Divnomorskoe - a great place for a budget holiday in 2018

The village of Divnomorskoye is located 12 km from Gelendzhik and has become one of the most popular resort places in the Caucasus. Its uniqueness in the picturesque landscapes and rare groves of Pitsunda pine. Here you can enjoy entertainment like hiking and get original photos on the background of local nature.

Humid subtropical climate of the village causes a mild summer, pleasant for families with children. It is much warmer here than in the neighboring settlements, since the village is surrounded by forests and mountain ranges. It is also protected from the cold wind.

How to get to Divnomorskoe

Closest to Divnomorskoe is Gelendzhik Airport. The flight Moscow-Gelendzhik will cost from 3500 to 7500 rubles, depending on the carrier company. From St. Petersburg only a flight with a transfer is possible. It will cost from 10 000 rubles and more.

From the airport you should get to the Gelendzhik Old Bus Station. On the bus it takes 30 minutes and will cost 30 rubles. From here on another bus Gelendzhik-Divnomorskoe you can quickly get to the place, paying the same 30 rubles.

Even at the airport, taxi drivers are waiting for tourists - private traders. They offer gullible tourists to get to the place for 1500 rubles. You should not agree to such offers, because if you want you can find a car that takes you to the place for 500 rubles. You need to look for official representatives of taxi companies with a fixed rate.

Direct trains from Moscow and St. Petersburg arrive at the railway station of Novorossiysk. This station is the closest to Divnomorskoe. The road by train will cost 3400 - 4000 rubles for reserved seats and for the compartment 3600 - 4900 rubles.

The trolleybus should go to the opposite end of the city, where the bus station is located. From here, the Novorossiysk-Dzhanhot bus is going, its route runs through Divnomorskoe. The cost of travel will be approximately 120 rubles. If you do this way by taxi, but on average you will have to pay 1200 rubles. If the hotel offers a transfer, then you should not refuse - the price for the service will be much lower.

Convenient may be the route of the bus Moscow-Gelendzhik, which stops at Divnomorskoe. A tour ticket costs about 6000 rubles.

Inland transport

Inside the village there are buses connecting it with the nearest settlements. There are several routes that unite the key points of Divnomorsky and the surrounding area.

Taxis from official companies are keeping prices at an acceptable level: they take about 50 rubles for a landing from a tourist, 20-25 rubles for each additional kilometer. Waiting will also have to pay for 5 rubles per minute.

If long-distance movements are not planned, then renting a bike can be a great solution. On the Central Beach is the largest bike rental. Rent costs 170 rubles per hour. During the day you will have to pay about 550 rubles.

Rest in Divnomorskom 2018: beaches of the resort village

The width of local beaches varies from 10 to 30 meters. The shore is covered with small pebbles, and the entrance to the water is gentle and sandy. The beaches of the village are divided into two parts by the river Mezyb. On the one hand stretched beaches "Energetik", "Divnomorsky", "Blue distance". On the other hand, there is the Central Beach and most of the entertainment places of the village.More developed infrastructure is observed to the right of the river from the Central beach. Here concentrated cafes, restaurants, water activities. Immediately located water park. If you walk in the direction of the Sanatorium Torch, then after 10 minutes you can get to the noisy disco, where all the youth of the village and its guests flock to.

Entrance to the beaches is free. But for additional services will have to pay:

  • Sunbed rental - 150 RUB for 5 hours;
  • aerarium on the beach of the Energetik boarding house - 50 RUB / hour;
  • shower visit - 60 RUB;
  • toilets - 20 RUB;
  • riding a jet ski - 1500 RUB for 10 minutes;
  • on the "banana" - 300 RUB.

In the north, you can find a wild nudist beach. People come here with tents and no complexes.

Rest in Divnomorskoye 2018 near the sea: hotels, hotels, guest houses and recreation centers

Here are still the most popular resorts, motels and recreation centers, remaining from Soviet times. Their advantage is the treatment-and-prophylactic base and the pitsunda pine groves right on the territory. In addition, there is a power supply system and has its own beaches. In season, a double room with three meals a day will have to pay about 7,000 rubles per day. In the "low" season ticket can be purchased at 25% below the previously declared value. And in April and October, prices fall by half.

If the choice fell on a hotel, then a room with full board will cost 5,000 rubles. If you eat outside the hotel, the accommodation will cost about 3,500. Mini-hotels offer a more democratic approach: during the season the room will cost 2000-2500. Guest houses, depending on the arrangement and distance from the sea, will cost 1000-2500 rubles.

Prices for holidays in the private sector 2018 Divnomorskoe: cheap, without intermediaries

As always, budget rooms are considered the most budget ones. Here you can also choose a variety of additional services. But the main part of the owners offers about the same thing.

  • “Poseidon”: 8 minutes walk to the sea, free parking, shared kitchen - 1100-1600 rubles;
  • “Sunrise”: 5 minutes to the sea, guarded parking, shared kitchen - 1200-2500 rubles;
  • “Firefly”: 5 minutes to the sea, parking fee, shared kitchen - 400-600 rubles;
  • “Guest Yard by Galina”: 5 minutes to the sea, free parking, common kitchen - 500-2000 rubles;
  • “Chisel”: 10 minutes to the sea, parking fee, shared kitchen - 500 - 1500 rubles.

Gastronomic rest in Divnomorskoye 2018: snack bars, restaurants, cafes

I would like to begin the story of gastronomic delights with the products of the wine farm "Gelendzhik". From here, souvenirs are brought home, which everyone is happy with. Popular semi-dry champagne "Madame Firsova" at the price of 170 rubles per bottle will be a pleasant present from the holiday. The quality of this product does not differ from the world famous Madame Clicquot. In the list of the best wines of the plant:

  • "Sauvignon Gelendzhik";
  • "Black eyes";
  • "Alexandrite Gelendzhik";
  • Muscat Amber (380 rubles).

As for the kitchen, here everything is familiar to the Russian people. The food is delicious, satisfying and varied. The menu of restaurants has features of Russian, Ukrainian, Kuban and Mediterranean cuisine. In the menu of most establishments there is borsch, okroshka on kefir, salads from large pieces of fresh vegetables, assorted Kuban sausages, dumplings with filling, meat dishes.

Noodle soup can be tasted for 150 rubles per serving, barbecue costs 460 rubles for 200 grams, lamb - 600 rubles, pizza, depending on the size, will cost 400-600 rubles, chicken tobacco - 600 rubles.

Dine in a cafe will cost 350-450 rubles per person, and the average bill for dinner at a restaurant with alcohol is 1000 rubles. On the beach you can eat pies at a price of 50-70 rubles per serving, chebureks for 70 rubles, shawarma for 130, and also boiled corn for 50 rubles per piece.

Entertainment, attractions, holidays with children in Divnomorskoye 2018

In Divnomorsky, it is imperative to see how two huge dolmens rise on the Markhot Ridge. They are more than 5000 years old, like the burial mound located nearby. On the right bank of the river Aderba there is another burial ground, which must also be seen.

Attention deserves the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, built of raw stone. The central embankment is notable for its particularly picturesque. Many tourists prefer to spend their evenings on it.

The steep coast and dense forest give the village an unforgettable charm and a sense of closeness of nature in all its scale. In the sea, not far from the coast, there is a rock like a sail. The whimsical form gave the huge stone its name. On the shore I want to spend as much time as possible, contemplating the beauty of the region.

Having reviewed the surface landscapes, you can dive under the water. On the Central beach is Krasnodar diving club "Source". More information about his work can be found on the official website. Here they are learning to dive from scratch or receive an international PADI certificate. A beginner can dive with an instructor. One session will cost 2000 rubles. Renting equipment per day costs 1000 rubles. Two dives from the boat can be done in 2000 - 3000 rubles. Courses at the end of which issue a certificate will cost about 20,000 rubles.

The brightest emotions to children will give a mini-water park "Poseidon". The entrance to the territory costs 400 rubles a half day. Children up to three years old can go for free, but only with an adult. Amusement park "Golden Fish" will allow kids to ride on the carousel, electric cars, train, visit the children's cafe. Trampoline will cost parents 200 rubles, riding a small train 150 rubles, a ball-zorb - 170 rubles / 5 minutes. For children there is a special route with petrol quads. For 7 minutes of riding you will have to pay 350 rubles, for 15 - 550.

Rest in Divnomorsky 2018: reviews of tourists

On vacation in Divnomorskom, you can find different reviews. Tourists praise the clear water, a lot of entertainment, landscapes and low prices. Others complain about the rudeness of the locals, cramped and crowded beaches.

Also, guests of the village warned that in many eateries poisoning is not uncommon, so the choice of places for lunch and dinner should be treated with special attention.

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