Secrets of the perfect manicure at home

The image of a modern girl is simply impossible to imagine without a beautiful manicure. And the matter is not at all in the design or complex drawing, the main thing is that the nails should be well-groomed. In addition, the salons offer a variety of procedures aimed at their restoration and strengthening. Nevertheless, each girl is simply obliged to be able to do a manicure on her own. After all, there is not always time or opportunity to visit the master.

Home manicure rules for beginners

For those who are just going to learn how to do a manicure at home, we recommend to immediately get good, and most importantly the right tools. That is what determines how your nails will look.

First you need to choose scissors and pliers. Hold them in your hands so that it is convenient for you to use them. Orange sticks will always be needed, so get a few at once.

As for the nail file, then pay attention to its abrasiveness. Best of all, this figure was not less than 180 grit. Also important is the material from which it is made. It is believed that the metal contributes to the separation of nails. Therefore, look at the plastic and glass options.

Classic manicure

If nail polish remained on the nails, then first of all you need to wash it off. It is best to use a tool without acetone, as it affects the structure of the nails. If necessary, trim the nails or use a nail file. It is very important that your movements are confident. This way you do not injure your nails.

To soften the cuticle, use a special tool that needs to be applied to it. You can also make a warm bath with the addition of sea salt or oils. Just five minutes and you can start working with the cuticle.

Cuticle and keratinous skin on the sides of the marigold need to be cut with tweezers. Burrs are removed in the same way. Try to do this as carefully as possible, so as not to injure yourself.

In the end, you can apply a special oil or a simple cream on the cuticle, as well as on the hands. If desired, you can make a massage.

Unedged manicure

With this option every year there are more and more fans. The fact is that unedged manicure is absolutely safe and the most painless. Most often it is chosen by girls with sensitive or thin skin of hands.

To begin with, use a nail file to correct the shape of the marigold. To make it easier to work with the cuticle, make a bath with oils or salt. After that, you can apply a special tool that is designed to remove the cuticle. Remove its remnants can be a simple sponge.

Orange stick gently push back the cuticle on each nail. Finally, apply an oil or a special cream on the cuticle and nails. If desired, you can make a light massage.

How to make a manicure on short nails yourself?

It used to be that it was simply impossible to make a beautiful manicure on short nails. But times are changing and now it is really fashionable. To make it yourself we recommend to start choosing the appropriate form. It is believed that the most popular are square and oval marigolds.

The next step is a bath for a few minutes to soften the cuticle. Then you can do a classic or unedged manicure. Choose the one you like.

As for nail design, it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. To start, apply a transparent base. It will protect the nails from the effects of varnish, as well as extend the term of your design.

Experts recommend applying lacquer smears, that is, first at each edge, and then one in the center. Due to this coating will be as uniform as possible. The final step will be applying a topcoat. After all the products are dry, you can apply moisturizing oil to the cuticle.

As you can see, to create the perfect manicure on short nails you need not so much time and effort. If you wish, you can make not only a monochromatic coating, but also a not very complicated design. Excellent options are presented in the photo.

Gel Polish: application at home

Surely, many girls still believe that making a stylish manicure with gel polish is possible only in the salon. In fact, this is not the case; all this can be realized at home. But it is very important to purchase some materials that will be needed in the work.

The basic set includes the following:

  • good drying lamp;
  • base coat;
  • gel polishes in your favorite shades;
  • topcoat;
  • primer;
  • manicure tools;
  • degreaser or alcohol;
  • grinding file or buff;
  • lint-free napkins.

Before you begin to cover, prepare the nails and make a manicure. They must have the same shape and length. To gel varnish exactly lay on the nail plate, polish the nails buff. This should be done very carefully to remove only the glossy shine.

On a cotton pad, apply a little alcohol or a degreaser. This is necessary in order to wipe each nail. Experts advise doing it twice to achieve the right effect.

The base should be applied with a thin layer to the entire surface of the marigold, but not going to the skin. This layer must be dried in the lamp. Drying time depends on the chosen firm base.

On top of the base, apply a thin layer of gel polish of the color you like. If it is applied not too tightly, then do not worry, because often this step is repeated two or three times. Each of the layers must be dried in the lamp.

Top coating gives the nails a beautiful shine and is a kind of protection. Therefore, it must also be dried after application. The last step - removing the sticky layer. This should be done with a cotton pad and degreaser or even nail polish remover.

Stylish nail design ideas

Make a beautiful and high-quality manicure at home is possible. Of course, this will require special tools and training time. But as a result, you can create the ideal design options for yourself.

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