Beautiful Candles: Unusual Home Decor

A beautiful candle is an essential attribute of a cozy home, romantic events and special occasions. It is also often presented as a main gift or present. But, you see, simple candles look not so aesthetically pleasing, in contrast to products with an additional decor. Therefore, we suggest you decorate them with your own hands. To do this, you will not need too complex materials, since most of them can be easily found in every home.

Coffee beans, as an element of decor

A simple, odorless candle can be decorated with coffee beans. To do this, hot glue or wax need to attach the grain to the candle. It is very important to press them down a little with your fingers so that they stick tightly after hardening. Such a candle will not only decorate the interior, but also fill the room with a stunning coffee aroma.

Candle with a photo

A candle with a decor in the form of a photograph will be a great gift for a dear person. Looking at such an object in the interior, you will always be remembered with special warmth.

To transfer the drawing we will prepare the following materials:

  • wax candle;
  • papyrus and waxed paper;
  • plain paper for printing;
  • Scotch;
  • scissors;
  • hair dryer

Attach tracing paper to printing paper with tape.

Pre-prepared photo print on the printer. Be sure to put the paper so that the print was on tracing paper. Separate it from the paper and cut a photo with small indents around it.

We attach the photo to the candle, then firmly press the wax paper and heat the image with a hairdryer.

We warm up the image until it becomes clear.

Remove wax paper neatly, without jerks.

Using this technology, you can transfer absolutely any image you want to a candle. For example, sharing a photo with a friend, a wish, or just a motivating phrase.

Painted with acrylic paints

If you like to draw, be sure to try it on a candle. However, even if you do not have artistic talent, just print a stencil, with which you can create a real masterpiece. By the way, the works of masters with many years of experience are striking in their beauty and therefore they have an impressive cost.

Aromatic Cinnamon

You can give a candle a pleasant aroma not only with the help of coffee beans. Cinnamon sticks smell no less pleasant. In addition, this candle looks very aesthetically pleasing and can be used for a romantic dinner or just for decorating a room.

Romantic lace

Such material as lace in 2017 is very relevant. It is used literally everywhere, from the decor of clothes to interior items. That is why we offer to decorate a candle with lace. Due to this, it will look more expensive and stylish.

Very often candles are used for wedding ceremonies. A decor in the form of lace is perfect for such solemn events.

Decor of burlap and twine

Another material that is quite often used for decoration is burlap. With its help, even a simple monochromatic candle will look much more beautiful. Combine it with different ribbons, twine, beads and lace to make something really worthwhile.

Jewelery with stones

You can make a simple original candle with the help of volumetric jewelry with stones. It may even be earrings or pendants that you no longer wear. But the main thing - to secure such a product. Use hot glue or wax for this. If you use a pendant as a decor, you can put it on a thick thread and just wrap it around the candle.

Candles with rhinestone decor look no less original. Such products are more concise and well complement any interior.

Navy style candles

You can create a maritime style party, decorate a room or just make a small reminder of a trip to the sea with the help of candles.

To create the first option you will need a single-colored candle, a grid and a star-shaped decor.

The second design option is easier to perform. You will need a twine, an anchor and sea salt or sand in a miniature bottle.

For the third decor option, you will need burlap and miniature-sized lifebuoys.

Tags with numbers

As mentioned above, candles are very often used at weddings. If the celebration involves a large number of people, then for convenience, a seating plan is made for guests. Therefore, each table has its own number. Quite often, it is on the candles that the number is written or attached on a special tag.

Festive sparkles

Perhaps the easiest way to decorate a candle is to cover it with sparkles. To do this, apply glue to selected areas and then just sprinkle with glitter. These candles look very festive, so you can safely present them as a gift.

Seasonal decor

To beautifully decorate a candle for the decor of your room, we suggest using seasonal elements. For example, in winter evenings often everyone wants comfort and warmth. Therefore, a great solution would be a "knitted sweater" for a candle. You can make it from the top of a warm sock or use the sleeve of an old sweater. If you like to knit, be sure to try to make such a product yourself.

As a decor for the New Year, you can use spruce twigs, ribbons, balls, tinsel and even gift wrapping.

For the autumn decor more suitable burlap, dried leaves and flowers, as well as cinnamon sticks. Such compositions look very stylish.

To decorate the candles for the spring period, choose green leaves and flowers.

Decor of small candles

If for large candles there is a wide variety of decor options, then with small ones everything is somewhat different. We offer to decorate them with colored scotch or wrapping paper. Due to this, they will look more festive.

Of course, in specialized stores a wide selection of candles with decor is presented. But still the thing made by hand is valued much higher. In addition, if you choose the right shades of additional decor, this candle will become a stylish accent of your room.

Have you tried decorating the candles yourself? Share ideas in the comments.

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