Manicure with leaves: 100+ best photo ideas with monster and autumn design

Leaf manicure is most often associated with autumn design, where yellowed foliage looks most appropriate. In our review, we tried to fully cover the theme of the design with leaves and to show that vegetation may also be present in the summer nail art.

Flowers, twigs and leaves - the first thing that comes to mind when we think about what the original manicure to perform on the nails. Their entire variety of vegetable themes leaves look more attractive and stylish than the order of floral compositions bored.

Manicure with leaves is a direction that deserves attention, as it is not often used in everyday nail art and therefore has not yet become boring to fashionistas. Want to surprise others with an unusual stylish design, then be sure to pay attention to the nail art with leaves, which we have collected in our review of more than 100 examples.

Autumn manicure with leaves

Autumn design is not conceivable without yellow leaves, as reminders of the warm summer leaving. This is the last attempt to decorate their nails with bright shades before winter nail art, in which bright warm colors prevail.

Use for autumn manicure with leaves dark shades of lacquer, such as burgundy, cherry, dark blue, and of course, yellow or gold. You should not overload the manicure with a complex pattern, just a couple of sheets with 1-2 fingers. Refresh nail art will help small rhinestones, sparkles and drops of a transparent top, imitating autumn rain. Play on the contrast, use matte and glossy varnishes. All this will help make the design less dull.

As for the manicure techniques, the French and lunar design looks great with leaves, where a large space of the nail plate allows you to place a chic autumn pattern.

Monstera leaves manicure: original ideas for summer design

Monstera leaves design is the best you can come up with for a stylish manicure on the occasion of a holiday by the sea. In addition, the large leaves of the monsters with voluminous streaks will become an unusual and catchy solution for everyday summer design.

To create such a design, green shades with a dark subtone are often used. It is better to place such a picture on a light background, milky or light gray. The result is a concise combination of soft colors that do not attract attention for its contrast.

If you circle the leaves of Monstera with white lacquer, the drawing will become more voluminous and realistic. Also, jewelry in the form of small rhinestones, drops of a transparent top will not be superfluous.

The monstera leaves manicure "loves" when several shades of green are used. So the design is less flat. To achieve this effect, you can apply a phased drawing. Leaves of darker shades are drawn at the beginning, and leaves of light green color are drawn on top of them.

The design of the leaves of Monstera perfectly combines with geometric patterns. In this design, the leaves look much more attractive than in the moon and French design. We have prepared for you the best ideas of a geometric manicure with monster leaves, which you simply cannot fall in love with.

Gentle manicure with leaves: cute ideas for romantic ladies

Manicure in the style of minimalism with small leaves on a thin branch is the best decoration of romantic and gentle natures. This design is saturated with modesty and restraint. Just take a look at how concisely nail art looks like with a fragile branch on a few nails.

To create a manicure with leaves, use pastel shades of lacquer, also focusing on the contrast. Looks great pink design with gold leaves, milk manicure with black sprigs, green design with light leaves. To refresh the nail art, use small rhinestones, gold powder, gel paste, silver color.

Black manicure with leaves

Black design will endure any experiments. On a black background, geometric patterns, flowers, contrasting patterns in yellow, white, and golden color look great. Here and with autumn leaves, black manicure found a lot in common. Bright yellow, green and gold leaves on a black background emphasize the pattern, make the design more concise and catchy.

In addition, a black manicure with leaves can be performed exclusively in one color. In this case, the leaves are drawn on a light background or a transparent matte surface. This design looks amazing and deserves attention due to its complexity and originality.

Fascinating manicure with leaves "metallic"

With the advent of silver and gold rubbed, coatings with chrome effect, nail art with metal textures have become insanely sought-after and popular. It is very easy to execute the design, this explains its popularity. In the manicure with leaves, metal textures have also been applied. The trend of the last autumn season - leaves traced with gold or silver varnish. The leaves on the nails are drawn in any way convenient for you, then their outline is accentuated with thick silver gel-paint. The result is a gorgeous shimmering pattern. Especially beautiful this design looks on a black or pastel background.

How to create a manicure with leaves

Design with leaves can be created without problems by yourself, even without possessing artistic abilities. Fortunately for this, many tools have been invented that greatly facilitate the task of the designer.

There are several ways to create a manicure with leaves:

  • With the help of brushes - here you need a little experience and fantasy. Try to get started on tips or paper, and after several attempts, draw autumn leaves on your nails. Especially easy to create a maple leaf. Below we have placed a simple and clear drawing scheme for this sheet.
  • using water-based stickers - all the hard work has already been done for you. You just have to dip the selected pattern in water for a couple of seconds, remove it from the substrate and place on your nail. This pattern is made on a transparent basis, so you can place it on any background.

Separate attention deserves the drawing autumn watercolor. The design looks gentle, light and airy. To get the blurry effect of the autumn landscape, use a mixture of colored gel polish and a transparent top. The result is a translucent hue of the underpainting, which is used to draw the image manually. Accent contours, for example, a twig, a tree trunk, leaf streaks, are applied over the pattern with a thin brush.

Manicure with leaves is an extensive and not fully studied topic. The variety of leaves is huge and they will all look great on the nails. Do you prefer unusual nail art that other girls rarely use on their marigolds? Then a manicure with leaves is exactly what you need.

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