Trendy cropped jeans: how to choose what to wear and how to shorten

Jeans have long become a permanent attribute of female images and are not going to give up their positions. Today it is difficult to imagine a person in whose wardrobe denim trousers would be absent. Every year a variety of styles of jeans is replenished with new and original stylish options.

Modern fashion offers more than a dozen styles of denim trousers, which successfully fit into business, casual and youth looks. Classic style, flared model, skinny jeans are still popular. The trend of the last seasons ripped and frayed models, cropped jeans.

In our review, we will pay maximum attention to precisely cropped jeans, as a new and promising trend. We offer you tips on choosing a model, interesting combinations with other elements of the image, we will help you to make cropped jeans yourself.

Cropped jeans: a bit of history

Most of the styles of men's and women's clothing were created not by the whims of fashion designers, but in the conditions of need and need for comfortable and high-quality clothes. Everyone knows that denim was originally a material for sewing durable work clothes. Subsequently, jeans began to be used in everyday wardrobe.

The same situation is with shorter jeans. The model appeared in the postwar years, when society was in need of tender and feminine images. Denim pants with brittle legs peeking out from under the legs emphasized the charm and elegance of the girls.

It is not possible to identify the author of the shortened jeans unambiguously. This is a product of joint creative thought, which is successfully used by modern fashionistas.

Women's cropped jeans: how to choose the perfect pants

The question of who goes to the cropped jeans is still controversial. There was an opinion that the style looks beautiful only on girls with a perfect figure. However, this is just a myth, cropped jeans or boyfriend jeans are suitable for owners of almost any type of figure. Modern fashion rejects any standards. Cropped jeans are all who like this model.

Girls with a small belly fit cropped jeans with a high waist. They perfectly hide insignificant inaccuracies of a figure, drag down extra centimeters. On the young girls look beautiful styles "American" and "girlfriend."

Holders of full hips fit shortened models of jeans with a traditional waist height. The correct model of denim trousers will allow you to adjust the figure and make it visually slimmer. Straight jeans with high-heeled shoes - the perfect combination for girls who want to look thinner and more attractive.

Full girls fit cropped jeans boyfriends and girlfriends. Direct cut of such pants can visually change the visual perception of the image. The only limitation of this style is the decor. Avoid models with large patch pockets in the hips and knees. Stylists recommend jeans with embroidery and appliqué to girls with full hips.

What to wear with cropped jeans

Cropped jeans are considered the most versatile clothing of modern wardrobe. You will not have problems creating harmonious and stylish bows with this style. The final image depends on the correct choice of shoes and accessories.

When creating a trendy look with short jeans, you should pay attention to sweaters, T-shirts and tops of a free cut. If these are classic straight pants or boyfriends, then the top of the outfit should be snug. Cropped jeans can be present not only in summer, but also in winter. In cool weather, add pants with a bomber jacket, a park or a coat.

Also pay attention to the color combination. If the jeans are plain, without bright decor, then the top of the image can be bright and catchy. Under trousers with embroidery, lace or rhinestones, choose a solid top. In cool weather, complement the image with a cropped jeans sweatshirt or sweater.

If at work or school there is no strictly established dress code, then classic or slightly flared jeans are quite suitable for a stylish look. They are in perfect harmony with a plain blouse or pastel shirt.

What shoes to choose under cropped jeans

Many girls like cropped jeans just because they don’t have to wrestle with what shoes to wear. Choose a pair of neutral and not attracting the attention of shades. Gray, black, beige shoes perfectly fit into the image.

For a romantic meeting or office work, stiletto sandals or pumps with heels are suitable. In casual looks, sports shoes look great: slip-ons, moccasins, sneakers, and sneakers.

How to independently shorten jeans

To have cropped jeans in your wardrobe, it is not necessary to spend money on new pants. They can be made independently.

The easiest way is to tuck the pant leg. To shorten the pants enough to wear them and tuck several times. To jeans looked more neat, you can slightly iron the gate ironing. It is worth noting that this method is suitable only for straight and skinny jeans. Flared models in the tucked form will look ridiculous.

The second method will require some effort. You will have to trim the leg. To do this, wear jeans, decide on the desired length, tuck the leg and secure it with pins. Then trim the pants 1 cm more from the desired length. Excess fabric can be sewn, ironed or bent inward. No less stylish and youth will look jeans with raw leg trousers.

Trendy cropped jeans 2018: stylish ideas and combinations

There are several main types of cropped jeans:

  • Skinny jeans - a model for the owners of the perfect figure. Tight-fitting cropped jeans look attractive on young girls who have something to brag about. Especially stylish look models in black and blue with longitudinal slots in the knees.

  • flared pants - jeans that look attractive only on slim girls with long legs.
  • classic model - straight cut, slightly narrowed downwards. Looks pretty on almost all the girls.
  • torn short models - a popular trend of recent seasons. Want to look stylish, then be sure to complement your image with such pants
  • cropped jeans with a high waist - the model visually lengthens the legs, with an emphasis on the waist. Perfectly look at the owners of the hourglass figure.

Cropped jeans, boyfriend jeans, 7/8 jeans - no matter how this model is called, it remains the most sought-after and universal for most girls. The style visually corrects the figure, hides the voluminous hips, demonstrates the beauty of the legs. Undoubtedly, these arguments are enough to replenish your wardrobe with stylish and spectacular cropped jeans.