The most fashionable colors of the summer of 2018: bright and unique shades from Pantone

Very soon, the summer season will fully come into its own, so fashionistas today need to think about what things to replenish your wardrobe. An important role in a stylish image plays the correct selection of the color of clothing. Modern girls, fortunately, have a good assistant in the Pantone Color Institute, whose specialists prepare a palette of the most popular shades in clothing and decor for each season. The list of current colors of the season is based on the fashion collections presented at the New York Fashion Week.

Color of the year 2018 in clothes

In December 2017, Pantone experts presented the color of the year 2018, which was Ultra Violet. This is an incredibly beautiful, unearthly cosmic violet, a symbol of innovation, originality and substandard thinking.

Modern ultraviolet is very reminiscent of purple purple, which at one time became the personification of the icon of the late rock era of the singer Prince.

The most fashionable colors of spring-summer 2018 from Pantone

The report of the spring-summer 2018 Pantone Fashion Color Trend includes the 12 most popular colors for clothing and design for the upcoming season. In a special group, Panton specialists included 4 classic neutral colors - the Pantone Fashion Color Trend report, which will retain their popularity not only this year. They make the basis of any wardrobe of the upcoming summer of 2018.

The classic Pantone palette includes 4 basic colors:

  • Navy Sailor Blue
  • beige warm sand
  • gray harbor mist
  • White Coconut Milk

It turned out a very successful palette, which can be used both in urban reserved images, and in bright floristic combinations.

The main color palette Pantone for the spring-summer 2018 season includes 12 shades.

Color 1. Meadowlark - Oriole Lark

Saturated Meadowlark became the main color accent of the season. The lark Oriole is not at all a simple color, it is a brighter, more juicy and bold shade with a slight addition of mustard subtone. Undoubtedly, only self-confident girls who are able to create bold, youthful images will decide to wear this color.

Color 2. Cherry Tomato - Cherry Tomato

Incredibly appetizing shade with splashes of light orange subton, charges of energy and warmth. In this outfit you just will not go unnoticed. It is as if he is pushing you to great accomplishments, forcing others to take a different look at your person, to keep a truly royal posture.

Particularly impressive Cherry Tomato looks in total-red images, which will become the most popular trends of spring-summer 2018.

Color 3. Little Boy Blue - Boyish Blue

Gentle blue, which is so loved to use to create clothes for newborns, can now be safely incorporated into the stylish images of girls. A light blue hue with a purple hue is the color of the spring sky, which breathes purity, freshness, gives the soul harmony, sets up an optimistic mood that everyone needs without exception regardless of the season.

Color 4. Chili Oil - Chile Oil

Chili Oil - a red hue with a brown undertone inspires thoughts of spices and exotic spicy dishes. Pantone does not often add such a deep and complex color to its palette. It is filled with elegance and aristocratic taste, warmth and restraint.

Color 5. Pink Lavender - Pink Lavender

A truly delicate, romantic, delicate shade that easily adapts to any other color. Pink Lavender is designed to refresh even the most strict image. Sleek, cool, fresh color is perfect for airy chiffon skirts, blouses with delicate ruffles and ruffles, dresses, summer coats and even elegant wool suits.

Color 6. Blooming Dahlia - Blooming Dahlia

Another pink shade in the summer pantone palette, but warmer with a delicate peach undertone. The image in color Blooming Dahlia will be the best option for an evening dress, dress for leisurely walks along the embankment and the old streets of a small European city. Just such associations are caused by this unique and romantic shade.

Blooming Dahlia is able to refresh the whole image even when you are tired at work. That is why this shade is recommended for make-up as a color of blush.

Color 7. Arcadia - Arcadia

Pantone experts decided to include the only green shade in the spring-summer 2018 palette. This is not just another green, it is clean and cold tone, reminiscent of the cool cover of tropical forests and the depth of sea waters. Arcadia is too bright color to become the main focus of the season, but it is considered to be a universal shade for spring and summer looks. It is easily combined with any tone from the Pantone palette.

Color 8. Ultra Violet

The color that won the title of the most popular shade of 2018. A deep and bright tone takes us to the 80s fashion. Saturated ultraviolet light attracts views, gives the image a mysterious charm and intrigue. Many people compare Ultra Violet with infinite outer space, which is fascinating with its saturation and ambiguity. The color is too catchy to use for total-bows, however, ultraviolet is irreplaceable to create accents in the summer image.

Color 9. Emperador - Emperador

A color that would be more appropriate to look in the autumn palette, but in an unimaginable way, Emperador was in the priorities of the spring-summer line. Hue Emperador selection of successful and self-confident girls. The color of melted chocolate will give you strength on a cool spring day.

Color 10. Almost Mauve - Slightly Purple

One of the most popular soothing and delicate shades of the season is ivory with a light purple tint. Almost Mauve is imbued with softness and restraint, unobtrusively included in the color compositions, emphasizing the brightness and depth of other colors. If shades could describe feelings, then Almost Mauve would become the embodiment of romantic nostalgia.

Color 11. Spring Crocus - Spring Crocus

Purple and lilac colors are obviously loved by designers and color experts. In the spring-summer 2018 palette, they left room for the delicate shade of Spring Crocus. This color is associated with the first spring flowers, which shyly glorify life after a cold and long winter.

Color 12. Lime Punch - Lime Punch

Another representative of the fashion of the 80s with their non-trivial rave parties. When you first look at the tender lime, exotic cocktails and tropical fish with bright, almost unearthly colors emerge in your memory.

Acid Lame Punch combines the freshness inherent in the green tone, and the cheerfulness of the yellow shade. Lime punch is a real fashion call for the summer of 2018. It was this color that was lacking in the romantic and delicate Pantone palette of spring-summer 2018.

Spring and summer is a great opportunity to realize the most courageous stylistic ideas. Do not be afraid to look too bright and defiant, replenish your wardrobe with stylish things of rich and deep shades. Your courageous step will become an example to follow and characterize you as a person who knows a lot about high fashion.

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