Perfect order in your house: ideas for the design of the wardrobe room 2018

In the process of organizing living space an important role is played by the issue of storage of personal belongings. Until recently, cabinets, slides, and walls were considered a standard option. But in 2018, the most successful solution to problems with restoring order is considered to be the arrangement of a dressing room, the place for which is most often allocated in the bedroom.

Modern bedroom design with dressing room

In the planning of private houses and apartments the presence of a dressing room is not initially foreseen. Therefore, you need to competently get out of the situation, separating a small area in the bedroom. This can be done with the help of an original decorative wall or compartment doors. In the absence of such opportunities, a specially ordered rack with a passage or a cabinet up to the ceiling can play the role of a partition.

Eco-friendly, visually attractive material for creating a partition can be tinted frosted glass, decorated with fashionable sandblasting patterns. The dressing room equipment of the desired configuration will help to make the shape of the bedroom more correct and convenient - in certain geometrical proportions. Inside such a mini-storage for clothes you can provide a maximum of useful elements and design implementations:
- matching dressers and cabinets;
- shelves and mesh baskets of different shapes and sizes;
- retractable boxes with boxes;
- hung with lifting mechanisms;
- original shoe holders.

In some cases, ironing boards and mirrors are located in the warehouses. A well-designed wardrobe design will take up a bit of space in the bedroom. This option of storage is especially appropriate if the bedroom is decorated in the Scandinavian style or there is a minimum of furniture in the room.

Any dressing room should be a pleasant, comfortable place in which you want to be. The entrance to it from the bedroom should be convenient, and already at the entrance it is necessary to provide a good overview by arranging things in order of priority and frequency of use. An important step in the equipment of the dressing room is the design of high-quality lighting. In the most tiny rooms are limited to mobile or stationary LED devices. In the case when the dressing room turns out to be spacious, you can use a maximum of elements, providing high-bay lighting. In this case, soft, accurate light can be provided by wall lights, pretentious chandeliers, decorative lighting options.

Original design corner wardrobe

You can equip a dressing room in a variety of configurations, using the original design techniques and modern materials. Particularly popular types of planning in 2018 are angular options. They allow you to effectively and confidently break into zones any kind of rooms. As a result, the owners of a residential facility have the opportunity to use the maximum territory for greater functionality.

Equipping the dressing room in the nursery, bedroom, hallway, attic, or other rooms with a limited area, you can allocate space for a much larger number of things. Creating an original design at an angle of 90 degrees and correctly positioning the storage system, you need to think about what will separate the internal structure from the main territory. The most popular options in 2018 is considered to be dense partitions of plywood or drywall with doorways, modern screens or curtains. No less relevant in this case will be custom-made compartment doors.

Unusually, pretentiously, designs with open storage systems will look stylish. Actual options - wardrobe penny, frame, mesh type. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the original room can be “entered” into one of the modern, in-demand design styles currently in demand.

Which type is more convenient - small or large walk-in closets?

To determine the size, shape, internal content of modern dressing rooms need to be in advance. For this, it is important to take into account the number of family members, the approximate amount of things, and the characteristics of the room in which the structure will be located. Having such opportunities, for storage of clothes and footwear often allocate the whole rooms with a small area. And in a private house, the location of the dressing room in the attic will be an actual option.

Any woman would like to have a large, multi-meter walk-in closet in her apartment or private household where there would be shelves for every little thing. But modern living space and standard layouts do not always allow you to have what you want. Most often it turns out the opposite, so it is important to properly equip a compact, not too large space for a dressing room. To a large extent, it will be possible to save space with the help of unobtrusive, providing coziness elements:
• Open shelves without unnecessary details.
• Retractable ironing boards.
• Lots of hooks and rails.
• Special hangers spiral.

If, nevertheless, there is an opportunity to equip a large, spacious dressing room, it will be possible to at least successfully use clever design techniques. With the availability of free finance, you can use the transparent front of the shelves, sliding modules for household appliances, special drawers for trifles, original shoeboxes with a slope.

If you wish, you can make the room as comfortable as possible. To do this, purchase mirrors, stylish items, paintings and souvenirs. Decorative decoration should be chosen carefully as possible - it is important that the walls are practical, aesthetic, and at the same time do not leave any marks on the clothes. For this reason, the priority materials for decorating the walls of the room-cabinet are wallpaper, paint, cork coating, wooden and plastic panels.

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