The most beautiful places of Crimea: unique views that delight tourists

Crimea is an amazing place with a unique climate that is beneficial for health. In addition, tourists come here for impressions of the magnificent views. The most beautiful places of the peninsula are printed on postcards and in tourist guides. Guests who came to Crimea must visit as many points as possible from the list below.

bird home

In the guides of the Crimean peninsula on the first page usually print the image of the Swallow Nest. This is the most famous castle in the Crimea. Even those who have never visited the peninsula will easily recognize this legendary structure.

The landmark was built on Aurora Rock in the early 20th century. To take a closer look at the castle, you will have to go to the village of Gaspra. The main style of the building is neo-gothic. Swallows nest is decorated with picturesque loopholes and spiers. The order for this construction was given by Baron von Stengel, who was a well-known oil owner.

Today, the castle according to statistics is the most frequently visited place in the Crimea. Here you can visit several convenient viewing platforms, a magic tree of desires and regular painting exhibitions.

Livadia Palace

Another amazing building that cannot be ignored is the Livadia Palace. It was built in the same period as the previous building. The building was used as the summer residence of the imperial Romanov family. Nicholas II experienced particularly warm feelings for this place.

In 1945, the Yalta Conference was held in the Livadia Palace. On it, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill considered the issues of the post-war organization of borders and the peaceful life of the states of Europe. It was at this meeting that the United Nations was created.


Tourists in this place attracts picturesque Balaklava Bay. Even in a storm here is quiet and calm. This is where you can find the safest parking for yachts and boats. During Soviet times, Balaklava housed a secret object, which was used to service and conceal submarines. Even with a direct hit here warheads all objects would remain intact, allowing the Union to strike back. In addition, in Balaclava stands the Genoese fortress Chambalo, which appeared here in 1343 with defensive objectives.

Mount Ai-Petri

Ai-Petri is the most famous mountain on the Crimean peninsula. It built one of the longest cable cars in Europe. The height of the mountain is 1234 meters. There are many ways to conquer Ai-Petri, depending on the desires and physical abilities of tourists.

Yalta embankment

Definitely, the most visited place in the Crimea is the Yalta embankment. On average, about one and a half million people come here per year. The construction of the embankment began in the late 19th century. Since then, it has undergone significant modifications, it has become wider and more spacious. Walking along the promenade, you can see old trees, magnificent rose gardens, palm trees, benches, fountains and, of course, a picturesque view of the sea. The most ancient tree Platan 200 years. Its height reached 32 meters.

Uchan-Su Waterfall

The waterfall is located on Mount Ai-Petri. You can see it, if you climb from the side of Yalta. The name of the waterfall is literally translated from the Turkic as “flying water”. Uchan-Su is the highest waterfall in Europe, it reaches 90 meters. The largest amount of water can be seen when the snow begins to melt in the spring. In summer, the waterfall turns into a thin stream and almost dries out.

Valley of Ghosts

On the rocky slope of the mountain Dermenzhi located a very mysterious place. Here are the boulders of huge size and bizarre forms. In the rays of the setting sun, the stones seem to come alive and turn into fabulous creatures. That is why this place is called Ghost Valley. There is a fascinating legend, which tells about the nomad groups, who intended to conquer the Crimean lands. According to legend, they were disrespectful to nature and the mountains themselves punished them, making them immobilized stones.

These places are familiar to fans of Soviet comedies. It was here that Nina from the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus" danced her famous dance. The easiest way to come here is by bus from Alushta. Part of the way will have to go on foot. It will take about an hour and a half.

Vorontsov Palace

In the city of Alushta is located the magnificent Vorontsov Palace. In the 19th century, Count Vorontsov ordered the construction of this palace. Here you can notice a mixture of different styles: Moorish, Gothic, Classical and others. The specificity of the structure is that each individual part of it is made in its own style.

Visitors to the palace will also be able to see one of the best parks in the Crimea. To date, there is a museum on which to go sightseeing.

Massandra Palace

At a short distance from Yalta is Massandrovskiy Palace. Construction began in 1881 and lasted 21 years. During this period, the country changed several rulers, and construction - architects. The mountain location and the magnificent park make the palace a wonderful country residence.

Karadag Reserve

This unique place can be viewed by tourists only under supervision and accompanied by special personnel and only along the trails designated for such walks. These measures are necessary to ensure the microenvironment of the reserve, since most of the local representatives of flora and fauna are listed in the Red Book. On the tour you will have to spend about 4 hours.

The walk will take place in mountainous terrain. It will be difficult to go, but very interesting. On the way, guests of the park will meet creations of the winds: the King and the Queen with a retinue, the Falcon, the Gingerbread Horse, the Lighthouse and others. All these intricate cliffs are formed by natural erosion. There is also a quiet picturesque bay, giving tourists magnificent views of the sea.

Waterfall Jur-Jur

This waterfall is considered to be the most powerful on the lands of the Hapkhalsky nature reserve. The height from which the streams of water fall, is located at around 15 meters. Even in the dry season, huge volumes of water pass through the waterfall. Therefore, the object was called "Eternally murmuring." Along with water, stones fall from a height, making it impossible to swim in jets. But you can enjoy the beauty created by nature at any time.

Crimea is full of wonders - magnificent man-made and natural monuments. Tourists from all over the world come here to explore these places and improve their health. Crimea is generous with impressions, and no one leaves this place indifferent.

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