Impressive sketches of tattoo “Bat”

Tattoo - a modern way to stand out from the crowd, to display their originality and individuality. When choosing sketches, men and girls try to find a beautiful drawing that emphasizes the virtues of their character and life values. The tattoo tattoo bat, suitable for people who lack insight and attentiveness, will be the original version of the tattoo. It is believed that this tattoo can affect the human perception, because it has a huge hidden meaning.

Bat Tattoo: Value

The bat is an extremely interesting and in a certain sense unique animal, because it is the only mammal that can fly. In general, a bat tattoo has several meanings that can be divided into two opposite categories: good and negative, with the second option being considered more common.

Probably from school we all know that a bat is a night resident who is predatory. In this regard, the first meaning of a tattoo with a bat image is danger, evil and death. Many believed that her image is found in magicians and sorcerers, and also personified with her images the vampires and werewolves, which are the product of darkness. There is also a special type of this animal - a vampire bat, which hunts at night, feeds on the blood of warm-blooded animals, in some cases can even attack humans. Because of this, people have always hated and terribly afraid of these mammals, because one of their appearance evokes fear and horror.

In the fifteenth century, bats were revered and considered unique, because according to the Europeans, they felt the power of nature, could contact other worlds, so they were used as domestic animals by shamans and witches, and also used to perform magical rituals. In Christianity, the bat is associated with the devil, used as a symbol of Satanism. For a long time, bats were exterminated because of superstition, and the dead body of a mammal near the house served as a talisman from evil spirits. The natives of America considered the bat to be a deity from the underworld, believing that it could absorb the sun and deprive them of their light.

At the same time, the bat also has positive qualities, due to which it has received less negative values. For example, the inhabitants of Greece and Ancient Rome treated her with respect and revered the animal for sharp vision and spatial sensation, allowing it to perfectly navigate in the night darkness. In this regard, the value of the bat looks quite logical, and the tattoo with its image symbolizes vigilance and insight. In China, the mammal was considered the personification of good luck, longevity and fertility, and also served as a symbol of a worthy death.

Bat tattoo: value for men and girls

Tattoo with the image of a bat is considered a universal symbol, so it can be used by both girls and men. However, among the representatives of the stronger sex - this figure is much more in demand. For example, she can tell that her owner served in intelligence. Also, the bat serves as a symbol of courage, stealth and invulnerability for men. In this case, the sketch contains a mouse on a dark background, complemented by the moon.

If the guy has nothing to do with intelligence, then this is not a problem, since modern tattoos have no limitations and can be used by anyone. Often, male bat tattoos have an aggressive appearance, while the animal is depicted with a grin, thus emphasizing the aggressive and stern male character, the ability of the guy to stand up for himself and his honor. Tattoo has a special role for people associated with medicine. Studies have shown that the saliva of vampire mice contains an enzyme that allows to treat the pathologies of the cardiovascular system, so the tattoo of a bat on the back can symbolize the charm of the heart and blood vessels.

A bat tattoo on a girl's body can have several meanings at the same time. First of all, a bat is a symbol of mystery and mystery, at the same time it helps a girl to discover supernatural abilities in herself, for example, to predict the future. The bat on the female shoulder is a symbol of love for order and cleanliness. The symbol is also popular among girls of Greenpeace, as an eternal reminder that animals need protection.

As is known, in places of deprivation of liberty any symbol must have a special meaning and it is impossible to fill a tattoo on a whim. It is also strictly forbidden to fill the tattoo, the value of which is not true to the status of the prisoner. As for the bat tattoo, in the area it is packed with prisoners - night thieves and serves as their symbol.

Tattoo bat on the back, arm and other parts of the body.

A place for a tattoo depends on the pain, wishes of the future headdress and the size of the sketch. The back and shoulder are the most popular among men, because here you can depict the whole composition. No less original looks bat on the chest or abdomen. Less often, the mammal is depicted between the shoulder blades. As for the girls, among the representatives of the fair sex bat tattoo, although it is found, but quite rare. Female option for a bat tattoo - hand or loin.

Choice of style and sketch

In general, to create a tattoo with an image, you can use any style, but experts highlight only a few of them that are as “winning” as possible:

  • Oriental - in this tattoo style, a bat has only positive meaning, as the winged predator in the east is considered a symbol of good luck and fertility. To create a sketch should prefer thin lines and bright colors.
  • Monochrome realism - a modest palette does not hurt to create a chic sketch, just play with the light, shadow and volume of the picture.
  • Hyperrealism - a new style in the art of tattooing. Sketch option - a bat in the image of a vampire or webbed wings, escaping from under the skin.
  • Newsroom - bright colors and black outlines are used. Externally, the bat will have a cartoon look that will make it as kind and positive as possible.

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