Tattoo forest: spectacular options in photos

Tattooing is first of all a way of self-expression, a way to emphasize one’s originality and individuality. In most cases, men and women use the tattoo on the body as an ornament, without putting a special meaning in it. However, you need to understand that a particular symbol on the body can express the attitude of its owner to the world, religion, people and various objects. This takes into account not only the type of image, but also the place where it is located on the body.

Naturally, large tattoos can be applied to a large space, for example, on the chest or back. Nevertheless, many people prefer hands - open and actively used parts of the body, where the tattoo will always be under the general review. Thus, a person does not hide his essence, tries to demonstrate originality and uniqueness to the people around him.

One of the most striking examples of tattoos that are popular now can be called the image of the forest, decorating the bodies of both girls and guys. The mystery of nature is capable of fascinating and enchanting, and if a real professional was engaged in tattooing and a high-quality sketch was chosen, then such a tattoo can become a real work of art.

And yet it is necessary to understand that the tattoo of the forest has not only an attractive appearance, but also a certain meaning, which must be known before applying the tattoo on the body. Often tattoo scaffolding is used on the arms, in some cases on the legs or even in the "bikini" zone. In this case, the value of the tattoo will be different.

Tattoo forest on hand: meaning

Before choosing sketches of a future tattoo it is necessary to determine its hidden meaning. Since this image is often used to decorate the hand, we’ll find out what it means to wear a tattoo on the hand. The forest is a part of nature that provides life for living beings, while hiding in it the mystery and unshakable hidden power. Looking into a deep, impenetrable forest, many are gripped by fear, while others want to know nature, being distracted from routine and vanity. Based on this, it follows that the forest on your hand is an expression of the mystery and danger of its owner, who is eager to live according to the laws of nature.

At the same time, the forest - these are trees that hide their physical and moral strength and beauty. Given the type of wood that is used for a tattoo, a lot can be said about its carrier. For example, a birch forest is a symbol of beauty and femininity, purity and innocence. Beech - emphasizes the persistence of character, fullness of life, honor and steadfastness of its owner. Oak - power, unlimited strength of body and spirit. Spruce - the symbol of longevity, reliability and health. Bamboo - associated with concepts such as youth and death. Willow is a symbol of sadness and sadness, which is often used by girls, showing their tenderness and vulnerability. In ancient Egypt, the tattoo with the image of willow was used by creative personalities - poets and singers.

As mentioned earlier, the tattoo forest on the arm is a symbol of danger, because in the forest you can get lost, or accidentally get on a dangerous wild animal. If we move away from reality and go to the Scandinavian mythology, the forest is the place where evil spirits, demons and witches live. On this basis, it follows that the owner of such a tattoo can warn others about his danger and aggressiveness, not wanting someone to invade his personal space. On the hand, a similar symbol is used to warn others, because the tattoo is on public display.

In this case, I would like to note that it is impossible to judge a person only by his tattoos, because it is important to understand the essence of the tattoo hat's owner. Many use frightening tattoos only to express their individuality and alienate unnecessary people, while his behavior can be completely normal and acceptable.

Tattoo forest and its sketches for men

If you believe the professionals of the word, then such a tattoo is more suitable for the stronger sex, because they often order it. This fact is quite logical, because the forest is first and foremost a symbol of strength that a man symbolizes. In this case, the tattoo will denote not only the great strength of its owner, but also the fact that it is associated with nature, draws its strength. According to the owners of such images, they give their image not only mystery, but also frightening danger.

Similarly, men indicate their connection with nature and the desire for it, the desire to live according to the laws of nature. In addition, the forest tattoo on the arm can become a symbol of warning, notifying others that those who wish to penetrate into the private space of the headdress owner should not expect anything good.

Tattoo forest for girls

Such a tattoo is not very suitable for the weaker sex, as it indicates strength and danger. Despite this, many individuals of the fair sex still use a similar image on their bodies, since the female tattoo of the forest has a slightly different meaning.

If a young girl wants to express her dissatisfaction with the world and the environment, wants to show her strength of mind and desire to fight against injustice, then she uses a dark and dense forest. He will emphasize the power of the spirit of the beautiful lady, will confirm her aggression aimed at injustice and its liquidation.

In the case when a tender tree is used to create a tattoo, for example, a mountain ash or birch, in this way the girl emphasizes her tranquility and tenderness, sensuality and weakness.

A special meaning is hidden in the forest from bamboo - he says that a girl at an early age lost a very important and close person to her heart. The image of willow has a similar meaning - a symbol of sadness and sadness.

Many young girls love tattoos in the bikini area. It may seem strange to many, but in this way the girls are trying to prepare a surprise for their beloved, who has the opportunity to admire the picture in that place.

However, most girls use simple and uncomplicated pictures for the bikini area, for example, flowers or hearts. Extremely original option would be to use tattoos with a forest view in the bikini area. Many believe that such a picture will demonstrate the loyalty of the girl and serious intentions. With such a gesture, the girls demonstrate the importance of their choice, as well as the fact that not everyone was lucky to see this picture (not everyone was allowed into this zone).

Many men believe that such a tattoo is not appropriate here and scares them. But the girls are not shy and not afraid, because they want to seize a strong man, to whom such an image will add passion and fire. Such a male will be close to such a girl and she will want to build a serious relationship with him.

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