Flower Tattoo: Top Ideas for Girls

Tattoo in the form of a flower is a great way to emphasize your femininity, tenderness and individuality. In addition, in a general sense, all flowers symbolize love, passion and beauty. But depending on the type of plant, the meaning of the tattoo itself also changes. Therefore, before you go to the master, be sure to read the information about the colors that you liked. This will help to make the right choice in the process of selecting the perfect image for the tattoo.

the Rose

Perhaps it is the rose that has the greatest popularity as a pattern for tattoos. And not only girls choose her, but also guys. And all because this flower is not the only meaning.

Unlike other flowers, roses have a very rich history. Mention of them is in the works of famous authors, legends and in world history. In ancient Greece, the rose was associated exclusively with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. And in ancient Rome there was a belief that the goddess Diana turned her lover into this flower, having become jealous of him. It should be noted that the rose was mentioned even in religions.

As for the value of this flower, like a tattoo, a lot depends on the color, the presence of thorns and additional elements. It is believed that the thorns - a symbol of the masculine. Therefore, the tattoo symbolizes strength and strength of mind. In turn, a flower without thorns is an indicator of softness and calm. Interlaced roses look very tender and are a symbol of harmony and unity.


The name of such a famous flower is obliged to God Peane, after whom he was named. Therefore, since then, it is believed that the peony is a male flower that personifies longevity. As for its value as a tattoo, there is no unequivocal opinion on this matter. But often it is associated with wealth, youth, happiness and luck.

It must be noted that it is the pion that is of great importance in different countries. For example, in China, special attention is paid to it. Therefore, it is given only to those who sincerely love. In Asian countries, he personifies feminine beauty and spring. And in Europe, it is sometimes called a rose without thorns.

Despite the fact that the peony is considered a male symbol, most often the tattoo with such a pattern is made by women. It looks really great, especially if you skillfully arrange it and add interesting details.


Tattoo in the form of a tulip is most often chosen by girls. And this is not surprising, because the picture looks really amazing on the female body, as it emphasizes smooth curves.

As for the value, it is generally considered that the tulip is an indicator of the joy of life. But for example, a bud has a broader meaning: beauty, belief in the best, pleasure from life and tenderness.

Separately, it is worth noting that much depends on its color. Red tulip is a symbol of boundless, true love and passion. In turn, yellow tulips are considered an indicator of frustration in feelings and even betrayal.


Drawing a poppy as a tattoo is rare. And the reason for this is not the complexity of execution, but ambiguous meaning. Most often, such a picture is chosen by single people. But if the flower has a long stem with petals, then this may mean a love of solitude and comfort outside noisy companies.

Another meaning of poppy is love and loyalty. These are inseparable concepts, so lovers often choose for themselves paired tattoos with this image.

Such tattoos are most often chosen for themselves by very deep, calm people with rich life experience.


The real symbol of femininity, harmony, innocence and nobility is the lily. This flower has such a value for a reason. The fact is that in Christianity he was considered the personification of the Virgin Mary, and in Greek-Roman culture he was a symbol of beautiful goddesses.

Choosing a lily as a tattoo, we recommend to pay attention to its color. For example, a yellow flower means impregnability and pride. At the same time, pink lily is a symbol of tenderness and youth, and orange - independence and courage. Transfer the pattern to the body only in the color that characterizes you as much as possible.


Bright, beautiful flower is always used for inspiration and interior decor. Many argue that it is he who causes the association with the sun and positive emotions. In ancient times, it was believed that he was a symbol of strong feelings and true love.

In the modern world, this flower has a slightly different meaning. Often, the concept of gratitude, loyalty, loyalty and true happiness is invested in it.

A large sunflower image means fidelity, while a small one symbolizes worship. Very often, lovers choose paired tattoos with such an image to protect their feelings.


The value of a lotus tattoo originates from the ancient Eastern religions, where it is a symbol of the feminine. Therefore, its main interpretation is the combination of femininity, motherhood and prosperity.

According to other statements, lotus also means harmony, rebirth, wisdom and purity. Most often, such symbols are transferred to the body in the form of small tattoos that emphasize the elegance and tenderness of the image.


Drawing in the form of a magnolia is very similar in meaning to the lotus. These flowers are most popular, of course, in the countries of the East. As for its value, the magnolia symbolizes feminine beauty, self-esteem and charm.

Most often, tattoos with this flower make romantic and sophisticated natures, creative personalities and those who have excellent taste. By the way, it is believed that it is the magnolia that is able to protect the inner world from the effects of negative.

Tattoo in the form of flowers photos

Making a tattoo in the shape of a flower is a great idea. After all, even a small size drawing will emphasize femininity and can become a real amulet. The main thing is to choose the flower that best matches your inner state.

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