Fashion Dresses: Spring 2018

In 2018, tenderness and refinement in everything will be relevant. Therefore, now on the catwalks you can see more and more airy fabrics and romantic patterns. If in your childhood you dreamed of becoming a real princess, then it’s time to try on a similar image. In addition to the elegant dresses in vintage style, the designers offered us to remember the disco style. What dresses will still be in fashion in spring 2018?

Fashionable shades

The color scale actual in a new spring-summer season will be rather extensive. Along with the classic (black, blue, white, gray and beige) bright colors (pink, turquoise, yellow, emerald, etc.) will be in fashion

Among the main colors, which are preferred by almost all designers are: indigo, burgund and coral, which has not lost its position for several seasons in a row.

Not far behind them are black and white. And, of course, as always in the warm season, almost all pastel shades are relevant.

But prints, current in 2018, surprised many. Designers decided to move away from tradition and practically did not use floral motifs that were popular at this time of the year. Instead, on the catwalks flashed a variety of strips (straight, diagonal, vertical, etc.).

Actual styles

Recently, the trend of femininity has become more and more apparent, which could not but affect the fashionable styles of dresses. Actual in 2018 will be long dresses with flowing hem. Extra charm gives them deep cuts or a strap on only one shoulder.

On a par with them are concise dresses mini loose cut. However, among the favorites are still models in retro style, the characteristic features of which were the average length, fitted top and flared skirt. Often they are complemented by a thin strap.

Noodle dresses

In the past, such dresses were nothing more than underwear. Now we use them in everyday life. Thanks to the efforts of designers, today they look very elegant and feminine.

Dress noodle looks like a long turtleneck, which repeats all the outlines of the figure. Its texture is completely reminiscent of gum. Despite its simplicity, this dress looks quite elegant and perfectly combined with other clothes. This outfit is suitable for everyday use as well as for attending a solemn event.

Dress noodles fit the figure, focusing on the chest, waist and hips, allowing you to create a silhouette of an hourglass. But this model is not suitable for everyone. If your figure can not be called perfect, then it is better to give it up or wear it along with a jacket or cardigan.

Slender girls can safely wear a dress-noodle, as it will make their figure even more sophisticated. The design of this model can be different and differ not only in length, but also in the cut, the shape of the collar and sleeves.

Linen style

Every girl wants to look stylish and seductive. This explains the popularity of the linen style. However, if you choose the wrong image, then a dress in a linen style can look quite vulgar.

Thin straps, deep necklines and lace decor help to look feminine. Basically, such a model dress is an attribute of evening style. Stylists recommend choosing his young girls with a perfect figure. Chubby ladies can afford it too, but they should choose models with an asymmetrical hem. Owners of chic breasts should dwell on models with triangular cups, which are additionally decorated with lace.

Knitted dresses

Due to the fact that for knitted models used yarn of different thickness, they have different thermal characteristics. In cold weather, you can choose a woolen dress in which you will be comfortable and warm. For the warm period, models of lace knitting from thin thread will suit.

Dress with a smell

This style used to be used exclusively for dressing gowns. But in the 70s of the last century, the designers decided to diversify them a little with decor and fine details, turning the ordinary bathrobe into a stylish dress. Due to its practicality and versatility, today almost every woman of fashion has a similar outfit.

The classic cut of such a dress involves the intersection of the figure diagonally, and the edges are joined together with a belt or decorative brooch. But there are also models with a vertical smell.

Denim dresses

In the spring of 2018 will be relevant models of light denim, straight cut or sewn on the figure. Especially for lovers of long dresses, designers presented denim dresses to the floor. Along with them will be relevant and short dresses. Medium length dresses are ideal as a casual option.

On the catwalks one could meet models with open shoulders, triangular or oval cutouts under the collar. For their decor used large lines, voluminous pockets, thin straps and unusual buttons.

Shirt dresses

A few seasons ago, dress-shirts returned to fashion, and now in 2018 they seem to have reached the pinnacle of their popularity. Due to the universality of the cut, this model is suitable for absolutely everyone.

Coat Dress

In 2018, designers striving for comfort and simplicity at the same time chose a dress-coat model. Such style completely covers shoulders, at the same time leaving hands open. Coat-dress will be appropriate in an office setting, if made in a classic color scheme or decorated with a subtle print. Business bows can be complemented by trousers, turtleneck or lightweight tops.

Pleated Dresses

Another trend that has come back to us from the last century is plisse. In this case, it can be, as the nashivaya bottom of the whole fabric gathered in the fold, or several folds on the side.

Dress Ballon

If you want to experiment a bit with the volume and at the same time hide possible figure flaws, the stylists recommend to stop on this style. A skirt that extends straight from the waistline can make the hips rounded and feminine.

Choosing a new dress, stylists recommend to proceed from the peculiarities of their figure and the situation where you plan to wear it.

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