Prom Dresses 2018: current models and new designs

In the life of each girl there are two significant events that leave a mark for life - this is a wedding and prom night.

Preparations for the prom begins long before the onset of this long-awaited celebration. Vanity in the preparations for the graduation party and the thoughtlessness of the details of the image can affect the mood of the graduate and the impressions of the evening in general.

How to make prom night unforgettable? What images are relevant in 2018? About all of this you will learn from our review.

Saying goodbye to the school, one of the most important issues after the choice of a specialty, the choice of the perfect evening dress, comes up to the graduate.

The variety of evening dresses on display at fashion shows and in branded stores baffles young ladies and their parents. To create the perfect finished look, it’s not enough to choose a dress, you also need to choose the color, style of dress, choose a hair style and accessories.

Only the harmonious combination of these elements will distinguish the graduate from the total number and will keep the memory of this important event in her life for a long time.

What color prom dress to choose?

Choosing the right color for the prom dress will not make any special problems for graduates. It is important to adhere to the basic shades - blue, pale pink, peach and other pastel colors.

Soft and fresh tones emphasize youth and lightness.

Rich bright colors - yellow, rich-blue, emerald are ideal for prom dresses.

No less relevant strict classic colors - black, dark blue, burgundy, black in combination with white and other shades.

Prom Dress Material

The time has passed when future graduates queued for the fabric for the prom dress and independently sewed them all night long. Designers of modern prom dresses take into account the preferences of girls and offer an amazing variety of textures and fabrics that are perfect for this solemn event.

Graduation dresses 2018 are made of lightweight and airy fabrics:

  • Silk

  • Organza

  • Lace

  • Chiffon

  • Atlas

The texture of these fabrics allows you to create a wide variety of styles with multi-layered skirts, an asymmetric skirt or top, figured inlays and other elements.

It is better to refuse heavy dense fabrics; they are more suitable for older women than for a young girl.

Floor-length prom dresses 2018

Modern fashion does not impose any strict standards on prom dresses. Everything is individual, so each girl will be able to choose an outfit based on her form and color preferences.

Floor-length dresses are a winning option for tall, slender girls who are ready to emphasize their figure with strict lines.

Prom dresses with long sleeves and fitted silhouettes look very feminine and spectacular.

Prom Dress with Train

Evening fashion has always been associated with trains, veils and light capes. Inspired by the fashion of past centuries, famous designers have created for graduates of 2018 exquisite dresses like royals.

The train gives a special chic and elegance, making the figure more slender and aristocratic.

The length of the loop is chosen individually. This can be a long train with a lot of folds or a shortened one, allowing you to move without special concerns about its preservation.

Delicate prom dresses 2018

Tenderness and femininity - the feelings that permeated many fashion shows, they did not bypass the prom dresses.

Among the variety of delicate prom dresses particularly distinguished dresses in the Empire style and in the Greek style.

The dress in the Empire style with its drapery of flowing fabrics will give the image of the graduate a feeling of lightness and weightlessness.

Complementing the free cut of Greek-style dresses with elements of gold and silver, you will get an image of a fragile and subtle nature.

Mullet Dresses: Trend 2018

Prom dresses are not devoid of convenience and functionality. Last seasons were remembered by the opportunity to transform a dress by unfastening a long skirt. The remaining short pack allowed you to enjoy the active evening without constraining movements and unnecessary trouble.

For graduates in 2018, designers are ready to offer dresses in a mullet style with a shorter hemline in front. Similar asymmetric lines are the trend of the latest fashion seasons.

Prom dresses mullet 2018 are decorated with lush lace, ruffles, luxurious trains.

Delicate embroidery and floral prints, applications look great on mullet prom dresses.

Graduation Dresses from Basque 2018

The style of the dress with the basque is so versatile that it looks great in both casual dresses and evening fashion.

Luxurious dresses with basque - the best option prom for girls with small figure flaws. The style of a dress allows to reduce a waist visually, having shaded attention to folds of a short skirt.

Royal prom 2018

Undoubtedly, the attention of many graduates attracted prom dresses with a fluffy skirt, because every girl wants to make her graduation truly royal.

Especially graceful and elegant look magnificent dresses with a V-neck, boat-neck or square neckline.

No less popular models with an open back or bare shoulders.

A variety of current shades, prints with floral motifs, striped and geometric patterns will allow each girl to choose the most beautiful dress for the prom.

Short prom dresses 2018

Dresses “to the floor”, lush styles are, of course, classics of graduation balls, but striving for practicality, many graduates choose short miniature dresses.

Trend dresses in 2018 are short dresses with a corset and lush hem. At the same time, it is possible to dream over the top by choosing styles with an asymmetrical top, open back, fully open shoulders, etc.

Special attention to the corset. It should be decorated with rhinestones and sequins. Often, the bodice of the dress is decorated with numerous lace inserts, ruffles and draperies, which will give extra chest volume.

To add volume to the bottom of the dress, a chiffon petticoat is used, which in terms of colors corresponds to the color of the dress or differs from it in several tones.

The bottom and top of the dress can be the same in color or contrasted by several tones. It all depends on the taste preferences of the graduate.

The prom opens for the girl a new unknown world, she enters into adulthood. Impressions of the graduation party largely depend on the image in which the girl will appear on her last day at school.

Choosing a suitable style of dress and accessories to it, be sure of success at the graduation party.

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