Red nails: ideas for 2018

There is no one-to-one relationship to a manicure with red lacquer. Someone considers it vulgar, someone admires the elegance and sense of style of their owners. In one disputant converge: red nails attract attention.

Specifics of wearing red manicure

In modern fashion, many trends that have recently been considered indecent and even taboo. Now, girls do not hesitate to flaunt in short skirts and transparent tops, and men show around the gum from underwear, coquettishly looking out from under jeans with a low fit. This all attracts attention and causes a wave of talk.

More recently, red nail polish was indecent for a decent lady, but Marilyn Monroe gave this color trend status. Today it is difficult to imagine what a manicure would look like on Valentine's Day. Every girl has tried this style on herself at least once in her life.

To red nails looked spectacular, you must adhere to a number of principles. Since bright color attracts attention to hands, they should not just be well-groomed. The skin should be perfect and glow with health.

Therefore, you need to prepare for the red varnish in advance. Hand baths and nourishing cream will help to achieve results.

Nails will also become the center of attention. If they are of different lengths, have defects or fractures, then red lacquer will have to be abandoned for a while.

From such a screaming image should be abandoned, and those women whose fingers are not long enough. Perhaps this is just an illusion of their owner. But it should be remembered that the deep colors of the coating will make your fingers even shorter.

Red nail polish on short nails

After the scarlet coating became fashionable, it was worn exclusively on long nails. In 2018 short nails will be in fashion. The length of the regrown part should not exceed 30% of the size of the entire nail plate.

Even on such short nails, the red color looks elegant if it is in harmony with the overall style. It is no longer customary to pick up lipstick under the lacquer or deliberately demonstrate all the red things from your wardrobe. It is enough to achieve a color combination.

The ideal option would be a bright nail polish in combination with soothing colors in clothes. If desired, you can add another bright spot. But it must be very small. A brooch with a scarlet stone or purple buttons on a blouse will work fine.

Short nails with red varnish should be the correct form. In the new season, these are the forms closest to the natural. The almond shape or square shape with softened corners will be popular.

Ideas for red nail polish

The use of red lacquer is possible in almost all trends that are fashionable in the new season.


Ombre technique will help to soften the depth of the bright shade. A smooth transition from a lighter color will make your hands graceful and your fingers long. It is better to choose the option where the dark color will fall on the regrown part of the nail.

As a light tone, you can choose white, pastel color, combined with red or colorless varnish. Alternatively, cover with a small amount of sparkles. In this way, you can achieve the desired gradient.

Especially desperate people can try to create a transition from another bright color to red. Bold and aggressive will look like a combination with black. This option is best used for theme parties.

Cracked glass

The technique that imitates a cracked surface on the nail plate will also be popular in 2018. It consists of gluing a special film on the nail. In this case, any shade of red is taken as the base. The effect will be awesome.

French manicure

Here at the peak of fashion will be all possible combinations. Red can be either the regrown part of the nail or the nail plate. If anti-coat was chosen, then the hole can also be filled with red lacquer.

The second color can be any of the groups in harmony with shades of red.

Nail frame

Red nails in a white or color frame - this is work for a real professional. Only the master will be able to exactly draw the lines bordering the central part of the plate. Here you can also play with color combinations, observing aesthetics and harmony.

Lines and patterns

Red nail plate can be further decorated with patterns. In this case, do not be afraid of contrast. Muted tones just get lost on the background of a scarlet surface.

For such a case, the use of white, black, yellow and other types of contrasting colors will be relevant. Figures can carry any subject and meaning. The main thing is that all the work of nail art was adequate to the occasion.

Simple geometric patterns in the form of peas, squares, triangles and cells are also possible.


Bold manicure can vary the rhinestones. In this case, it is better to use neutral colors. Swarovski crystals will give the look a solemn look. With such a design of nails you can go out, attend a premiere or a celebration in a restaurant.

Alternatively, beads and glass beads of shades of red are suitable. It is important to make sure that on a scarlet background the brilliance of the stones will not be superfluous.

Holiday manicure

New Year's holidays give the ladies the right to use red to their liking. On the nails at this time you can combine the most incompatible shades. Even green next to a purple lacquer will match the setting.

On the surface, you can draw figures of Christmas characters. An alternative would be appropriate stickers on which it is recommended to put a transparent base.

Drawing on the nails can combine silver, green, brown, white, red and blue. Fire shades in 2018 will be symbolic. Therefore, red on the nails will bring their mistress happiness and good luck.

Courage in choosing a style has always been in fashion and 2018 will not be an exception in this matter. But do not forget about the rules of measure. Many accents in one image can adversely affect the image of the lady. And the red color on the nails is one of the brightest accents of the fashion of the new season, which needs to be considered and be more careful.

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