Fashionable women's scarf: New items in 2018 and how to wear them

In 2018, the scarf is the most fashionable female accessory, therefore include it in the list of mandatory seasonal purchases. World couturiers offer in 2018 all kinds of scarves. For example, Jil Sander - in a sporty style with red stripes, Raquel Allegra - ultra long, Manish Arora - with a floral print, Marni - silk polka dots. But this is not the whole list of brands that, at the latest shows of their fashion collections, supplemented the images of models with stylish scarves. What scarves will be fashionable in the coming season and how to wear them, read and look at the photo below.

Flowers on fashion scarves in the coming season

At the latest shows of fashionable branded collections, very often, models demonstrated unique variants of warm scarves of various textures and textures. One of the new products in 2018 was a scarf, decorated with voluminous flowers. The designer of the brand Alexander Arutyunov has released a number of unique women's scarves with floral decorations.

Is it worth wearing a scarf with a down jacket or is it better to choose a novelty - a blown scarf?

Designers pleased with interesting models of a female scarf in 2018, making it exaggerated. Can you imagine how warm the product is? Why warm up in a warm down jacket and wrap yourself in a thick scarf, if you can make a choice in the direction of a blown scarf? The global brand Versace is the leader in creating a unique collection of inflated scarves in 2018. They are so bright, catchy, spectacular that it is not possible to resist them.

Choosing a female scarf with inscriptions - trend of 2018

A warm scarf with Cyrillic inscriptions is combined with almost any outerwear from the female wardrobe. Of course, at first glance they may seem as if you have just been or are going to attend a football match. If you have not purchased a scarf with inscriptions, then appreciate the stylishness of modern models of designer products in the photo below.

Fur scarf - a favorite of 2018: how and with what to wear it

Fur scarf is another designer novelty, which is mainly made in monochromatic beautiful shades that play on the overall contrast with the entire female set. Even with the onset of spring, the winter wind will not go anywhere, and therefore for a woman a scarf is far from superfluous, including a fur one. Fur warming in 2018 is offered by designers of fashion brands Missoni, Sally LaPointe and Dsquared².

Feather Scarf - Spectacular Decoration

If spring weather conditions permit, then a woman can make her friends on the streets in a scarf of feathers. The famous brand Vaska offered feather models to true fashion women. Do not miss the chance to feel a pleasant trend on yourself. Stylists offer to wear feather scarves with open deep cleavage.

Fashionable checkered women's scarf: original design solutions

Throwing over his shoulders fashionable checkered scarf like a towel, you transform instantly. Interesting checkered options for a female scarf offered fashion designer brand Dsquared². Some ladies are skeptical of scarves in a cage, because such a print, according to outdated stereotypes, is considered more masculine. Checkered scarf is able to update the image and give harmony.

Stylish thin scarves

A thin scarf emphasizes the individuality of a sophisticated image. A thin scarf is worn very lightly: casually wind one or several turns around your neck, like a street artist. In the coming season, designer Alena Akhmadullina offers perfect clothing sets, complemented by a light tone-on-tone scarf with clothing. And the fashion brand Salome recommends purchasing chiffon long scarves that will give a woman style and sophistication.

White scarf: create an elegant look

The designer of the brand Ivka proposes wearing a white scarf in 2018 in order to create elegant images. A fashionable white scarf is sure to refresh your wardrobe, especially since many stores offer an excellent range of models in white. The white scarf never bothers. Wearing it is a pleasure.

How to wear the most popular knitted female scarf models

Warm up and give the image a piquancy under the force of knitted scarves. A scarf made of woolen threads, especially if it is knitted with your own hands, not only protects you from hypothermia and colds, but also brings a zest to the created image of a woman. Brand Agnona advises to buy one of the fashionable scarves in beige shades with milky tints. A designer fashion company Altuzarra has released a whole collection of knitted striped scarves from milk-blue, red and black stripes. Missoni complemented the latest fashion collection with stylish multicolored knitted scarves, which you can safely take as a basis and create a similar masterpiece with crochet or knitting with your own hands.

How to wear a scarf

The volumetric scarf LIC, which is bound by your own hands with an interesting pattern, looks impressive. Choosing an interesting model of the bed, it is important that he combined with the overall outfit. Of course, we do not offer anything super original in its wearing, but we advise you to have it in a basic wardrobe as a cozy and comfortable thing. Assess on yourself the style, functionality and reliability of the scarf LIC.

How To Wear a Warm Wool Scarf With A Hood

If you do not want to wear a hat, and on the street - "not the month of May", then pay attention to the universal warm scarf with a hood. Such a universal model will surely be to your taste. In not only you can warm up, but also emphasize the created image. Stylists do not recommend wearing a scarf with a hood of bright, canary colors, as models in catchy shades look childish. It is better to choose neutral colors that are in harmony with the basic products of the kit.

According to the stylists, every woman should have at least four types of scarf, which will allow you to create individual and unique images. As you can see, the year 2018 reveals to the woman a large selection of stylish scarf models. Do not be afraid to experiment! Show your imagination! Be always fashionable and stylish!