Top 10 best books by Stephen King

Stephen King is a world-renowned author who deserves a separate rating of his books for his unique creativity. The brightest of his works, which characterize his work, got into the TOP. Beginners should begin to get acquainted with King with these works.

On the basis of the author's works, many films were shot, which subsequently received a number of various awards. In the record of the writer more than 200 novels. 40 of them received the status of world bestsellers. Stephen King was also awarded the "For Special Contribution to American Literature."

"Long walk"

The plot tells about the terrible game of survival. This is a long walk, during which Death itself walked along with the heroes, picking up each stumbled. A terrible walk led to happiness, but only those who are able to withstand it and stay among the living. Many will try to follow this path, but only one will end it. The road to happiness will prove to be the road of death for most of the brave souls walking along it.



The story unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world affected by a pandemic. Almost the entire population of the Earth is affected by a terrible disease and is dying in agony. Blame the deadly virus. For unknown reasons, he got out of the US secret laboratories and in a short time destroyed almost all of the people. The survivors were faced with a choice. They need to determine for themselves one of two ways. The first of these implies adherence to well-established old values. The second leads to the Black Man, who is doing everything to gain mastery over the world. The book vividly tells about the confrontation of values ​​and ways in a society divided into camps.



No one expects outstanding actions from the strange quiet and modest. The eccentrics may cause concern, but they will not commit anything memorable to the public. So thinks the main part of any society.

The book tells about the sixteen-year-old daughter of the insane widow Margaret White. Carrie's peer girl was an outcast. She got all the ridicule and abuse. No wonder Carrie had any friends. She had absolutely no one to share her sorrows and worries, much less have to wait for help. One strange day, the girl finds herself in an unpleasant situation - during sports competitions, she begins her first menstruation. The girl had no one to tell about the anatomical features of the female body, so she gets scared, thinking that she is dying. Classmates vividly demonstrate to her that this is not death and humiliate her by throwing a girl with napkins. It was this situation that made Carrie lose control. A wave of rage, resentment and anger overwhelmed the girl and a strange thing happened to her: she feels amazing paranormal abilities of telekinesis in herself. The result is a fire that swallowed her hometown.


"Green Mile"

This book has received one of the best screen versions in the history of cinema. Tom Hanks played his best role in it, according to many critics. The novel was awarded the Bram Stoker Prize.

The author in his habit leads readers into a terrible world. This time it is a block of cameras for suicide bombers. Here people live their last hours and the doors open only for those who will never return to the world. The feelings here are aggravated, the nerves are naked, and the passions are heated to the limit. There is nothing to hide and wait for a better life is not necessary. It remains only to sympathize with those who go on the so-called Green Mile on their last journey.



To the main character, Ralph Roberts, comes the lead. They are extremely similar to reality. Their cruelty and bloodthirsty strikes. The hero is worried about the experiences of his deceased wife. He does not sleep, he is tormented by insomnia, which results in such knowledge. Exhausted man clearly understands that going crazy.



The plot unfolds around the typical teen Ernie Cunningheim. He is miserable, with youthful acne on his face. Like most of his peers, the guy is not confident. He is sure that friendship and relationships with girls do not shine for him. One day, the guy meets his love. Surprisingly, this turns out to be a car. Her former owner gave her the name Christina. The car in a strange way radically changed the guy: he gained external attractiveness and from him began to blow manliness. All this allowed Ernie to meet a live girl who reciprocated the love of a guy. But at this moment Christina decided to demonstrate her true gut - she will take revenge and fight for her man!



Amazingly, sometimes salvation from death can become worse than death itself. Paul Sheldon got into just such a situation. He wrote a series of books about the adventures of Misery. Later, the wounded author of the novels was in the hands of a woman named Annie Wilkes. She is obsessed with his work and on this basis has lost her mind.


"Pet cemetery"

Luis's family moves to live in another city. Their cat Church is going with them. Not far from the new place of residence of the family was a cemetery of pets. In addition, an ancient Indian cemetery is located nearby. New life began with misfortune - the pet of the family died. With grief, Louis buries an animal in an Indian cemetery. This place has notoriety - it can revive the dead. Soon, the cat Church returns to the master's house ...



Among the tragedies of the 20th century, one of the most striking was the assassination of President Kennedy. The crime has not yet been disclosed. But a wonderful trip to the past can help prevent murder. An ordinary teacher from a small town was honored to find out personally. He got access to the temporary portal. The goal is to save Kennedy. But do not forget about the price of such salvation.



This story is about a common phobia. Some terrible greetings from childhood. It is the fiend of hell, fear in its purest form. All events take place in the city of Derry, Maine. What will help residents cope with the problem? Only the union in the fight with horror. In parallel, the book raises the problem of the power of human memory and the effect of childhood injuries on the psyche of an adult.


After reading these major works, you can safely sail through the waves of mystical and creepy novels of the author. We can say that the reader is ready to accept the rest of Stephen King’s books and enjoy them.

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