Top 10 films of the genre fiction 2017

The genre of "fiction" implies a violation of the boundaries of conventions and usual realities. The use of imagination allows authors to transfer viewers to the fictional world and color their creations in any emotional colors. Love for such films is peculiar to people who want to at least briefly escape from reality and dream.


To monitor the weather conditions on Earth, a special station called the “Dutchman” was invented and assembled. It saves the planet from abnormal heat, storms and other disasters. But within the control body of the program, there are disagreements, which result in the dismissal of the station's creator. After some time, the devices fail, which leads to unpleasant consequences. Those who discovered the problem, believe that it was caused by sabotage and only the station creator can eliminate it. The film was late with its appearance at the age of 20. In addition, it is full of blunders that are associated with the complete ignorance of the laws of physics by the authors.

"Blade Runner 2049"

Replicated bio-robots often get out of control of people. The hunter for such fugitives finished his activities and left Los Angeles. After 30 years, the situation on the planet is aggravated by the fact that the sun is completely hidden behind the clouds, and the energy crisis is growing. People eat only genetically modified food. The giant company, in addition to food, produces new biorobots that are capable of destroying their predecessors. One of these replica robots discovers a box containing a something unusual that can change history in a rebel robot killed by him.

The film was the sequel to "Blade Runner", released in 1982. The new film offers a new concept, tied to a gloomy futuristic. It is definitely beautifully shot, which becomes one of the brightest advantages of the film. This becomes especially important against the background of a weak plot and dialogues.


The plot of the film tells about how Russians bathe in ice holes during Epiphany frosts. All the TV channels are blowing about it. Everyone pursues his own goals: someone is hardened or demonstrates deep religiosity; especially lucky ones catch a magic pike; and someone dives into the icy water in search of a missing wife.

Motion pictures will appeal to those who understand and love video art. This is definitely an avant-garde film. An interesting move was the use of rhythmized lines and poems in dialogs. Critics believe that there is a lack of jokes and satire in the film, which makes the film ridiculous. Perhaps the situation would be corrected by a tougher ridicule of television.

"The Mystery of the Seven Sisters"

The dangerous overpopulation of the planet forces the government to issue a law prohibiting having more than one child in a family. If you suspect the appearance of the second and subsequent children, the doctor should immediately take action. Some of the women simply avoid visiting the doctors. But one particularly desperate lady allows the birth of seven twin girls. To ensure a safe life for themselves and their children, parents develop a plan according to which their daughters have names, according to the days of the week, and go out to people only on their own day. At some point, the parents are not counted by one of the girls. This is where the events of the film begin.

The film raises issues that are no longer fantastic in modern society. Overpopulation of the planet does not surprise the average person. But the atmosphere of the oppressive future in the motion picture is respected. As for the film itself, there was no large budget allocated for it. Therefore, the picture quality is lame. What is really worth seeing in this film is the game of actress Numi Rapas. In addition to its obvious beauty, the girl perfectly plays seven different characters at once with her own characters and habits.


In the story, a company of young people goes to a country house to rest and relax. In the process of fun, the guys notice how a meteorite falls to the ground. Young people go in search of a non-terrestrial object and immediately find it. The difficulty lies in the fact that alien beings who have lost an object unusual for earthlings are not ready to leave it so easy. For the guys who have found the object, the hunt begins.

The authors are trying to present the film as a pseudo-documentary picture. In recent years, this genre is experiencing a deep crisis, and this film only once again aggravated the situation. At the very beginning of the film is declared as a serious tragic film in some places. At the same time, stupid bloopers turn it into a farce. The viewer has to balance between two different states and, as a result, independently understand how to treat the situation.

"Spiderman: Returning Home"

After his return home, Peter Parker wants to do these things, but Tony Stark believes that a young man in 15 years is not worth the risk. Such a verdict of a senior comrade does not prevent Spider from getting involved in the investigation of the crime of Adrian Tums - an engineer who has his gang. The offender steals cosmic powerful artifacts and creates weapons for earth criminals.

The film is mostly represented by farcical comedy. Romance in the film is not at all, but fans of action have something to profit. Film critics have noted that of the entire cycle of films about Spider-Man, engineer Tums is perhaps his most brilliant and charismatic rival. You should watch the film at least for the sake of acquaintance with this anti-hero.

"Transformers: The Last Knight"

The fifth part of the epic about transformers tells how Optimus Prime finds his home planet. Unfortunately, she is dead and according to some sources it becomes known that the hero himself is to blame. In the course of the story, he tries to understand how it happened and revive the planet. But for the realization of the plan it is necessary to get a powerful artifact on the ground.

If before the release of the fifth part of "Epoch" was considered the worst episode, the "Last Knight" surpassed the authors' previous failure. If we take into account that the budget of the film was huge, then the small amount of special effects and computer graphics provided to the audience for a film with a length of two and a half hours can be considered insignificant.

"Alien: Covenant"

"Testament" is a huge ship, with the goal of creating new colonies on other planets. When flying to one of the selected planets for a ship is damaged and the crew decides to land on the nearest, suitable for this planet. But here lives a dangerous android, which may be a danger to new tenants.

The film is filled with fantastic trash. There are many severed heads, scattered internal organs and attractive naked girls. You can safely call the film one of the most bizarre films in its genre.

"Guardians of the galaxy. Part 2"

Experience galaxy hired to protect the special batteries of the Sovereign race. Instead of their direct duties, the guards steal these batteries and run away. On the way, they meet a powerful being - the Ego, which turns out to be Peter Quill's father. Peter's colleagues suspect that the Ego has an evil intent. In addition, pirates who rebel against their leader, also intervene in their custody.

The plot of the picture has an intriguing plot, but the middle of the picture will make the viewer bored. If the longing for action and dynamics does not force anyone to leave the hall, then the “survivors” will have a powerful bright ending.


Young girl May gets an attractive offer from a large company "Sphere" of cooperation. Accepting the offer, May gets many privileges, but to the surprise of the company's management, she hardly uses them. Intrigued by this fact, the director of "Sphere" offers the girl a project during which visitors of social networks will be able to follow her life. But what danger carries such an offer for the heroine and her loved ones?

The film uses a general fear of surveillance to exacerbate the situation. But the authors manage to scare only children or people with a similar level of intelligence. The film is trying to tell that social networks are evil, turning a modest girl into an embittered person who is following the growth of likes. For this purpose, we use fantastic technologies that monitor the heroine at every centimeter of her path.

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