Tattoo owl: 70+ photos of the best works, value, sketches

Tattooing is an important and crucial step in a person’s life, as the next image will last for a lifetime. That is why it is important to choose the right sketch of the future tattoo, to know its meaning and hidden sacred meaning. A tattoo cannot be made unconsciously, a simple, meaningless drawing is also extremely unwise to use. Due to the infinite number of sources in the Internet, you can learn about the interpretation of a symbol, choose the best option, taking into account features of appearance, social status, financial position, character and gender.

In this article we will talk about one of the representatives of the animal world, which is very popular due to its beauty and originality - owl. The owl has a deep meaning, is always associated with a well-developed intellect and has a rather mysterious image. However, what other values ​​does this tattoo have, to whom does it suit and what original solutions can be used when creating a tattoo owl? Let's find out together.


Importance of tattoo owl

Tattoo with the image of an eagle owl is very original and of interest, and its value can attract increased attention. The fact is that the owl is a noble bird, which was depicted by people on the body for a long time. In ancient Greece, the locals greatly respected this bird, gave it respect, considering the owl a symbol of wisdom, which is part of Greek thinkers.

However, in the history of mankind there were people who considered the owl a symbol of darkness, the personification of death, and therefore depicted him in dark and haughty places, showing that the devil himself is there. For example, people in China believed that the owl is a symbol of death, but at the same time respected and revered it. In Christianity, the image of an eagle owl also has more negative meaning, namely, a symbol of future problems and difficulties, because this bird served as a companion for the devil himself.

Such opposite values ​​for the same symbol are explained as simply as possible, because the owl is a bird that is nocturnal, and according to the faith of the majority at night, only evil spirits live. Also, the reason for the negative value lies in the fact that the owl hunts its victims only at night, so it served as a symbol of misfortune and impending grief.

In fact, not everything is so bad, because a tattoo with an image of an owl has a positive meaning. For example, among the Indians, the owl acted as a bird capable of giving prophecies, serving as a talisman and a strong protective talisman, therefore, it was depicted on totems. Feather owl - it was an essential attribute of a headdress that allows you to always be protected from evil spirits and witchcraft.

If we talk about more modern values ​​for the owl tattoo, then they are all extremely positive. At the moment, a tattoo with an image of an eagle owl displays the wisdom and depth of knowledge of the owner of tattoos. Now the image of an eagle owl is very popular in educational literature, various intellectual programs and television programs, and a constant hint is made that this bird must be respected for its mental abilities.

In general, a tattoo depicting an eagle owl or owl is suitable for wise and experienced people with rich life experience, as well as for balanced personalities who are able to control their own destiny. It is believed that such individuals tattoo owl will serve as a talisman and will definitely bring good luck. As for sex, the tattoo owl is equally popular, both for men and for the fair sex. If we talk about the location of the tattoo on the body, the image value does not change, so choosing a site for a tattoo takes into account only the size of tattoos, pain and financial situation (large and complex paintings have a high cost).

Tattoo owl: meaning for men and girls

As mentioned earlier, a tattoo with an image of a owl or owl can have both positive and negative values. Many believe that the whole essence of the image depends only on the owner of the tattoo and what meaning he personally puts into his tattoo. For men, a tattoo of an eagle owl serves as a symbol of wisdom and making the right decisions, but at the same time it can become a symbol of death. In general, this tattoo is quite versatile, so for girls its value will be about the same - wisdom, calm, knowledge. If a person has similar features with the bird itself, then for him it will become a real talisman and talisman that attracts good luck. The eagle owl is a bird that can protect a man or a woman from evil spirits and protect from misfortunes and misfortunes.

Of particular importance is the owl tattoo in the prison world, because the image of this bird in prison is not a good sign. In most cases, an owl on a prisoner's body is a symbol of humiliation, but, for example, an eagle is a symbol that only the most respected convicts can wear on their bodies. In general, in the area of ​​the tattoo, an eagle owl is also perceived as a symbol of wisdom, but there are prisons where this symbol can be misunderstood, which will cause disrespect among those sitting to the owner of tattoos.

Sketches and original ideas

When choosing a sketch, it is important to choose the style and color scheme of the future tattoo. A colorful owl looks original in the style of realism, because the bird will look rich and bright, will attract with its detail and naturalness. In this case, it is advisable to choose large patterns located on the chest or back. The ideal option for well-developed men is a monochrome tattoo with a picture of an eagle owl on the calf. No less attractive looks bird in the style of dovork or engraving, differing conciseness and clarity of lines.

Original and popular sketches:

  • White owl in full face - a symbol of philosophical wisdom.
  • Multi-colored owl in Indian style.
  • Black owl with open wings and fiery eyes.
  • Owl with open wings on the neck.
  • Owl, made in cartoon style.

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