Awesome vacation in the resorts of Abkhazia in the summer of 2018

Summer in Abkhazia can be an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for every tourist. The time spent in this republic will be full of informative information and fresh sea wind. Here, the occupation itself will find both lovers of outdoor activities, and those wishing to idly lie on the beach.

Features of the infrastructure and nature of the Republic of Abkhazia

The country stretches along the coast of the warm Black Sea. Having a rest it is better to visit the central regions of Abkhazia, since it is there that the infrastructure is especially developed. We are talking about Pitsunda, Gagra and Sukhumi. Other areas also deserve attention. Modest conditions here are compensated by the magnificent nature. Locals will try to do everything for tourists and justify their reputation as one of the most hospitable nations.

The nature of the resort is very diverse. Attention is attracted by the huge mountains and picturesque faults in them. Also worth seeing are the magnificent alpine meadows and mountain rivers. Pleasant will be walks in numerous parks and time spent on clean beaches at the edge of the sea. The intoxicating smell of numerous plants will not leave indifferent lovers of wildlife.

Improving properties of Abazian resorts

Numerous healing sources deserve special attention. Tourists come here sometimes just to visit these magical places and try on themselves the properties of unusual in its composition of water.

For those who want to improve their health, the edge of Apsny will be a special place. Locals translate this word as "City of the soul." You can also hear options like "God's grace" or "Message from above."

The subtropical climate will help to increase the impact of the healing properties of local water and air. On the coast, even at the height of summer, the temperature remains comfortable: +30 0C. Water retains heat for a long time, so the bathing season does not close for a very long time - from May to October.

Benefits of holidays in the Abkhaz Republic

One of the advantages of recreation in Abkhazia is healthy and tasty food. The local cuisine has hundreds of hearty and healthy dishes that can be tasted in the many local restaurants and eateries. Lovers of alcohol in Abkhazia expanse: local wines and chacha are inexpensive.

The presence of both rocky and sandy beaches can be considered as another advantage. Here time goes slowly and the tourist can easily forget about far from the working rush. The local nature is the personification of harmony and meditative balance.

Among Russians, Abkhazia is one of the leading places in popularity. Tourists strive to see the Novo-Athos monastery and caves, Lake Riza. On the local beaches, in addition to a relaxing pastime, you can enjoy yourself and active rest. For energetic people there will be numerous entertainment: diving, water sports and numerous excursions. Also popular here are bike tours, speleological hikes and yoga tours. The most courageous people float along the mountain rivers and jump with a parachute. All this does not have to spend a lot of money - this is another obvious advantage of such a trip.

Among the shortcomings is the low level of service in some regions. Also in some places the development of infrastructure is lame. But a wide choice of hotels and other key places in the path of the tourist will allow you to choose the option to your taste.

Transportation to Abkhazia

You can reach the Abkhaz resorts through various types of transport. The nearest international airport to Abkhazia is located in the city of Sochi. From here to the Abkhazian Republic there will be literally several kilometers. From Moscow, St. Petersburg or Belgorod can be reached by train.

Recently, Gagra and Adler connected the train. In addition, you can easily get here by car. Those who wish to receive additional emotions can be offered to get from Sochi on a catamaran.

The cost of a trip tour will cost 10 thousand rubles. A similar train ride will rise to 7 thousand. The Abkhaz-Russian border can be crossed only at the Psou checkpoint. Without a visa, you can come here to the citizens of Russia, South Ossetia, CIS countries, Nicaragua, Tuvalu. All the rest will have to apply for a visa, but this is not difficult. All procedures can be done online or by fax.

Accommodation in the resorts of Abkhazia

Across Abkhazia, you can count about a hundred hotels and various boarding houses. Here you can find overnight accommodation for more than 15 thousand people. An alternative would be rooms in the private sector. This practice is closer to two thirds of visitors to the country. Owners of a private apartment can be contacted by phone, offered in online ads, in advance to reserve a place.

Pricing is flexible here. July and August are high season. Prices in hotels range from 1500-2500 rubles per day. The private sector will offer to settle for 500-1000 rubles for one. The main criterion for assessing housing is the distance from the beach. This factor worries the majority of tourists.

To save on travel, seasoned visitors to Abkhazia recommend buying plane tickets for autumn or spring. At this time, accommodation in local hotels is much more affordable.

An interesting option could be living on one of the state cottages. Here the leaders of the Land of the Soviets preferred to spend their holidays. This option is suitable for those who like the interior in a retro-style, since nothing has changed at the state dachas since then.

You can move around the city by public transport. Trolleybuses and buses go through the cities. Those who are not limited in the budget can offer a local taxi from 100 rubles in the city. There are also taxis, which will have to pay for 15 rubles per trip. If you need to move from one city to another, then the "minibus" will take a tourist for 150 rubles.

Despite the fact that many tourists prefer foreign countries with exotic nature, resorts in Abkhazia are able to give an unforgettable experience. It has everything to spend the summer holidays of 2018 at a high level and with entertainment for every taste.

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