Women's fashion sunglasses: Trends 2018

We all rejoice in the bright spring sun, but at the same time we are trying to hide our eyes from the scorching rays under the sunglasses. This accessory indispensable for summer performs not only a decorative role, but also a preventive one.

Trend glasses allow you to protect your eyes from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and prevent the formation of mimic wrinkles. We offer you an image of the most current models of sunglasses that embody the best ideas of designers 2018.

Glasses with clear lenses 2018

At first glance at such models, it seems that these are glasses for correcting vision, but special lenses are built into them that mimic one or another optical effect.

The main focus of glasses with transparent lenses is made on their shape and stylish finish of the frame. The design of the accessory is represented by animalistic and floral prints, décor of rhinestones, an interesting variant of lintel and dushek.

Cat eye

Rims "cat" eye belong to the retro-style, which again raised on a fashionable pedestal. Gucci has repeatedly supplemented his shows with accessories in this style and they always looked immaculate.

Glasses "cat's eye" are models with a rim stretched to the temples and graceful thin bells. Such accessories were incredibly popular in the 60s, positioning themselves as an element of "pin-up" style. Then they were made with a minimal design, which was more than offset by an attractive form.

Modern glasses "cat's eye" - the embodiment of bright style and color schemes. Models are made with rhinestone, decoupage, voluminous applications on the rim and temporal area, which turns them into a work of art. Accessories in this style are characterized by bright colors and non-standard solutions in the choice of materials.

Oversize 2018 Stylish Sunglasses

Dimensionlessness and free style are probably finally established in our life. Oversize style increasingly flashes on the catwalks, offering clothing and accessories several sizes larger than usual.

In the summer of 2018, it will be quite normal to hide half of your face under sunglasses, closing your emotions from the surrounding.

For many fashionistas such glasses seem too extravagant and inappropriate for urban style. However, fashion designers think differently and offer a wide selection of oversized accessories. For example, Michael Kors presented models with black glass and marble framing, Prada makes no attempt to dress fashionistas into their classic double-rimmed models, and Gucci's large colored glasses will turn any boring look into a real stylish “explosion”.

Aviator glasses: a gift from men

The popular model of aviator glasses was borrowed from male fashion and easily caught on in female looks. The origin of the accessory is obliged to the first styles of glasses worn by American pilots in the 30s of the 20th century.

Later, drop-shaped lenses underwent minor changes and became a stylish addition to the civic image. The style of the glasses implies a thin metal frame framing the lenses, and a double mount on the nose. These innovations have turned a purely military accessory into incredibly stylish glasses that have found their place in male and female images.

Points Lennona 2018

New 2018 - Lennons sunglasses. As the name implies, they are frankly “tied” from the image of the famous musician John Lennon, who always appeared in public in his easily recognizable glasses.

The perfectly round rim of Lennon glasses contains small lenses. The color of the frame can be absolutely any - black, mirror, color. Such an extravagant model is suitable for owners of a triangular and oval face.

Trendy glasses with blue lenses 2018

Finally women of fashion waited for new and non-standard solutions in the style of accessories. Blue lenses - another new 2018, which will undoubtedly be at the peak of popularity for a long time.

In the trend of the model with all shades of blue - light, dark blue, blue, turquoise, azure and others. Such models are a great option for hot summer and beach holidays.

Glasses with color lenses 2018

Along with blue glasses, models with color lenses are gaining popularity. These glasses are mega-popular in 2018. It is fresh, new and youth. Look for accessories with bright yellow, green, pink lenses. Effectively look lenses with a monochrome gradient.

Ombre Sunglasses 2018

Gradient coloring can soon be transferred to the category of undeniable classics. A smooth transition between the colors has already won its fans in stylish clothes, manicure, pedicure, hair coloring. It is the turn of accessories, which presents sunglasses with an ombre effect.

The transition of tones goes from the top of the glasses down or from left to right. Which option and color to choose depends only on your taste. Ombre models smoothly shade the eyes, giving them intriguing notes.

How to choose glasses by type of person

A variety of styles, colors and decor sunglasses 2018 allows you to choose the most successful model that fits perfectly into your type of appearance. But how to determine such points exactly suit you? We offer topical tips from stylists who have compiled a set of rules for fashionistas who want to complement their image with this stylish accessory.

The first thing you should pay attention to when buying glasses is the shape of the face. The most lucky owners of round faces. They are suitable for almost all models - from classic to the most unusual futuristic.

For a square face it is worth picking up models that sit high on the nose. Stop on the frames with soft rounded lines without strict geometric shapes and angular design.

Owners of round face fit glasses with oval or round rim with a low fit on the bridge of the nose. In this case, it is better to abandon the "cat's eye" or "butterfly" models.

Correct the shape of the face type "diamond" can be using glasses vertical orientation. Choose models with soft and rounded lines in a thin frame or even without it.

To balance the narrow face allow the model points with a thick frame in the shape of a rectangle or oval.

No less important is the selection of color scores. Owners of the "warm" type fit model with a golden, beige, yellow, bronze rim. "Cold" girls face glasses with black, silver, emerald, blue frame.

Stylists recommend choosing glasses, focusing not only on the external attractiveness of the model, its decor and shape, but also on the quality of the accessory. No matter how stylish the glasses are, they should first of all protect the eyes and in no case harm them with lenses of dubious origin.

The recognized brands of sunglasses are Ray Ban, Timberland, Frogskins, Oakley and others.