Fashion trends of clothes: Fall-Winter

For many people, the autumn-winter season is associated with bad weather and dullness, not only outside the window, but also in clothes. That is why designers offer to change the habitual thinking and add bright colors to everyday images. In addition, do not forget about shoes and accessories, which can also be accents in a monochrome bow. We picked up the most current trends of the autumn-winter season, using which you will definitely be on top!

Autumn-Winter Season

Every year the trend colors are determined by the institute of Pantone color, which women should adhere to in order to stay in trend. This year, experts included in this list both discreet, natural shades, and bright, saturated colors. This diversity allows you to create stylish images for everyday life and special occasions.

At fashion shows, it was often possible to see clothes made from a fabric with a metallic sheen. Among all the variety, evening dresses look particularly luxurious, which emphasize femininity and elegant curves. No less interesting is the outerwear with silver accents. But still such products are suitable for an evening out or a special event.

Special attention was paid to the floral print on the fashion shows. It is recommended to look at it all famous stylists. After all, with its help you can make the image more feminine, light and romantic. This is what is sometimes very lacking for modern girls who live at a fast pace.

The next print, which will be again relevant - geometric. And you can choose not only a standard cell or a strip, but also more creative, unusual options. But in this case it is necessary to completely think through the image so that it looks harmonious.

Current trends of the autumn-winter season

Unlike in previous years, now designers urge girls to experiment with style and not be afraid of unusual combinations. That is why quite a lot of different trends will be relevant in the cold season. We recommend to choose the most suitable for yourself, so that you can easily create a stylish image.


For a long time, fitted coats remain relevant. Such products emphasize the slim figure and add severity to the image. That is why they are recommended to choose girls who work in the office or prefer a classic style in everyday life. Also in the trend will be oversized coats that look amazingly beautiful and blend in with almost all the things in the wardrobe.

Tweed coats have become particularly popular. Putting on such a product, any girl will feel like a fashionista. Despite the fact that the coat looks quite modest, it emphasizes the figure and gives the image of femininity. If you still doubt, be sure to get just such a coat.

Bright fur coats or coats with fur accents look controversial. Of course, not everyone will like these products, because they look very extravagant. This option is suitable only for a real fashionista who knows exactly what can be combined with it.

Trouser suits

After a long time, the popularity of pantsuits has increased again. But now they look quite different. To replace the classic trousers came products with a high waist. Also pay attention to their cut. The most relevant are straight pants or flared. They look very elegant and visually make the legs longer.

As for jackets, overseas products will be in fashion. They look great in a set with pants, and with jeans and even skirts.


Almost all fashion collections were knitted. They will be especially relevant in the winter, when you want warmth and comfort. Bulk sweaters in combination with lightweight skirts or narrowed trousers look very beautiful. We also recommend to look at knitted dresses. They look great and at the same time warm in cold days.

Fashionable shoes fall-winter

The most fashionable shoes of this season will be shoes with thin heels. They emphasize the elegance of women's feet and are combined with all the clothes. These shoes are best for creating beautiful, feminine images with dresses. However, with the pants, they look no less stylish.

Also relevant will be high boots with a wide shaft. Of course, they look unusual, so not every girl will like them. But if you correctly select all the details of the image, then you will look amazingly beautiful.

It should be noted that in many collections of famous designers shoes were presented on the platform with lacing. This option is perfect for everyday life, because thanks to the platform legs will not swell and tire quickly. But still for an evening out or event we recommend choosing another option.

Unusual boots with sparkles and rhinestones will decorate your wardrobe. Such products are best combined with a monochrome outfit, so that it looks more harmonious.

Bags Autumn-Winter

Personal preferences are very important when choosing an accessory such as a bag. But it is still important to take into account the trends of the fashion world in order to remain in trend.

At the shows there were various products, among which it is impossible not to notice the bags of large size. Stylists recommend choosing this option for shopping.

Also in the trend will be a bag-bag, which is no less spacious than the previous version. Small backpacks remain in fashion for several seasons.

And of course, small handbags that are perfect for creating feminine images remain relevant.

As you can see, the fashion trends of the autumn-winter season are very diverse. Thanks to this, you can feel free to show your imagination in creating interesting, stylish bows. In turn, accessories and high-quality shoes will make the image complete.

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