Short year dresses: stylish ideas for evening and casual wear

Dress year has many names - mermaid, fish, trompet. This delightful style became popular thanks to Brigitte Bordeaux, on which he looked charming, and became an example to follow for millions of fashionistas.

The style is really unique. Dress year tightly fits the figure on top, gradually expanding from the hips or knees down. The year's dresses are short and the midi lengths look stylish on young girls, whose figure allows you to bare hips and fit a slim body.

Fashionable short year dresses 2018

With all the variety of models to distinguish one or another style for an unprepared person is difficult. Business card style - slinky silhouette, while the top can be varied. It can be made with open shoulders, with straps of different thickness, on one shoulder.

The dress of the year is not a casual outfit, most often it is made elegantly and elegantly, which is quite appropriate for evening and ceremonial dresses. Popular models with or without long sleeves. Cropped sleeves look less attractive on this cut.

Since year dresses are attributed to evening dresses, the style is performed with spectacular cuts on the back, deep cleavage, and from expensive flowing fabrics - silk, satin.

Traditional monochrome models are increasingly complemented with lining in a different color. Especially beautiful this technique looks on models with a high cut. When walking, light tissue develops and others can see this spectacular detail. To make the model not look too strictly and aloof, add embroidery, flounces, bows and other decorations to it.

To suit the dress year

Recall that the dress year is suitable only for owners of an ideal figure, especially if we are talking about a short model. The sewn-in or separate corset of the model draws in the figure, adjusting it to an hourglass type. Dress year visually pulls the figure, slims it, so if you have minor figure flaws, this style will help to visually get rid of them.

The loose bottom of the dress year emphasizes the hips, so girls with the type of figure "apple" or "pear" should not choose this style. The dress of the year on girls with the “inverted triangle” type will not look attractive at all. In the dress year, hips will be covered with, and flared bottom will make them even bigger.

The dress of the year looks gorgeous on tall and slim girls, having an elongated silhouette. Low-rise girls will have to wear high-heeled shoes under the dress of a year.

What to wear with a short year dress

Dresses year, regardless of length, need additional decorations. Choose an outfit, a chain or a necklace. Delicate bracelet with stones on the wrist will sparkle, attract the views of others.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of shoes. Incorrectly matched pair can ruin the whole image. Shoes must be elegant and neat. Mandatory detail - high heel. It can be not only shoes, but sandals, ankle boots with heels. The color of the shoes you need to choose the tone of the dress. The height of the heel is chosen individually for your height and your own comfort considerations.

Under the dress year pick up a small clutch bag. If the model is made with an open back, but complement the image with a transparent light shawl, so as not to freeze in a cool evening.


Dress year: popular models of the season

Short year dresses are less solemn and graceful attire than models in floor with a train. Such a model is appropriate to wear a graduation or youth party. Accordingly, the colors and decorations of your image should be more original and vibrant. We offer you the most popular models of short year dresses, in which you will look charming and stylish.

Short year dress for skinny girls

To make an additional emphasis on the hips, for girls, in which they are narrow, will allow performed with a smooth extension of the skirt from the upper part of the thigh. If the hips are wide, then the best solution would be a year with an extension from the hem, just above the knees.

Designers strive to make the style as much as possible everyday. This is a great opportunity to complement the images for every day with a stylish dress, which in simple days allows a girl to look great.

The casual style of the year dress is as discreet and concise as possible. The height of the Basque is chosen on the same principle as with evening styles. The colors of simple year dresses are also close to everyday looks. Popular floral, geometric, abstract patterns.

Short year dress at prom

The trend for a free cut, flounces and ruffles was also manifested in this style of dress year. A relaxed, lightweight model allows you to create a stunning look for a prom that looks incredibly stylish and feminine. An asymmetrical skirt can be made in a wide variety of variations. Particularly impressive is the model with a multi-layered skirt with drop folds, the length of which gradually expands to the bottom. The result is a kind of symbiosis of a long and short model. This is the best option for girls with distressed hips.

Short year dress models will suit young and slim girls for prom or romantic dinner. Complemented by high-heeled shoes, a wide belt and other stylish accessories, this look will look great and feminine.

A black year dress with a wideline skirt and a multi-layer lining made of fatima is a great option for youth parties and other special occasions. In such a dress to remain unnoticed is simply impossible.

For social events and ceremonial events with a dress code, short models are inappropriate. In such situations, a maxi model with an elegant fish tail, or rather a small train, will help out. The use of luxurious fabrics - satin and velvet give a special thrill and delightful look. In this dress you will feel like a queen of the ball.

The short year dress is a model for exceptional special occasions. The magnificent graceful look of the product fully manifests itself in the slim and thin girls, but the lush ladies should not be upset. A variety of models of the year, styles with multi-layered or asymmetrical skirts will help them to smooth the figure flaws. In the dress year, a gorgeous, elegant and feminine image is provided to you.

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