New 2018 Kia Niro

Next year, the car company from South Korea will sell the updated electric car Kia Niro, belonging to the subcompact crossovers.

The main reasons for the new version:

  • popularity and demand for environmentally friendly cars;
  • increased demand for subcompact crossovers.

This development is considered an important project in the company, as the model belongs to the line of cars representing the segment of environmentally friendly vehicles. It is for this reason that this model laid the platform, which in the future will be the basis for a whole line of ecological cars of this concern.

The company decided to choose this model to create an electric car for the following reasons:

  • high ground clearance;
  • characteristic exterior;
  • huge in size and comfortable lounge;
  • large and roomy trunk.

The novelty was presented at the Geneva Motor Show, and its release by the South Korean company will be engaged already in 2018.


The updated crossover will have distinctive external features characteristic of Kia and strictly maintained in their basic style. The main features in front of the car:

  • wide double grille;
  • narrow headlights, elongated in length;
  • muscular front bumper, equipped with a dark inset, air intake with horizontal slats, as well as niches with built-in "foglights";
  • strongly inclined windshield to improve aerodynamic performance.

All major external changes to the crossover were aimed at changing its aerodynamics. To this end, the concern uses a large angle of inclination of the windshield, uses rapid transitions of lines from the bumper to the roof. Special side mirrors with an individual shape were also used. All these improvements made it possible to achieve an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.29.

The car body has a special distinctive feature of crossovers - it is a massive plastic kit of a dark color.


From the photographs of the car, you can immediately see that the interior is characterized by its simplicity and high level of ergonomics.

Changes in the cabin:

  • installed three-spoke steering wheel, which has a set of function keys;
  • The control panel is made in a classic style;
  • for upholstery used plastic and expensive fabrics;
  • There are practically no decorative inserts and unnecessary elements.

The center console is equipped with a large touch screen with a multifunctional complex. On both sides of the monitor surround the air vents of the climate system, and under the screen there are buttons that facilitate the management of a variety of vehicle systems. The crossover is equipped with a large number of niches, shelves and compartments so that the driver and his passengers can put things needed on the road there.


In order to reduce energy consumption, the car not only received good aerodynamics, but also significantly reduced weight. In order to achieve this, the designers made the following changes:

  • more than 55% of the crossover is made of heavy-duty steel, which can be found in the roof, seats, racks, as well as the car platform itself;
  • aluminum (hood, trunk, wheels and partly suspension);
  • reinforced fiber.

The power plant of the car includes two main elements: a battery with a capacity of 8.9 kW / hour and an electric motor, whose power is equivalent to 120 horsepower and is 88 kW.

With all the above parameters and changes, the car will be able to travel a distance of 280 kilometers on one full charge.

The front-wheel drive version of the crossover will be equipped with a 6-band automatic.

Special features that are typical for electric vehicles:

  • glass blowing system to avoid condensation;
  • air consumption monitoring system;
  • recuperative braking;
  • A special program that allows you to find the station for recharging the battery.

Dimensions new

The 2018 Kia Niro will have the following dimensions:

  • length - 4360 mm;
  • height - 1540 mm;
  • width - 1800 mm;
  • wheelbase - 2700 mm.

Prices and sales start

The automobile company from South Korea plans to start mass production of the electric version of the car in April - May 2018. Based on this, we can conclude that in the showrooms the novelty will appear no earlier than the summer of that year. Initially, sales will be held at the place of creation of the car, after which it will spread to the markets of America and Europe.

The exact price of the car yet, but the experts agreed on the mark of 45 thousand dollars. As you know, Kia Niro will not be shipped to Russia, which means that no sales are planned in the country, but time will tell how it will be in fact.

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