What to wear denim jacket?

For several decades now, a denim jacket has been at the peak of popularity among fashionable women of all ages. This unique select item will never go out of style.

Despite its demand, the question of what to wear a denim jacket, still remains open.

We propose to deal with this problem forever along with our stylish review.

A bit of history

Without knowledge of the origins of this fashionable and relevant things it will be difficult to understand with what and how to combine jeans.

Like any denim thing, jackets were originally exclusively work clothes.

Such obvious popularity among workers led the designers of the time to create everyday and even festive styles of jeans.

The first model was presented by the heirs of the legendary designer, the founder of Levi's brand Levi Strauss.

The presentation took place in 1910, which is considered the beginning of the era of denim jackets and denim mono-highs in general.

One of the first models was made in the form of a jacket-shirt with a V-shaped line of the line. It was decorated with decor in the form of voluminous patch pockets at the top and bottom of the product.

This style to this day is the most successful and relevant. Later, denim jackets were subjected to a variety of fashionable changes.

Products from denim were decorated with fur collars, decor in the form of inserts of silk, wool, knitted elements.

Such an "upgrade" jeans drew the interested views of both simple fashionistas and celebrities.

Tops of denim jackets

Before you start thinking about a fashionable bow with a denim jacket, decide on the model that modern fashion offers in large numbers.

Classic style - is a jacket of medium length. Traditionally, the thing is decorated with patch pockets, a stiff collar and buttons-buttons along the entire length.

The shortened style is an exclusively female version that looks most advantageous in summer looks. A cropped model is combined with puffy chiffon or pleated skirts, fitted knit dresses.

Elongated style - can be straight cut or slightly emphasizing the figure of the girl. Some models are supplemented with a rubber insert in the belt or hood.

The combined style - is a combination of denim with other materials. Inserts can be made in the form of lace, leather, stripes, embroidery.

They are located most often on the sleeves, on the sides or back of the product.

A colored denim jacket is a product not made in the usual blue color, but in white, black, pastel shades.

This color scheme is ideal for office and everyday summer bows.

What to wear denim jacket?

Denim Monolook

The combination of a denim jacket and jeans does not look the same and boring, as it seems at first glance.

It is important to choose the bottom of the denim jacket, different in color.

Prefer contrasting shades. For example, a white or blue jacket looks better with jeans in dark blue or black.

Wear a light knit T-shirt or jersey under your jacket.

Shoes can be any - sneakers, sneakers, ballet flats with low heels, shoes or stilettos.


For office and business wear with a denim jacket, knit or leather skinny pants are suitable.

A popular combination that you can imagine is khaki pants and a denim jacket of any color.

In the spring and summer season, replace tight trousers with models from light natural fabrics of pastel shades.

More vivid and truly summer images are obtained, combining trousers of red, yellow, burgundy, turquoise and other shades.


Emphasize the legs of the girl and create a light, laid-back look that will allow the combination of leggings and a shortened or classic jacket. The color scheme of the top is not important.

Under the jacket, wear long T-shirts or tunics with delicate embroidery and decor.

The dress

In the new season, the combination of trendy lace dresses, emphasizing the femininity and grace of a girl, and an elongated denim shirt reaching mid-thigh, is especially important.

Against the background of manly jackets, lace and tight knitted dresses look even more romantic. Complement your image with black stiletto heels or bobbins in subtle shades.

The denim jacket fits perfectly with the image of a long dress "in the floor" or flared beach sundress.

Models with bright decor, patch pockets and interesting inserts will balance your image. Therefore, in the new season, do not be afraid to replenish your wardrobe with the extravagant styles of denim jackets with rhinestones, embroidery and antiquities.

Denim and skirt

It is difficult to imagine a more gentle and beautiful image than a short jacket with a flowing long skirt.

In this set, the silhouette of the girl is visually stretched, the waistline becomes more expressive.

This image is universal and should be in the closet of every girl. An elongated skirt can be successfully replaced with mini and midi models that look amazing in combination with a denim jacket.

Midi length compensates for the growth of low girls, will give the image more aristocratic.

The most sought after are mini-skirts and classic knee-length models. The combination with the skirts of these styles favorably fits the figure, does not visually cut the length of the legs, which is unacceptable for miniature girls.

Denim and shorts

Short shorts made of cotton or denim in summer looks are usually combined with jackets, blouses or tops. But during the evening cooling, denim outerwear will be very useful.

Cropped shorts look beautiful with non-traditional jackets with scuffed and antiqued effects.

But the classic denim is also not ignored. See how the combination of knitted, leather shorts with twists looks, models just above the knees with a denim top.

What can not be worn with jeans?

The fashion industry gurus has not yet come up with an absolutely universal thing, and even such an indispensable thing as a denim jacket has style limitations.

Denim jacket is not recommended to combine:

  • with strict business trousers
  • office skirts styles (for example, pencil skirt)
  • with wool and tight knit dresses

Such combinations are considered a move and look not harmonious.

If your wardrobe does not have a denim jacket, then it's time to fill it with this stylish and versatile thing. Denim can be a basic thing in your images, an indispensable tool when creating fashionable bows for every day.

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