior of the building add fireplaces made of stone.

Clifton 2A - South Africa, Cape Town

At the foot of the mountain, which bears the name of Lion's Head, there is a villa, the windows of which overlook the Atlantic Ocean. It was created by the project studio Saota. This is perhaps the most picturesque and elegant house in the world. But also difficult to reach ... The construction of the house was delayed for several years because of its remote location and the very strong local winds. This villa is magnificent in every detail, but its owner has not yet been found. Those who wish to purchase it need to hurry, as applicants for purchase are already interested in the house.

One Hyde Park Penthouse - United Kingdom, London

In the area of ​​Hyde Park in London is located a whole complex of apartments, which offer stunning views of the capital of England. In order to become the owner of such a home in central London with private parking and alarm systems of the latest generation, you need to dig only 290 million dollars. But the owner of such a property will be able to live in the luxury of a country house without depriving himself of the opportunity to enjoy life in the center of the English capital.

Updown Court - United Kingdom, Windshall

In the village of Windlesham, which is located near London, is located one of the most attractive houses in the world and one of the most expensive in England. The Elton John House and Windsor Castle are located in the neighborhood. This house has a take-off area for helicopters, a garage with a capacity of up to 8 limousines, a cinema with 50 seats, 5 Olympic pools, 22 bedrooms. But that is not all. On the territory there are stables, bowling, squash, tennis and golf courses. The cost of this house with 103 rooms is 122 million pounds.

Villa Leopolda - France, Cote d Azur

On the French Riviera in a town called Villefranche-sur-Mer over 80,000 square meters. The palace was built in 1902 for King Leopold II. There is a huge garden with over 1000 olive trees, with a huge number of plants and other trees, including lemons and oranges. 50 gardeners take care of all this flora. This most beautiful house is worth 500 million dollars. But you can bargain, because compared to other similar residences there are fewer rooms - 14 bathrooms and as many as 11 bedrooms.

Mirror Houses - Italy, Bolzano

In Italy, the project of the famous architect Peter Pichler built two Mirror Houses (Mirror Houses). Their facade is covered with mirror panels. In their reflection the Alps of South Tyrol are visible. These most beautiful houses are slightly raised and offset in height to provide a better view of the surrounding nature.

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