Tattoos on the fingers of the girls

An attractive pattern on the shoulder or arm is a familiar affair. But creative people, who are attracted to everything new and unusual, are looking for other places and methods of tattooing. One of the original options are the images on the fingers. Do not often meet a girl with pictures on this part of the body. But today it will be just about the atypical manifestation of female individuality - amazing tattoo on the fingers.

Ornaments, patterns, made up of points, lines, spirals, crosses and signs, painted on each finger in a certain order, carry a deep symbolism

Often, girls stuff an exquisite pattern around the finger imitating a ring.

More original version - thin chains, elegantly enveloping female fingers

An abundance of geometric shapes

Creative minimalism

Magic signs and letters

A lovely rose or other flower tattoo expresses refinement, lightness, feminine spontaneity.

Unusual finger accessory - charming bow

Tattoo for musical natures

Painted diamond - a kind of challenge to expensive stones and jewelry

Sacrament of signs and symbols

The philosophy of ancient Chinese culture expresses the Yin-Yang symbol, personifying the unity of the male and female principles. The original idea for the tattoo is shown below in the photo - every detail of the symbol is gradually transformed into one

Color image of fabulous ponies

Deep black and gray images of animals and birds

An experienced professional so skillfully displays light and shade that a bee sat down on a finger seems to be real.

Contour tattoos of animals look original and very aesthetically pleasing on female fingers

The image of the pen attracts with its beauty and ambiguous interpretation. The young ladies choose a tattoo with smooth outlines, emphasizing their grace and subtlety. Very elegant and delicate little feather looks on the finger

Quotes and words filled with beautiful capital letters are often found on the fingers of girls. As a rule, express emotions, feelings and life message

Deep sensuality, love, fragility and openness are personified by a heart tattoo

Mystical drawings and symbols

Tattoo with a sense of humor

More and more often, girls are attracted to drawings on the fingers of their hands, because by themselves they are original, aesthetic and compact. But this version of the tattoo is prone to rapid erasing, so you need to follow all the rules and recommendations of the master.

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