Manicure for graduation 100 best manicure ideas for graduation 2018

Graduation party is a turning point in the life of every girl. It symbolizes the entry into adulthood, where it is necessary to rely only on their own strength and skills.

The first step towards independent living is preparing for the gala evening, choosing a dress, jewelry, makeup, and of course, manicure. After all, the ideal image is formed due to the harmonious combination of the smallest details, the main of which is considered to be a spectacular design on the nails. What manicure to perform so that it combines with the main image and looks beautiful and impressive?

Nail form for manicure at prom

The right to choose the shape of nails for the gala evening remains for the graduate herself. Strict rules and standards are not acceptable here. Some girls give their nails a classic look, creating oval, square and almond shapes. Others, on the contrary, increase the length in order to maximally decorate long nails with acrylic modeling, spectacular decor with rhinestones and even piercings.

The graduation party is quite an active event, so still give preference to short and medium nails. They are comfortable and familiar both for everyday and for special occasions.

Colors manicure at prom

The choice of color for the future of nail art depends on the color scheme of the entire outfit. In this case, in manicure, you can reflect not only the main shade of the dress, but also make patterns in tone to accessories or makeup.

Decorative items for manicure at prom

Difficulties with the decor of modern graduates will not arise. A variety of rhinestones, stones, beads, stickers, etc., will help create a stunning manicure, even at home.

The choice of decor also depends on the personal preferences of the graduate, while he must be in harmony with jewelry, for example, beads, bracelets or earrings.

Graduation Manicure: Best Ideas and Trends

Over the past few years, the nail industry has made great strides forward, and current graduates have a great opportunity to try out the best manicure news on their nails.

If earlier girls were limited to classical techniques using pastel shades, now graduates can decorate their fingers with such decor as they wish.

We offer you the TOP-popular ideas manicure for the prom, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

French graduation manicure: photo news 2018

French is a classic of neil design, without which no graduation party can do. This option is universal for most fashionistas who do not want to experiment on this important day for them.

Shades of manicure can be restrained pastel and brighter saturated in tone to the basic along. But the main detail of this design remains unchanged - the accentuated edge of the marigold, which makes it so recognizable.

French for graduation, you can diversify the decor in the form of stucco on the ring finger or decorate all the nails with rhinestones. So the design will look less trivial and everyday.

Particularly attractive French manicure looks on long nails. Therefore, if you want to shine on the prom with a spectacular jacket, you will have to contact a specialist to build helium or acrylic nails. Thanks to this procedure, you will get a perfectly smooth basis for creating a french to a solemn ball.

Multicolored nail art at prom

The absolute antipode to the classic jacket - a multi-colored manicure with a decor of rhinestones, bouillons, velvet sand, flock. It is worth remembering that you can make a bright design only if it is combined with a graduation dress.

If the outfit is a bright color, then perform an ombre manicure using those shades that are present in the main image.

Manicure for prom 2018: showy art with decor

Graduation manicure of modern fashionistas is complete without rhinestones, various stones, such new products as flock, microbeads, sequins, bouillons and other décor. They allow you to create an unusual spectacular design that will look not only attractive, but also very modern.

Caviar manicure for prom

Perform their own caviar manicure can every girl. Microgranules of various colors are available in all manicure shops. Shades "eggs" match the tone to the prom dress.

Caviar manicure can be performed on all fingers at once, or you can accent individual nails with a micro-bead. Particularly impressive granules look in the "neighborhood" with a matte finish.

Manicure for graduation with rhinestones

As you know, girls' best friends are diamonds. The first step to such a "friendship" - rhinestones, striking their sparkle and overflowing faces. It is difficult to imagine a solemn manicure without the stunning beauty of pebbles.

To create a manicure at the prom often used rhinestones of small diameter. With their help, not only individual areas of the nail plate are emphasized, but also whole thematic compositions are created.

To create your own manicure with rhinestones, use ready-made sets for inlays. As the main shade, use glossy varnishes.

The trend of the season is monochromatic silvery, golden, dark saturated shades. On such a surface, rhinestones look more expressive and brighter.

Graduation manicure with design

There are a lot of options for decorating marigold, but a manicure at the prom requires a special approach. If in everyday nail art you can allow light, uncomplicated drawings, then you should think thoroughly over the nails for a solemn evening.

Popular prom prints are:

  • floristic theme
  • geometry
  • patterns, ornaments, lace
  • thematic drawings

Manicure with floral prints is necessarily accented with rhinestones. They are interspersed in the main decor, decorating the heart of the patterns. Choose bright summer flowers that will delight you with their appearance and charge you with an exciting mood for the whole day.

Manicure "cat's eye" at prom

Magnetic varnishes literally eclipsed the once popular decorative coatings. Thanks to deep shades, spectacular appearance and variety of shades, they became the best option for creating a solemn manicure.

If you have no experience with pigments and special magnets, then contact experienced nail masters who will create a stunning manicure with a magnetic polish on your nails.

Manicure "cat's eye" goes well with rhinestones. Select them with a radical hole or the edge of the nail. This design looks very impressive, besides the magnetic coating is just beginning to conquer the nails of fashionistas and you have a chance to become the first sign of this fashionable and promising trend.

At the graduation party, everything should be perfect, and a manicure plays a significant role in this. There are a lot of options for a solemn design, but you have to think about your nail art in advance, creating a real masterpiece that will become a hit prom.

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