Karelia: a great choice for a holiday in 2018

Tourists from all over the world are increasingly choosing Karelia for their holidays. This is due to the stunning nature of the region and numerous unique architectural monuments. Here you can also spend a beach holiday and find something to your taste among numerous excursions and entertainment.

Way to Karelia

You can get to Karelia by any convenient type of transport. People come here by train, bus, car or fly by plane. From the capital of Russia, you can fly direct, and from other cities only options with docking remain available. A direct flight will cost approximately 8,000 rubles. The flight from St. Petersburg with docking costs about 12,000 rubles.

A direct train is going from Moscow to Petrozavodsk. He goes three times a week. The famous "Swallow" is going here from St. Petersburg. The journey takes 5 hours. Travel in a reserved seat will cost 2,000 rubles, and the coupe - 2,200 rubles.

Inland transport

Inside the republic, you can move through trains, buses and water transport.The railway stretches from north to south, it does not cover all regions. If the city is located in the east or in the west, then it will have to get to it in another way. A train ride to Belomorsk will cost 1200 rubles, from Sortavala to Kostomushka the road will cost 760 rubles.

Bus routes are more versatile. Through the bus you can visit most of the cities of Karelia. To get to Kem costs 900 rubles, to Olonets - 400 rubles.Water transport offers a trip from Petrozavodsk to Kizhi for 900 rubles. The way to one side will take about an hour. Motor ships from Sortavala sail to Valaam, from Kem to Belomorsk, and also to Solovki.

Inland transport is also trolley buses. The trip costs 20 rubles. On commercial buses you can drive for 25 rubles.

If necessary, companies offer cars for rent. You can also choose a comprehensive service in the form of rental cars with the driver. Rent a car will cost 1500 rubles. Any of the companies will ask to leave a deposit. The SUV will be optimal for the relief of Karelia.

Holidays in Karelia in the summer on the lake

Karelia is not the most popular place for a beach holiday, but it is possible. About 60 thousand lakes are scattered across the country. For the rest are most suitable:

  • Syamozero;
  • Onega;
  • Ladoga.

It is best to spend time on Lake Ladoga for those who want to relax far from the city. Here you can swim, fish and just enjoy nature. Lake Onega offers its guests numerous attractions:

  • water skiing;
  • bath;
  • kayaking.

For a family holiday is better to choose Syamozero. Local pensions offer quite comfortable conditions for the stay. Pine trees surround the tourists, the water in the lake is clean and the air is fresh and fragrant.

It is better to go to the lakes in July and August, since by this time the water is warming up to a comfortable temperature. Despite this, you can not swim every day, as it often rains in Karelia, even in summer.Unfortunately, according to reviews, service on local beaches is scarce, and the infrastructure is completely undeveloped. Not everywhere there are changing cabins and showers. On the other amenities can not speak. It remains to be content with the beauty of nature.

Popular recreation centers in Karelia

Karelia offers its guests many different accommodation options. Recreation centers - this is one of the budget and convenient ways of living during the holidays. The choice of recreation is large. The final solution most often depends on the price and location.

On the Olonka River there is an excellent recreation center with 20 rooms at the address Olonets, Starozavodskaya, Karelia. Price per night varies from 2500 to 22000 rubles. The beach, which belongs exclusively to the recreation center, is only 50 meters away.

This place accepts families with children and pets. Here everything is provided for a relaxing holiday, but for noisy companies it is better to look for a more suitable place, since after 22.00 it is forbidden to make noise.

Another small recreation center with 6 rooms is located at Kalevala, Vainamainen Street, Karelia. You can rent a room for the price from 1900 to 12000 rubles per day. You need to walk 300 meters to your private beach. On the territory is a bath and sauna.

At Lakhdenpokhya, Parkonmyaki village, Karelia there is a small recreation center for only 3 rooms. You can live here for only 4000-7900 rubles a day. The beach is 300 meters from the building. In the room you can use the Internet. It will appeal to those who want to merge with nature as much as possible.

Another small base for 4 rooms is located at Lahdenpohja, Metsolanselkä Bay, Karelia. The room costs from 7,000 to 11,000 rubles per day. Here you can visit your own beach, sauna and have a great time in the fresh air. Children will find something to do in a well-equipped playground.

Usually, the management of such recreation centers offers many additional services: car rental, parking, organization of excursions, weddings and banquets, rental of bicycles and other sports equipment and much more.

Book rooms better in advance. Free cancellation is possible up to several days before arrival. Guest reviews are mostly positive and help make the right choice.


There are 6 main ski resorts in Karelia:

  • Yalguba;
  • "Spassky lip";
  • "Little Bear";
  • "Kallivo Park";
  • "Mound";
  • "Hill".

Equipment is better to carry with you, as the range of local equipment, which is rented, is scarce and old. The longest track has 700 m. There are also slides for children and beginner skiers. The system of ski passes in the generally accepted concept in Karelia is absent. You have to pay for the lift services, make an hourly fee, or buy a certain number of climbs.

The average price for a lift varies between 300-350 rubles for an adult, and for a child 200-250 rubles. Renting a set for skiing or snowboarding will cost 400-600 rubles per hour.

Holidays in Karelia 2018: housing prices

The choice of accommodation for tourists is wide - from campgrounds to expensive hotels. Most economical to stay in a campsite or hostel. Day in such a place will cost 400 rubles. It is better to live together in an apartment or a guest house. It will be more comfortable here, but you will have to pay 1000 rubles.

The two-star hotel will open its doors for guests for 1500 rubles per day. Three stars will cost 2500. The most expensive room is in the local four stars - up to 6000 rubles per day. Also in Karelia, you can rent a whole cottage for 4-10 people. It will cost 10 000 - 15 000 rubles per day.

For those who want to improve their health, sanatoriums and specialized pensions offer their services. Depending on the treatment regimen and the level of the boarding house, living in such will cost from 2,000 to 35,000 rubles per day.

Holidays in Karelia in 2018 in the "all inclusive"

The system "all inclusive" in the full sense of these words in Karelia is almost impossible to find. Each hotel offers its own range of services, which is included in the price. For additional options still have to pay.

Kitchen and restaurants of Karelia

The specificity of nutrition in Karelia is inextricably linked with the nature of the region. Since antiquity, they have been engaged in fishing, gathering berries, mushrooms and herbs. The most popular dishes are pies with fish, peas, turnip, mushrooms, berries. Locals love green onions, turnips, radish. Tourists are treated to veal with vegetables in pots. This is called "Petrovsky Meat".

Karelian "gates" are also popular. These are very tasty open pies, like a boat with a filling. An unusual and unusual dish is the “kalarooka” - an ear boiled on milk, passed through a layer of birch coal.

Specific local dishes are found in restaurants of Karelia, but authentic eateries are no longer to be found here. Most establishments offer European cuisine, familiar to tourists, with features of local color.Dining and snack places of tourist places will allow to eat for 400 rubles per person. Establishment of a class above will require from 600 rubles. More expensive restaurants will provide a check for 1,500 rubles for dinner alone without alcohol. You can always have a bite in fast-food networks known throughout the world.

Entertainment and Attractions

On the territory of the republic there is a stunning collection of natural and man-made monuments. The journey should start with Petrozavodsk. Here the attention of the embankment of Lake Onega with sculptures deserves. You should also visit the Round Square with the architecture of the 18th century.

Tourists are attracted to:

  • Petroglyphs - cave paintings;
  • the city center of Sortavala;
  • mountain park "Ruskeal";
  • Kizhi - the world famous open-air museum;
  • Transfiguration Church;
  • Valaam State Historical-Architectural and Natural Museum-Reserve;
  • natural park "Valaamsky archipelago";
  • Solovetsky archipelago;
  • National Park "Vodlozersky";
  • Reserve Kivach;
  • Kostomukshsky reserve;
  • National Park "Paanajärvi".

All these tourist points on the map of Karelia are able to leave a lasting impression on themselves.

Climate of Karelia

The most important factor for the formation of such a unique climate were stunning forests, which proudly are called the "lungs of Europe". The climate can be considered moderately continental with features of the sea. Short summers are pretty cool, but winters are mild. Snow can lie here 4 months a year. Also, the cold wind can be replaced by an unexpected thaw.

Summer comes into its own in the middle of June in the southern part. In the north, this process is delayed until the end of the first month. For a beach holiday is very little time. But for an active cultural holiday, you can choose any day of the year.

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