Broken glass manicure: photo review of a chic design

The fashion trend in manicure "broken glass" does not give up its positions since 2016. It takes its name from the English equivalent of Shattered Glass Nails and is a surface similar to shards. It is relevant both in summer, shimmering in the rays of the sun, and in winter, repeating the pattern of chopped ice. The ability to create a manicure of any color and any of its intensity makes it universal.

How to do manicure "broken glass" on gel polish

There is a mass of materials that allow you to create a manicure with the effect of broken glass. These are various films with a pigment, a foil, mica of different shades. It is absolutely not necessary that the selected material was intended strictly for nail design. When this style only appeared, for it used exclusively special ultrathin film, which was attached with gel varnish. The masters who have filled their hands began to use cheaper and more accessible materials, which created the same effect without any extra effort.

The advantage of a specialized material is that it is often sold already cut and it only remains to distribute the trimming over the surface of the previously treated nail. An alternative to steel is uncut strips, which can be crumbled at your own discretion into pieces of a more suitable size and shape. Such rainbow "fragments" look equally attractive on a dark and on a light substrate.

Foil use

If you decide to use foil, then you should choose untranslated. It should be borne in mind that any foil is thicker than a special film and its distribution over the sticky surface of gel varnish may cause some difficulties. The most natural option is “broken glass” on a clear lacquer.

Alternatively, you can use a shiny foil and the same color tone base in the form of gel polish. A manicure looks attractive, where the pieces of foil are arranged randomly and are represented by "fragments" of different sizes. Manicure application technique:

  1. Pre-held preparation of the nail plate and the area around. The easiest hygienic manicure will do.
  2. A base coat is applied to the nail and dried under the lamp.
  3. Color lacquer impose optional in one or two layers, each of which must be dried separately. For this type of manicure, the selected varnish must have a dispersion layer.
  4. The pre-cut foil is fixed on the partially polymerized gel polish and each piece is smoothed around the edges. At this stage, you can also expose the nails to a short drying under the lamp.
  5. The topcoat is applied in two layers. This will help to hide all the bumps and bumps created by thick foil. The entire structure is dried under the lamp until completely cured. If a sticky layer remains on top, it should be removed.

Use of specialized film

Work with the film is slightly different from the manipulation of the foil. It is much easier to glue it, since the thin layer merges with the base and does not require additional coating with the second finishing layer. On the nails, you can create an abundance of fragments or imitate only one piece of broken glass. Making rhinestones in this case can add an additional zest to the manicure. Rhinestones in this case are attached directly to the top layer.

If the film is used for manicure with the usual varnish, then you need to do everything very quickly, until the substance is dry. In this case, the film should be fastened especially carefully, since the lacquer layer is more delicate than its gel-like counterpart and even in the dried form it can be damaged by intensive manipulations with the film.

"Broken glass" in red, white and other variants

As mentioned above, the color of manicure "broken glass" depends on the hue of the substrate and the selected film. You can create all sorts of options by combining the colors of one range or vice versa by combining contrasting shades in one manicure.

White background allows any options for color solutions for foil or film. More elegant and discreet images will be obtained if you use a white film or a gamut of pastel shades. Light on such a surface will shimmer gently, giving the nails only a barely perceptible shade. Such a manicure can be worn in the office and at special events.

In contrast to the gentle modulations will be bright spots of red, blue, lilac or even black. Hundreds of options will provide the choice of the most demanding fashionistas. Deep colors on a white backing will create a bright contrast, which organically looks at celebrations, in street bows and at parties.

If the background was immediately chosen in the bright version, then it would be difficult to make it restrained. But this is a great opportunity to create a unique bright manicure for a solemn appearance. Do not neglect this opportunity. Red backing and golden fragments on the top are a win-win for a fun party. It is important not to overload the bow with other reflective details. Only in this case, the manicure will look organic.

French "broken glass"

Those who have little effect from one of the bright techniques of nail design, we can offer various combinations of them. For example, in the new season, hybrid versions of the french-style with broken glass deserve special attention. Here you can give freedom of fantasy and independently combine the shades and structure of a manicure.

For example, “fragments” make up the regrown part, and the rest of the nail plate is left in a natural color or covered with a layer of colored gel polish. By the same principle make the moon manicure (anti-coat). "Broken glass" can cover the main part of the nail, and the regrown part or hole in the cuticle to highlight the color.

Color combinations here also do not know the limits. Most popular, as in other cases, uses a natural shade in combination with pastel. Also in the trend classic: red, black, white, gold, silver. When choosing combinations, you should consider the future bow and accessories.

Creating masterpieces in the style of "broken glass" does not require special skills. It is enough to apply a little zeal and spend time. As a result, everyone will be able to admire the original and unique view of their well-groomed nails.

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