Jasper stone: properties, value, who fits the sign?

Jasper is an opaque-looking mineral that is found in nature in several colors. The basis of the chemical composition includes a siliceous rock consisting of small particles of quartz, as well as a number of additional impurities. This stone is known to mankind for a long time, in ancient times it was used for the manufacture of tools and weapons. Later, they began to regard it as a stone with the help of which you can make souvenirs, amulets, beautiful decorations and symbols of religion. It is worth noting that this amazing mineral has both magical and healing properties.

Types and colors of jasper

As mentioned earlier, jasper is an opaque mineral with a strong and smooth surface and high viscosity. Depending on the texture and color, the stone is divided into several types, the place of extraction and the composition of jasper will also be an important nuance. The basis of natural stone is dominated by granite, so the classic colors of the stone are green, white or red with a porcelain surface.

Depending on the structure of the mineral is divided into groups:

  • With a uniform color.
  • The variegated is a bright and original stone with blotches and interesting color transitions.
  • Ribbon with alternating two or more colors.

By color, jasper is divided into the following categories:

  • Red mineral - monophonic or with patterns. The shade may vary slightly from light pink to red with brown tint.
  • White - such a mineral is very difficult to meet, since it is rarely found in nature. Usually a stone can have not only white color, but also a milky shade with gray splashes.
  • Green - the most common option.
  • Heliotrope is a rare type of stone that is considered more expensive. Usually this type of jasper has a black color with red spots or a dark green tint.

Where is jasper stone used?

Raw mineral has little attractive appearance, so you need to carry out high-quality and careful preparatory work with it. It is worth noting that jasper is a stone of hard rocks, so its processing is a long and very complicated process. Preparation of the stone is carried out very carefully, as one wrong movement can lead to breakage of the stone or scratches that deprive it of its attractiveness. High strength is one of the reasons for the popularity of this stone, because it can serve for many years.

Glitter is given to the mineral with the help of abrasive pastes, while initially the stone must be soaked in water so that fine grains do not pick up dust during the processing of the material. In order to cut jasper, special machines are used, betraying original and intricate shapes to this stone. Jasper is a semiprecious stone that jewelers use to create jewelery made of gold and silver, while the master selects minerals of different colors to make the products have a unique and attractive appearance.

It should be noted that with the help of this stone, not only jewelry, but also various decorations for home decoration are created. Usually, the products are intricate and colorful figurines and souvenirs, combining jasper of different colors. In general, jasper has such a high strength that it can pave the floor, which will surprise with its perfectly smooth surface, imitating marble.

Jasper and its magical properties

Jasper is a unique stone, because only he can get rid of the negative energy that a person has accumulated throughout his life. The strength of this mineral is so strong that it is able to protect the owner of the stone from the evil eye, diseases and will serve as a talisman. At the same time, this stone is able to increase self-esteem, depriving feelings of excitement. Thanks to this stone you can get rid of evil thoughts, gaining confidence to achieve your goals.

As you know, this stone is able to give children, or rather to heal from infertility, both a man and a woman, for this it is enough to put the stone before going to bed under your pillow. Using an amulet with this stone, one can develop an intuition, set things right at work, depriving a person of fatigue and nervous tension. Jasper contributes to the development of talent in a person, helps in career growth, concentrating a person’s attention on important details and nuances that can change his whole life.

At the same time, jasper is a “battery” that accumulates a strong energy that it can share with its owner, making it stronger and more confident, opening up all the new possibilities and endless potential in it. In ancient times, jasper served as an integral part of the equipment of warriors, they were decorated with weapons, armor or a helmet, believing that he would bring victory and serve as a talisman.

Jasper is one of the few stones that is able to completely saturate a person with his energy, attracting to him material well-being, happiness and good luck. Also, the stone affects the mind of a person, makes him more inquisitive and highly developed. There are magical rites with the use of jasper, aimed at developing the mind and intuition. Many believe that it is possible to cure mental retardation if you put the jasper and headboards of a person.

Jasper and its healing properties

This mineral strengthens the immune system and improves the physical condition of its owner, thereby prolonging its lifespan. In ancient times, people wore ornaments of jasper, on which they carved their names, which frightened off diseases, misfortunes and negative energy from themselves. Jasper is a stone that can relieve fever and epilepsy, at the same time it normalizes sleep and psychological state, restores memory and removes depression. If you put a stone under the pillow, you can forget about disturbing thoughts and nightmares.

At the same time, jasper is used to reduce pain, while simply squeezing the mineral in your hand is tight, which will leave both severe toothache and headache. If you carry a stone with you constantly, then the sense of smell will be aggravated, and your eyesight will improve. Green stone is responsible for the stomach and digestive system, heals from gastritis or ulcers. Red jasper helps in the work of the heart, restores proper blood circulation and heals diseases of the female secretions. Yellow - a charm against the evil eye and damage, used as a charm to be worn around the neck.

Jasper is suitable for the sign of the zodiac

As for who is best to use this mineral, astrologers have a definite opinion - this is a stone for Virgos. It is the people of this zodiac sign that the stone adds self-confidence, makes them smarter and wiser, protecting its owner from misfortunes and evil eyes. Also, jasper is an ideal solution for Virgos with a complex nature, because the stone allows you to gain softness, which can be sent to establish contact with the team.

Also this stone can be used by fish. As it is known, Pisces are suspicious and insecure people, with whom a stone allows one to gain stamina and willpower, thanks to which one can achieve the desired results. It is not desirable to use jewelry from this mineral to Aries and Gemini, because the people of this sign are already quite arrogant and straightforward, and the stone will only aggravate these traits. As for the other signs of the zodiac, they can use this stone, because there is no ban on jasper for them. It is important to carefully use this stone, and jewelry from it can not be constantly worn.

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