Stylish bows spring 2018: chic ideas and combinations, 70+ photos of the trends of the season

Observing the images of stars and public persons, one gets the impression that it is simply impossible to think of more perfect bows. That's because a team of stylists is working on their outfits, who create trendy and stylish combinations based on fresh fashion trends.

As often happened, having a large variety of clothes in a wardrobe is still nothing to wear. Fashionable bows are ready-made combinations of clothing, based on basic things, the right color combination, shoes, accessories and even a hairstyle.

Stylish spring 2018 bows are a variety of denim and business trouser suits with jackets of men's cut. No less popular trend of the season - air blouses and skirts with romantic flounces and bright floral prints. In this outfit, every girl can feel like a princess.

The main trends of spring 2018: what clothes should be in the wardrobe

Spring 2018 is characterized by bright and original motifs that will help to combine elegant style and boyish fervor in one bow.

Next spring we will see such stylistic news as:

  • Lace outfits - blouses, skirts and trousers with openwork contrasting panels will be the best choice for a spring look.
  • bows - at the Milan Fashion Week, blouses with large bows made a huge impression on critics. They give every fashionista the opportunity to show their own character and tie ribbons at their discretion.
  • shiny metallic clothes
  • blouses with bare shoulders or thin straps
  • denim clothing - a style that real dudes will never forget, in spring 2018 will manifest itself in new colors.

Stylish bows spring 2018: charming trends of the season

Combining in one bow things of different stylistics is not recommended. Although more often you can meet girls in a strict suit and snow-white sneakers. The main rule is that the whole image looks harmonious and stylish, then you can sacrifice some fashion rules. We offer you 10 of the most current spring 2018 bows, repeating that you will always look irresistible.

Romantic spring bow 2018: gentle combinations for fragile girls

Mandatory detail of a romantic bow - blouses with puffy sleeves with frills and ruffles. Popular models with frills from the shoulder, flared sleeves in the medieval style, elongated cuffs. The voluminous top is combined with casual pants or jeans. The whole image looks simple enough, but at the same time bright and elegant. Choose onion clothing in the "female" palette: blue, white, pink, red.

Chic bows for a business woman: spring 2018

Business bow spring 2018 is significantly different from the usual strict images of a business woman. He still remains restrained and concise, but with more everyday notes. The cut of the jacket and trousers became less expressive, skinny models are allowed, wide styles in combination with comfortable loafers or shoes on a high platform.

Business images of spring 2018 can be divided into two types: for meetings and for everyday work. For a semi-formal style, choose wide trousers with pastel-colored arrows — ivory, beige, white — and a plain shirt or blouse. To complete the image, choose a fashionable jacket to match the pants or an informal bomber jacket with a discreet decor.

For a rigorous business look, choose a shortened model of trousers and a tucked shirt with an expressionless, fine print.

Monochrome suits: the main trend of spring 2018

The costumes of the current season are amazing with the variability of models and colors. Suits of soft sand color will perfectly fit into the spring look. Choose knitwear or viscose pants and match them with a beige trench coat or cashmere sweater.

For special occasions, replenish your wardrobe with a bright suit with a cropped jacket and skinny pants. As a urban informal look, a gray-blue or silver suit with wide straight flaps and an almost men's oversized jacket is suitable.

Feminine dresses of spring 2018: floral motifs and bright prints

Fashion for feminine cute dress again tries to win the hearts of girls. Many men note that the girl in the dress looks more attractive than in pants or jeans. This "magical" property of this piece of clothing should be fully used to create stylish bows in the spring of 2018.

In the spring of 2018 in the trend will be a dress with bright bulk floral prints. Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton used such designs to create their collections, which inspired fashionistas of the whole world to dress in these elegant and feminine dresses.

There are many variants of the image of floral prints - from small barely custom drawings scattered throughout the canvas to one large flower that occupies the entire space of the dress. Especially popular are roses, orchids, violets, chamomiles, irises. In the spring of 2018 it is allowed to use dresses with floral motifs, even for a wedding dress.

Fashionable spring bow 2018: blouses and dresses with open shoulders

Slightly deflated shoulders expose the most romantic and elegant curves of the female body, which looks very attractive and stylishly warm in the spring of 2018. The trend, which is still ambiguous, will soon conquer many girls who have something to show.

Blouses and dresses with open shoulders - the best choice for everyday bow. If you are not ready to completely bare the shoulders, then stop on models with straps.

White sneakers and jeans are the perfect combination of spring 2018.

Comfortable and stylish white sneakers will be the best acquisition of spring 2018. They will easily fit into the spring look with fitted jeans, cropped trousers, fitted turtleneck dresses below the knees and romantic midi skirts.

In the trend, lightweight models look similar to sneakers. Choose snow-white sneakers without too much decoration on a flat, thin sole or a heavy, high platform. Combine such shoes with tabernacle jeans, culottes, trouser suits and bombers.

In creating stylish bows you need to adhere to an important rule - only one bright or expressive detail in the image. If this is a blouse with puffy sleeves, then the rest of the wardrobe should be fitted and not too noticeable, if you have chosen stylish jeans with a decor, then choose a plain-colored shirt with a small pattern for them.

It's time to conduct an audit in your wardrobe and make the most popular and popular combinations for you that will help out in any situation. In the spring of 2018 everything is available and everything is possible, do not be afraid to experiment with images, look stylish and charming.

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