Fashionable manicure with roses: 100 chic ideas for flower design

Among all trendy trends in manicure, the design with roses occupies a special place. This is a truly sophisticated, elegant and stylish nail art, which is appropriate for almost any occasion. Roses look great in designs with different shades and textures. In any performance, this flower looks unusual. If you add rhinestones, acrylic sand, conical stones to such nail art, the design will become much brighter and more attractive.

According to psychologists, the manicure with roses is chosen by self-confident ladies seeking self-improvement and stability. Nevertheless, the design with roses can be seen both on young girls and on older ladies.

Rose Manicure: What do the shades in the flower manicure symbolize

What do the roses mean in the manicure, we figured out, it remains to explain how the color palette of your manicure will affect how you will be perceived by others.

  • Red roses - symbolize brightness, confidence, passion and love. Any shade of red diversify your manicure, make it more noticeable. Psychologists believe that red roses represent a confident woman. A manicure with red roses will be the best solution if you prefer to be the center of attention.
  • pink, cream, crimson color - this solution will add design timidity, it looks childishly cute and shy. More often such a design is chosen by young girls and teenagers who want to emphasize their beauty and youth.

  • white roses - white flowers symbolize serenity, purity and tranquility. This is a traditional design for a wedding celebration. Especially beautiful and winning white roses look in combination with interspersed miniature stones.
  • blue or blue roses - these noble and royal shades look great on the nails of almost all fashionistas
  • yellow, light green, orange roses - a manicure for a long time will charge you with positive and energy. Especially attractive are yellow roses, as if kissed by the sun and optimistic mood.

Red manicure with roses

Roses are almost always associated with a rich red color, which is why this shade is most often used for nail design. In addition, roses in scarlet color look much more attractive.

Red manicure can be performed in several ways:

  • red roses on a white background
  • white roses on a red backing

In any performance, a duet of red and white looks noble and stylish. Such a design rarely does without ornaments in the form of rhinestones, silver or golden dust. Voluminous roses, made with transparent top and acrylic sand, look gorgeous.

Black manicure with roses

Classic black manicure is easy to refresh with a few buds of red, pink or white roses. This design looks more than aristocratic and noble. That is why a dark manicure with roses is more often chosen by mature ladies, business women and just girls who prefer strict nail art.

To create a black design with roses, it is preferable to use glossy lacquer, for the image of roses - ready-made stickers, sliders, stamps.

Stylish multi-colored manicure with roses

The idea for a multicolored manicure was borrowed from nail masters from Pavloposad shawls, known for their rich, colorful and colorful patterns. Remember how brightly scarves and stoles look like with flowers and try to draw such a picture on your nails.

At the heart of the multi-colored design with roses lie pastel shades, blue and burgundy tones are used to draw the pattern. Play with combinations, but use only 2-3 shades. For example, make 3 of 5 nails neutral, paint on them in delicate shades, cover the remaining nails with a monochromatic dark varnish.

A safe option - a manicure with a white base and roses in the style of "pastel". This design will give in its owner a romantic and modest nature. In the summer for drawing colors, use light green and yellow shades.

Stylish French manicure with roses

This combination is considered the most harmonious in nail art. Really sweet and noble service jacket gets along without problems with delicate roses. In the classic version, the "smile line" is drawn on the nails, and the rest of the space is filled with original and bright colors.

Speaking of french with roses, we suggest you to experiment how much fantasy is enough. Combine roses with geometric patterns, an image of the Eiffel Tower, miniature hummingbirds, inscriptions and other light and simple drawings. The main thing is that the entire design is subject to the general color palette, there should not be obvious and catchy accents, incompatible textures.

How to create a stylish manicure with roses

Roses, unlike other flowers, are very complex in design. Drawing a perfect and beautiful rose is not easy, especially if you do not have artistic abilities. To the rescue of such fashionistas come sliders, ready-made stickers, stencils, stamps. Use these "helpers" and you can easily make a stylish and bright manicure with roses.

Special attention in the design with roses deserve nail art with voluminous and textured colors. Roses deserve to be carefully drawn, giving maximum attention to the relief of the petals and the transitions between them. Professional masters use for this acrylic sand, thick gel-paste of various shades. So the design is nobler and richer.

Manicure 2019 with roses: a collection of stylish photo ideas

Professional masters and simple women of fashion do not cease to experiment with a manicure with roses, considering it the embodiment of nobility and aristocracy. We offer you a collection of original and stylish ideas with the "queen of flowers".

The manicure with roses, despite the complex execution, is increasingly attracting the attention of girls and older women. This is a design that knows no boundaries and improves with each season. According to Stephen Alivera, the main stylist of Redmond, every woman should have a manicure with roses in order to fall in love with this chic and stylish design forever.

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