Fashionable glasses for sight: the best new 2018

A few years ago, the prospect of wearing glasses for sight seemed terrible. She even frightened children who sat too close to the TV and often watched cartoons. Now many women of fashion with pleasure choose for themselves a fashionable frame with transparent glasses even in the event that they do not need correction of sight.

Trend Materials for 2018

The shape of the frames compared with last year have undergone a number of changes. Some of them remained in the trend, but in the top most of the new models of the original forms.

Metal frames

In the new season, much attention is paid to the metal frame. It gives the look of severity. In such glasses, if necessary, it is easiest to appear businesslike and busy person. One of the variants of such a frame is a gold-plated metal. If you decorate it with rhinestones, you can radically change the image and turn from a business woman into the queen of a party. Modern designers have offered to the fashion lovers numerous collections, where most of the models are made of metal of various textures and shades.

Last season, metal glasses for the most part had a classic shape. New models have a more bulky design. In the top large square frames with rounded corners. You can also choose from a wide range of other original forms.

Plastic models

The plastic frame looks no less elegant than the metal. Such glasses can be made using tinted glasses or transparent with diopters. Among the most popular shades for the rim is opaque black, shades of brown and dark green transparent frames. A special place will be occupied by bright yellow plastic frames. They will organically flow into the summer season of 2018 and will be a bright spot of the cold seasons.

Wooden frames

The frames of wood look very unusual and original. Most often it is handmade, which is worth a lot of money. Such glasses in any case will attract attention and make the image extraordinary.

"Diagonal" forms for glasses

The elegant shape of the frame in the form of oblong slanted ovals won the hearts of women of fashion many seasons ago. Among the innovations of 2018, "chanterelles" were also present. This form gives the girl femininity and charm. A playful and flirtatious image will accompany anyone who puts on such glasses. When choosing this frame should be remembered that in the trend is not too narrow varieties. Glasses in such glasses should be as round as possible.

Retro-style eyeglass frames

Wearing glasses for a retro-look was a fashionable trend. They are characterized by a minimalist style. Most often, these models have a frame of plastic, in which small glasses are inserted. This accessory looks original and stylish. Almond-shaped variety in perfect harmony with denim clothing. As an option, you can buy large glasses made in the disco style. The upper part of such glasses is made of metal, the structure is complemented with volumetric arms.

Of youth options is to provide points in the form of two crescents. Round glass cut in the upper part. This option is suitable for those who are ready for bold images. It is better to choose tinted glasses or chameleon glasses. So an unusual form will be more noticeable. In the trend again powerful frame. In this case, it does not matter what form the glass will be in them. It can be round, square or any other shape.

Original ideas and classic frames

Lovers of original accessories can be offered to wear glasses decorated with golden patterns and unusual ornaments. They often decorate the bow. Also on modern glasses for sight, one can find all sorts of decorative elements in the form of rhinestones, beads and metal volumetric figures.

It is worth paying attention to the model with a huge jumper between the panes. The shape of the glasses for such models is most often chosen as on aviators. Also in the trend are white and transparent plastic frames. They are combined with any images and are suitable for any occasion.

How the shape of eyeglasses changes the image

Properly selected glasses will help to form a complete image. To make a bow with jeans and a shirt more stringent, it suffices to choose a thin frame of metal. If for the same set to pick up something brighter with gold leaf or rhinestones, then you can transform the outfit into casual.

Plastic color frame will make the image more romantic and easy. If the glasses are also of bright color, then such a bow is intended for informal events. Large massive frames suitable for everyday wear. It is better to use the “droplet” shape that is already fashionable for many seasons.

Many famous people harmoniously inscribed glasses in their image. Ksenia Sobchak, Evelina Khromtchenko and many other TV commercials no longer appear to us otherwise than in fashionable frames. The success of their image in many tied to a competent approach to their appearance.

How to choose glasses for vision

Questions on the choice of diopters are better discussed with the appropriate doctor. But the characteristics and shape of the rim must be selected on the basis of several important criteria. First you need to make sure that the glasses sit comfortably on the nose. This accessory will have to be worn all day, so it should be as comfortable as possible.

The next criterion will be the shape and features of the face. A girl with fine features fit large massive glasses. Those whom nature has awarded with large features will be decorated with a thin elegant frame made of brushed metal. Full face elegance and elegance will give square glasses.

Suitable glasses with their shape should repeat the line of the eyebrows. This will ensure perfect harmony of the image. As for color, brunettes fit frames of black, gray, dark brown and marsh color. Red-haired women will suit wine shades, as well as pink and coral rims. Blonde women with dark eyebrows will wear black glasses, the rest can choose the most light and even transparent frames.

The range of fashionable eyeglasses frames is wide enough. But knowledge of how to choose the right models for your type will help not to get lost in this abundance. As a result, the image will be complete and organic.

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