Fashionable jackets “Autumn-Winter” 2018-2019: 70 stylish and practical images for every day

Jackets and jackets are a genuinely male wardrobe item. Women quickly saw the practicality and conciseness of the cut of this clothing and were quick to dilute their everyday wardrobe with jackets.

A jacket is a sophisticated and shortened jacket model. She is more adapted to women's fashion, looks stylish in the images where the dress code is important. However, recent seasons have shown that jackets can easily fit into the urban style, which, as you know, does not like strict fashion rules.

Which jacket to choose to look stylish and attractive? What makes an office model different from casual style styles? You will learn about this in our detailed review.

Stylish jackets in bright colors: juicy trends of autumn-winter 2018-2019

Jackets and jackets will be painted in bright and catchy shades this fall and winter. Popular models are pink, bright yellow, red, grenadine, fuchsia. It is in such clothes that famous designers Brandon Maxwell, Escada and Oscar de la Renta see girls in cool seasons. They offer to wear them not only for a party, shopping or a walk around the city, but also to refresh an overly discreet office bow with such a jacket.

Fashionable overseas jackets: the return of the popular trend

The overseas style, once popular among girls, once again conquers the world stage. In the fall and winter of 2018-2019, oversized jackets are still in TOP trends. Take a closer look at the elongated models with non-standard sleeves, stylish double-breasted military jackets with accompanying decor. As for the colors, there are no restrictions. Equally stylish look models in crimson, yellow, khaki, mustard, rich in blue.

Stylish jacket with a metallic effect: a brilliant trend of autumn-winter 2018-2019

Metallic and other brilliant textures - the undisputed trend of recent seasons. This is the most memorable and bright trend, which for a long time will not lose its relevance. A jacket with a metallic sheen will accentuate your unsurpassed style, bring in the image of charm and originality.

Metallic jackets - a choice of bright personalities. They are not afraid to declare themselves and become an example to follow the rest of the fashionistas. And put on shiny outfits from head to toe this season is also not prohibited. But if you are not yet ready for such brilliant experiments, but you can limit yourself to jackets with “metal” inserts in the form of pockets, a collar, cuffs.

Stylish jackets in ethnic style: floral and geometric prints of fall-winter 2018-2019

Monochrome and conciseness will not surprise anyone, even if we are talking about brand clothes. The clothes in ethnic style, decorated with floral and geometric motifs look really catchy and attractive. This jacket will be your best purchase, because it fits easily into the urban, office style.

It is better to wear an ethnic jacket with clothes of reserved shades, you don’t want to turn into a “snowstorm” grandmother. This is the perfect bright accent for an office suit with a skirt or trousers with arrows. For casual-style, pick a plain-colored trousers with turquoise and other gentle tones, a shirt with a small pattern, boots on wedges or on a high cast platform.

Fashionable jackets in the men's style

When you first look at the image with a men's jacket, it seems that you just borrowed this thing from your boyfriend. Today, a men's jacket is not complete without voluminous sleeves and recognizable linings in the shoulders. In the autumn and winter of 2018-2019, models inspired by the aesthetics of the 1980s reappeared on the catwalks, with "reinforced" shoulders from Isabel Matant and M. Patmos. Such models are more proof that a woman is able to create her own destiny by not agreeing to supporting roles in all spheres of life.

Stylish noble looks: velvet jacket

Velvet is without doubt the most suitable material for the cold season. The delicate texture of velor and velvet warms the girls in every sense, giving the image nobility and aristocracy. In autumn and winter of 2018-2019, any styles of jackets are permissible: restrained in masculine style, elongated in the style of the 80s, cropped with satin lapels. It is important that all this variety be velvet.

Leather jacket: a non-standard trend of autumn-winter 2018-2019

Classic business jackets, of course, have the right to be included in the basic wardrobe of a business lady, but these models are so boring that they do not cause the effect that is expected of them. Leather jackets are another matter. Fashion designers Nina Ricci and Salvatore Ferragamo presented to the public stylish leather jackets, the cut of which reveals new facets of femininity. It is proposed to combine them with elegant leather midi skirts, creating an incredibly stylish mono bow. Brand Fay presented their version of the combination of a jacket - a trendy leather jacket in black color, tonal leggings and a fitted turtleneck.

Long sleeveless jackets: Fall-Winter 2018-2019

A sleeveless jacket is a universal model that will help you out in any situation, be it an office bow or a casual look with jeans and a t-shirt. Depending on the material of the jacket, it can be worn as an independent thing or worn under outer clothing. Stylists recommend combining an elongated sleeveless jacket with classic trousers and a turtleneck, jeans, and a loose blouse. Additional decorations for this image are not required.

Fashionable jacket peplum: autumn-winter 2018-2019

Jacket-peplum is a model with a fluffy skirt. Such a thing is indispensable for masking some imperfections of the figure. But this does not mean that the jacket should be chosen only for magnificent girls, the model looks great on any figure. On slim girls, the jacket-peplum looks irresistible, emphasizing the perfect and graceful curves of the body.

In the trend of the peplum model with the most diverse cut of the skirt:

  • standard
  • wedges
  • with clips on the waist

The desire for conciseness and comfort led to the emergence of such a wardrobe item as a jacket. This is an indispensable thing for busy girls, the "magic wand" of a business woman, mother with an eternal lack of time to think over images, an urban woman of fashion who prefers convenience. Fill up your wardrobe with a stylish jacket and you will not be disappointed in the purchase.

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