The most beautiful nail design 2019

The concept of the most beautiful manicure is changing every year. For some girls - this is a restrained classic in the form of a French manicure. Others call beautiful bright, eye-catching manicure with rhinestone decor. In turn, for the third more sophisticated minimalist design will be more attractive. In 2019, all the facets of the beauty are rather blurry. Therefore, we have prepared fresh, stylish ideas, among which every girl will be able to find something suitable.

The most beautiful nail design 2019

As mentioned above, the concept of the most beautiful design is quite blurry, and for each girl it will be different. That is why we propose to consider the most popular and at the same time attractive manicure options that remain relevant in 2019.

Marble manicure

This season marble manicure has gained special popularity. He likes not only those who like to experiment, but also real shy. The fact is that most often such a design is discreet, concise and therefore is perfect for both everyday life and for work. By adding color accents, you get a completely different, unusual pattern. In addition, thanks to the variety of application techniques, it can even be done at home.

Geometric Manicure

For several years in a row, geometric manicure has remained a hit and the main trend of the year. This is not surprising, because it allows you to create not only stylish, minimalist designs, but also quite voluminous images. In addition, there is a huge variety of options for combinations of lines and shapes, which allows you to make unique designs.

As for the additional decor, it is used quite rarely. The fact is that geometric designs are often made in a minimalist style, which does not involve decor. But still, it is worth considering each figure separately. It is possible in some cases it will be appropriate.

French and moon manicure

Some girls believe that the time of French and moon design has long passed, and in general it looks trite. In part, this is true, but in this case, what kind of pattern variation should be chosen plays a big role. After all, there are many fresh, original ideas that allow you to present a familiar solution, as something new and quite unusual. For example, the combination of these two types of design looks a little more interesting.

For those who want to achieve a fundamentally different vision of a service jacket, we recommend changing it slightly. For example, shift the smile line or execute it in a different color scheme. Also, if you wish, you can perform a familiar design in a minimalist or geometric style. Agree, it looks really modern.

Ombre effect

An amazing combination of colors in one design always attracts attention. Most often, to create a gradient manicure, two or three colors are used in the same color scheme or contrasting. But there are other options with a much larger number of shades. Each of the options looks interesting in its own way.

If you wish, you can implement a more unusual idea. For example, make a gradient strip on the center of the marigold or a diagonal line. In fact, there are many variations to create a stylish design. The main thing is to start experimenting and trying something new.

Floral drawing

Among the most popular and attractive nail designs certainly includes floral design. It remains relevant regardless of the season, as it can be implemented in any color scheme, as well as in any style. That is why the flower pattern is often chosen for the bride.

But if you wish, floral design can be made a little more daring, bold, adding various rhinestones. The main thing is to choose the right color scheme so that everything fits well together.

"Broken glass"

Design with the effect of broken glass remains relevant not for the first year. It is often chosen for celebrations, as small pieces of foil create a fairly strong shine. It is also often combined with a geometric pattern and coated with a cat's eye. Each of the options is attractive in its own way and it’s worth choosing only based on your own desires.

"Cat's eye"

Unlike previous versions, this design is most often chosen in the autumn-winter season. The fact is that dark shades are much deeper, so the effect becomes more visible. By adding just a few rhinestones or sparkles, you can transform a manicure and make it a little more festive. Nevertheless, even a simple, monochromatic coating is a great option for everyday life.

The most beautiful design of short nails

If earlier it was believed that a beautiful design can be made only on long nails, but now everything is somewhat different. Neil-masters note that the length is not at all important, the main thing is to choose the right shade and pattern. Then the nails will look really attractive and stylish. As for the additional decor, it can be safely used. But we are talking about a small amount. Otherwise it may look ridiculous.

Stylish nail design ideas 2019

In the modern world, fashion trends are constantly changing. This concerns not only clothing, but also marigold design. Therefore, we made a whole selection of original ideas. This will help you find the right solution and just be inspired if you prefer to do manicure at home.

Among the variety of design options is difficult to choose the most beautiful. Moreover, each girl puts her own understanding of the beautiful in this. Do not chase all the fashion trends, just follow your desires and choose the perfect design for yourself. Only in this case, the manicure will be a stylish addition to your image.

What are you guided by when choosing a pattern for nails?

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