Fashionable sweaters of the Autumn-Winter season 2017-2018

With the modern rhythm of life to keep up with all the fashion trends is difficult, but you want to always look original, stylish, elegant. And still remains the desire that the thing was cozy and comfortable. And this is the one hundred percent privilege of a sweater. That is why it will never go out of style. The abundance of different styles allows you to choose a knitted model for a harsh winter and an incendiary party.

Sweaters have not lost their popularity among men and women of all ages for more than a century. The elegance in the interweaving of extraordinary patterns, warmth and comfort - all this attracts the world's designers, year after year, presenting sweaters as part of their fashion collections. What models of sweaters will be fashionable in the autumn-winter period of 2017 - 2018 will be considered in today's publication.

Handmade sweater

Women's knitted sweater handmade

Nothing emphasizes your originality like a sweater, made with your own hands. Knitted product is an absolute superhit for all times. Handmade knitted sweaters remain in 2017-2018 as a highlight, a wardrobe decoration. Today, on the global Internet you can find an impressive variety of models of trendy sweaters with a detailed description of the progress. It would only desire.

Men's knitted sweater handmade

The figured and relief knitting of a sweater for men remains in a trend. Pamper your other half with an interesting product.

Merry sweater

Exclusive women's sweater

The main news of the season is original, avant-garde and exclusive models that destroy stereotypes about a sweater. Using the example of well-known brands, you can see how funny a sweater can emphasize individuality and originality. In such a sweater, boredom will be removed by hand and others will be charged by positive energy from you.

Colorful men's sweater

In the coming winter, bright colors and bold styles did not avoid the collections of men's sweaters. For most men, wearing such sweater throws is not typical, but it's worth a closer look.

Sweater, exposing the body part

Bare shoulders make the image modern and spectacular. Fashionable sweaters emphasize women's dignity and sexy forms. The sweater is combined with a leather jacket or fur vest, creating not only casual, but also an impressive image for a solemn event. Today, stylists offer another option socks sweaters with bare shoulders - a turtleneck or blouse. And do not be surprised if you meet a man wearing a sweater with a lowered shoulder.

Classic sweater: in the feast, and in the world

Women's classic pullover

In modern fashion, all sorts of styles and trends easily get along, but the traditional classic look will never go out of style. The great Coco Chanel, having taken away the privilege to wear trousers for men, also grabbed pullovers.

Men's classic sweater

Classic models of pullovers can be found in both women's and men's wardrobe. Monoton classic sweaters are relevant for men. Preference when choosing a classic model of a men's sweater should be given to business colors: white, black, gray and dark blue.

Combined fashion sweater 2017-2018 for men and women

The texture of a fashion sweater in the upcoming season may be unpredictable. Metallized threads, laminated wool, bright mohair combined with genuine leather or satin fabric.

Oversize style

Women's sweater "one size larger"

Long, bright, wide - this is exactly what a trend sweater looks like in the autumn-winter 2017-2018 season. The key trend is the volume, visually creating the impression that you were mistaken for a couple of sizes when choosing a sweater. However, the massiveness is smoothed by feminine and romantic elements of decor: appliqués, stones, sequins, fringe, balls, pompons ... The volume sweaters in the new collections are made by large rustic viscous. The relief is still relevant next season.

Men's sweater

Young and athletic men sweater in the style of versize suit most. And to meet them in the winter collections of fashion houses can be quite often.

Decorated trendy sweater 2017 - 2018

Women's sweater with decorative elements

Please note that fashionable sweaters in the upcoming season are necessarily decorated with something: drapery, asymmetrical inserts, fur.

Fur decor in a men's sweater

Particularly interesting is a men's sweater with a fur insert.

Stylish sweater 2017 - 2018 with a print

Women's sweater with a pattern

Models and patterns of past years, and even centuries, have returned to fashion. If you choose a hit sweater, pay attention to the model with a bold and catchy print - like on colorful gypsy skirts. Colorful ornament especially looks good on brunettes and redheads. In this winter's favor, both clear graphic strokes and Scandinavian patterns. Women's sweaters in which ethno-motives are present are an ideal choice for boho style fans.

Men's Printed Sweater

Men's sweater with a print is increasingly common at fashion shows. The image of celebrities, bright inscription, logos and geometry - the main prints on the men's fashion sweater in the season of autumn - winter 2017 - 2018.

Cropped sweater - hit 2018

Women's sweater to waist

Shortened models of sweaters appeared on the Olympus fashion last year. The upcoming winter trend does not change. Sweater to the waist looks dynamic and rejuvenates. It goes well with classic-style trousers, jeans and various models of stylish skirts.

Men's cropped sweater

A short men's sweater, especially with a high neck, perfectly protects from cold and gives the wearer brutality.

Women's sweaters with puffed sleeves

The flashlight sleeves and puffy long sleeves assembled into an accordion become an actual element of the sweater. Couturiers presented fitting models with non-standard sleeves.

Dress-sweater for stylish fashionistas

Perfectly serves as an independent dress sweater, made by type of dress. It can be both straight and trapezoid. Pay attention to the fact that a women's sweater dress with monochrome opaque tights or leggings for women is worn, and men's wear under jeans or tone-on-tone pants.

In the season of autumn - winter 2017-2018, it is not necessary to get used to the shocking massive sweater, because the classic also remains in the trend. The main thing is to feel comfortable, and there are plenty of beautiful models.

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