Horoscope for 2019 for Taurus (women and men)

Taurus is an earth sign, which is protected by Venus. This affects the character of people born under this sign. The list of characteristic features of Taurus includes: dreaminess, strength of mind, extravagance, sensitivity, thirst for comfort, laziness, calmness, conservatism, moodiness, stubbornness, pragmatism.

Horoscope for 2019 for Taurus

The relative stability of the Year of the Yellow Pig will be intermittently interrupted by surprises. Most of them will be positive and pleasant, but still you should be prepared for various tests.

This year, Taurus may rely on the help of the moon. Under her patronage, you can safely make new useful contacts and count on the support of relatives and friends. Most of the values ​​acquired during this period belong to the spiritual realm.

Even during the year, you can spoil the excessive demonstration of their ambitions. Desires that are beyond the permissible, can attract a lot of trouble in all spheres of life. You should not be too self-confident. In the case when difficulties are inevitable, it is better to allow yourself to be helped by more experienced people.

Male taurus

Male calves tend to show the image associated with all the concept of "real man." However, these strong-willed people are often stubborn and irritable. In the saturated year of 2019, calm Taurus will quickly feel tired of the kaleidoscope of events. In this case, they will be saved by the ability to quickly adapt to the situation and join the processes as needed. It is important for Taurus to navigate in time and not to miss their chance. Do not be upset if the first great opportunity to achieve success was not so productive. 2019 will bring many more such chances. How quickly and efficiently they will be used will depend only on the Taurus-men themselves.

Taurus woman

The tendency of Taurus women to live at a slow pace in the new year will only benefit them. If they have to learn something, they will spend more time on it than others, but they will come to understand science more deeply. If they have to do something at work, then the time spent in excess will be justified by an excellent result.

In some situations, the suspiciousness of the ladies-Taurus will not allow them to focus on the task. This can knock them off track. Year of the Yellow Pig will teach to cope with emotions and control oneself. In the future, this factor will bring the ability of Taurus women to effectively use their chance.

The year will be bustling and active. Taurus will have to plan a lot and draw up charts in order not to miss anything. Also in 2019, ladies will be able to surprise to see among their friends detractors and say goodbye to them. Surprises in this area of ​​life will not be the most pleasant. But in the end, everything will be for the best.

Romantic horoscope for Taurus

The men of this sign will face a number of difficulties and even conflicts in the field of love. They will have to take advantage of their abilities to ignore the irritant and extinguish the flaming flame of the quarrel. This will somewhat weaken the negative influence of cosmic energies. Restraint Taurus will allow to maintain harmony and balance within the family, despite the provocations of his second half.

Lonely man-Taurus stars are advised to look for a soul mate among the already familiar representatives of the fair sex.

Taurus women employment at work can bring a misunderstanding to the family. It is important to find a balance between career and family in time. Only in this case will it be possible to preserve both. You can relax the escalation of the conflict by planning with your favorite vacation.

If the second half has not yet been found, then by the summer we can safely rely on new romantic acquaintances. A long, bright romance may well turn into a marriage.


Those Taurus, who will work a lot, will be richly rewarded with money. But the greatest profit should be expected to those who decided on global changes in this area of ​​life. Less active representatives of the sign can count on simple luck, although in this case the income will not be so tangible. To take advantage of the best of luck, you should carefully look around and listen to the advice of experienced people. As a result, by the summer of Taurus will be able to solve housing problems.

Work and career

The Year of the Yellow Pig will allow Taurus to demonstrate their working talents and share experience with less skilled employees in their field. This will have a favorable effect on the situation as a whole and will make it possible to find new partners. If you carefully approach the case and do not miss the opportunity turned up, then the competitors will not have a single chance.

Tauruses need to be ready in advance for the fact that the routine will be frequent changes of plans, all sorts of modifications and improvements, a mess in the documents. It is important to choose the right attitude and just survive this hectic period.

Contacts with foreigners can give lucrative contracts. The main thing is to negotiate competently in order not to miss all the profitable moments.

Taurus Health in 2019

Taurus prone to a smooth measured life. Therefore, the turmoil in 2019 can quickly tire and even unsettle. With the right approach, the dynamics of events can give a surge of strength. It is important to look at what is happening from the positive side.

The stomach may become a problem organ in 2019. Therefore, it is worth reviewing your menu and focus on more wholesome food. Also likely to gain excess weight. Tight diets do not necessarily follow. It is enough to reduce the overall level of calories and remove flour from the diet and excess sugar.

An important factor in maintaining health is the overall positive attitude. It can be provided with regular breaks in work and proper rest. Also, positive emotions will give various trips. As always, stress must be avoided, its effect on the body is destructive.

Horoscope for 2019 from Paul Globa for Taurus

Saturn will have an overwhelming effect on the closest people of Taurus. This planet is very specific. As a result of such an impact, Taurus himself may feel cool in relations with relatives and the second half. Someone this can even lead to divorce. It should be remembered that this situation is temporary in nature and the lack of care and attention from others is the result of the influence of cosmic energy.

The first few months of the year Tauruses should take the initiative. Due to the generosity of the manifestations of patronage from Jupiter, many of the undertakings will give excellent results. During this period, both small positive events in everyday life and loud triumph are possible.

In the second half of 2019, there will be a great period for marriage. You can also not doubt the loyalty of the partner and go on vacation separately. The influence of Saturn will strengthen internal relations in the family. From mid-May to early July - the period of the greatest elation. At this time, Taurus will feel completely happy.

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