The best red dresses for girls: 60+ bright styles for little fashionistas

Dress - the most suitable outfit for girls of all ages. Every mother tries to make her daughter look beautiful, wherever she is: at the matinee in kindergarten, for a walk, for a holiday.

The most appropriate colors for children's dresses are bright saturated colors that are sometimes not available for adult images. Children's fashion forgives everything, on babes any dress will look great. Red dresses look especially fashionable and elegant on girls. Bright shades easily fit into children's styles and give the image a playful and flirty look.

Red dress for the girl: features of elegant styles

Red dresses look spectacular, bright and beautiful. They attract attention, look fresh and not boring. As for elegant dresses, then choose a model with a lush hem, with a satin belt on thallium and a spectacular bow or a flower on the side.

Original look multilayer styles that look especially beautiful in red. The red color is capable of combining a wide variety of models in which lush chiffon skirts and a lace top harmoniously “side by side”. Models with a belt of stones or other elements of the decor will give an image of tenderness and elegance.

For special events, choose bright dresses to the floor. In the red version they will look especially elegant. If the model has decor in the form of rhinestones, applications or embroidery, then this is a big plus for your baby. In such a dress she will be charming.

Red lace dresses for girls

Delicate lace - the best that was invented by designers to create cute and elegant images. White lace outfits look boring on girls. Red laced outfits, on the contrary, embodied all the beauty and elegant look of this material.

Red lace dress looks especially elegant in a short version. As a result, you will get a nice gentle image that can be complemented with a Greek-style hairstyle with iridescent rim. For younger girls, choose A-line lace patterns. Teenage girls will wear red dresses with openwork design in a classic style with a fluffy skirt and a spectacular top. In such models may be present lining made of cotton or chiffon.

Red and white dress for girls

The contract between red and white is able to create original and fashionable styles of dresses. On girls, this combination looks especially impressive. In the styles for small princesses you can dream up and realize non-standard ideas that in adult fashion would be met with wariness.

Red lace on a white base looks great, styles with a red belt or a bow look stylish. The charming image is obtained by combining white top and red skirt in the same style.

Casual red dresses for girls

It is a mistake to assume that the red color looks attractive only in festive and elegant dresses. You can easily diversify the everyday wardrobe of a little fashionista with a stylish red dress.

Everyday models are characterized by a simple cut and lack of catchy decor. This outfit is ideal for walking on the playground or shopping. In this dress, your child will not get lost among other kids.

Red polka dot dress for girls

Dresses for girls in retro-style with a print of "peas" are very popular among girls of all ages. At a younger age, the little girls eagerly put on lush dresses with a spectacular print in small white peas, feeling like a real princess.

Sundresses are considered the most popular style with a pea print. They are able to bring a touch of solemnity in everyday look. Harmoniously and appropriately, the “peas” looks on dresses with the A-line and A-silhouette style. In such dresses cascade layering is most often used in the form of horizontal drapery and flounces.

On small women of fashion look beautiful dress "flashlight" and "petals" with small prints that are appropriate in both everyday and festive images.

A safe version of the perfect polka-dot dress - styles with a fluffy American skirt. Multi-layered skirts made of chiffon or other air fabrics are covered with satin or silk fabric, which makes the style into a popular outfit in the style of the 40s.

Red velvet dress for girls

Velvet is a material that looks great and elegant only in certain shades. Among them - red, black, green, burgundy and others. Velvet dresses are in great demand among parents of little princesses. The reason for such a rush in a luxurious and elegant matter. It shimmers beautifully under the light, it looks expensive and gentle.

Velvet looks particularly relevant in dresses with A-silhouette, flashlight dresses, models with a fluffy skirt. Velvet products for girls should be chosen not in the scarlet red color, but on the contrary, in dark red or pale pink colors. The choice of shade depends on the event to which the child is sent.

It should be noted that velvet is a self-sufficient material that does not need additional decor. The only detail that you can dilute the baby's outfit is the original folds, bows and ribbons of velvet, lace along the hem of the product.

Red dress for girls 2018: advice on choosing models

For parents, a beautiful view of the product should be in second place after the natural and high-quality composition of the fabric from which the dress and other children's clothing is made. The outfit can be mega-stylish, impeccably designed and effective, but your child will be uncomfortable in it, cramped and hot.

When choosing dresses for girls, give preference to such natural fabrics as:

  • chintz is perfect for summer casual dresses. The chintz passes air, does not accumulate heat, breathes.
  • the cooler is a thin knitted fabric that is almost not wrinkled, suitable for light, airy clothes.
  • footer - fabric with a smooth surface on one side and with a pile on the other. The footer is resistant to the appearance of pellets, easily tolerates machine wash, does not change shape.
  • Velveteen - perfect for sewing winter dresses. The fabric is pleasant to the touch, it looks bright and beautiful, it requires special washing conditions.

In conclusion, it remains to note that a red dress will be the best purchase for a girl's wardrobe. This is a win-win for beautiful images and your daughter's first step into the world of fashion and style.

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