Fashionable women's T-shirts in the photo

Modern fashion makes us happy with new, creative, but at the same time interesting ideas of designers. But also those who are nostalgic about vintage clothing of the past, were also not forgotten by the couturier. The main trend of fashion shows in 2017 is the return of old trends. Today, on the eve of a warm spring and hot summer, let's talk about such a simple, but at the same time indispensable item of basic wardrobe, like a T-shirt. What models will be relevant in 2017?

Classic T-shirts - must have basic summer wardrobe

Fashionable summer collection of T-shirts 2017 want to start with basic things, one of which is a T-shirt. After all, many stylish bows of modern fashionable women cannot do without it. Not only clothes of strict business style are perfectly combined with a classic T-shirt. It is an excellent complement to the street, sports, bohemian style, and in principle, with it you can create absolutely any fashionable image.

As a rule, the classic implies neutral colors - black, white, beige, gray. But the permissive experiments of the fashion industry completely allow for bright palettes and even neat prints in the basic wardrobe.

White and black T-shirt

Separately, it is worth noting the white color, which today occupies a leading position. White T-shirt in this warm season should be in the wardrobe of any girl. However, there are a few key points to consider. Such models can have any interesting style, but the quality of the material is above all. Silk, cotton, viscose and a combination of these fabrics give the white T-shirts a noble luxurious look. Variety and originality will add all sorts of pastel shades of white - pale blue, pinkish, mint, light gray, etc.

In contrast with white, as always, goes black. With such T-shirts, you can create as gentle, seductive, sexy images, and slightly aggressive - in biker or rocker style.

Shortened T-shirts

In the fashionable length of T-shirts and T-shirts today there are no restrictions and rules. Short, medium, long - each is beautiful in its own way in a harmonious combination with other clothes. But there is one trend of 2017, which still comes out on top - it is the shortest tops, resembling bodices. Such a thing is fashionable to wear both independently in a duet with trousers or skirts with a high waist, and with jackets and jackets over it.

T-shirt over t-shirt

The real boom of new products and fashion trends in 2017 has caused an extravagant combination of T-shirts and T-shirts. And the T-shirt comes to the fore. Of course, for many, such a design experiment is rather specific and raises many questions. But the young ladies who know a lot about fashion will appreciate this innovation.

Asymmetrical cut T-shirts

You probably already know that asymmetrical cut at the peak of the popularity of modern fashion. This trend and summer T-shirts did not bypass. T-shirt with asymmetrical top, exposing one shoulder, looks incredibly feminine and romantic. All kinds of finishes in the form of flounces, ruches, frills give it a special charm and nobility.

Asymmetry can not only touch the top. For example, the photo shows a chic, stylish set. A bright yellow T-shirt with a falling wavy asymmetrical trim is very stylishly complemented by stylish cropped loose trousers that elegantly lift the female ankle.

Just do not say that monochromatic combinations are no longer relevant! Today, designers now and then create trouser sets and suits in identical colors, which can be set off with contrasting shoes.

Linen style and transparency

Not so long ago, T-shirts were considered exclusively underwear. Demonstrating it to others was extremely indecent. Today, no women's wardrobe can do without stylish light T-shirts.
Variants of design can be mass - seductive lace, elongated soaring, on thin straps, tight with a well-defined area of ​​the bodice or translucent with glamorous Lurex.

T-shirts with ruffles and frills

Playful ruffles on the straps or at the neckline are a choice in favor of feminine charm and flirty. Designers in this trendy season have given this trend a significant role.

Fashion T-shirts 2017: unusual design

The original style with an emphasis on details and even models from fabric imitating leather will be a unique addition to the collection of 2017 fashion T-shirts.

Most frankly

Laconic design with an emphasis on the waist

Openwork waviness

T-shirt with corset lacing

T-shirt in flared skirt

The original combination of abstract black and white colors and an additional layer with a binding in the front

Seductive neckline

T-shirts with deep V-neckline are very popular with stylish women of fashion. Open style gives the image of mystery and sex appeal; favorably emphasizes the elegant line of the shoulders and neck, gently covering the chest.

T-shirt with large shiny sequins is a great option for a glamorous woman of fashion.

Sporty T-shirts

Comfortable sporty T-shirts are often simple style with a minimum amount of detail, or even without them. With such a T-shirt you can create not only the most simple walking images, but also experiment, complementing it with original trousers with a print and even a skirt with frills. In such a bow, you will feel not only comfortable, but also incredibly stylish.

Stylish T-shirts with a choker neck

Fashion strip

The strip today is very popular. T-shirts in horizontal or vertical stripes in a black-and-white or blue-and-white palette are practically classic, as well as monophonic.

Stylish black patterned tank top

Fashionable T-shirts 2017 in the photo

In the kit, where the blouse seems too solemn, you can safely change it to a stylish T-shirt. So, your image will be significantly transformed - instead of the cloyingly ideal, when only classic is under the classic, it will find other accents of stylish thoughtful negligence.

Are you ready for experiments this summer? Tell us about your “fashion” plans.