Alteration of old clothes in the new: Interesting things with their own hands

Each of us dreams of a rich wardrobe with a variety of things, a variety of shoes and accessories. But, if finances at the moment do not allow this, then you should not be upset at all. After all, you can make new things with old hands with old hands. Interested? Then be sure to read on.

Chic Clutch

If you have an unnecessary leather jacket or just a piece of beautiful leather, you can easily make a modern stylish clutch. To do this, also prepare a good, strong zipper, pins, scissors and thread.

First, cut the desired piece of leather, taking into account the fact that 1 - 1.5 cm will be spent on the seam. Then we attach the zipper to one part of the skin with pins.

We sew the zipper with the skin with the help of a sewing machine. If the skin is too thick, you can do it manually using a large needle or awl. After that, take out the pins.

Repeat the same with the second part.

Turning the material inside out and mark the side of the seams on the sides.

Stitch the side parts. This should be done very carefully so as not to break the needle of the sewing machine against the zipper.

Cut off the corners, as noted in the photo.

It remains only to turn out the clutch on the front side.

Blouse with lace inserts

This year the lace has returned to fashion. That is why on many things there are different inserts from this material.

To independently do such a thing, we prepare a shirt, lace, pins, scissors and threads. Instead of lace, you can use unnecessary tablecloths or curtains.

Cut the shirt in the middle of the back to the level of the shoulder blades.

We hem the edges of each side.

Fold the edges of the shirt so that you get a triangle and apply lace. Cut it, leaving 2 cm for the seam on each side.

Attach the inside of the lace to the shirt with pins. And sew on a sewing machine or by hand.

Tuck the bottom edge and hem.

Delicate, feminine shirt is ready!

T-shirt with print “space”

Print “space” has gained incredible popularity among young people. You can buy almost any item and accessory with this pattern. And you can do it yourself.

To do this, prepare:

  • black jersey or t-shirt
  • bleach
  • empty spray bottle
  • special paints for fabrics of violet, blue, red, yellow and white.
  • sponge
  • pencil
  • old toothbrush.

Put the paper or oilcloth on the floor. And in a bottle we mix water with bleach in a 1: 1 ratio. Apply liquid to the T-shirt unevenly. Immediately after applying the stain will be orange. Leave the shirt for one hour.

We rinse it in cold water and leave for another hour to dry it a little.

Sponge apply purple paint on white spots and a little bit on the black part of the T-shirt.

Next, add the blue paint and apply it with a sponge around bleached stains. And a little in the center on the purple and black areas.

Use the red paint in the intervals between the spots of blue and purple. And then we apply white paint in the center of the stains that were made with bleach. This is necessary so that they stand out more.

We wet the old toothbrush in white paint and spray it so that there are points of different size on the T-shirt. It is important to do this from different angles. To make the stars, we wet the tip of a sharp pencil in white paint and draw big stars like in the photo.

If the design suits, it leaves the shirt to dry. Then we wash it and can be worn with pleasure!

Stylish Cardigan

To transform an old jumper into a new, stylish, fashionable cardigan is very simple. Just follow the instructions in the photo.

Jeans with hearts

What you need:

  • jeans
  • paint for fabrics
  • sponge or brush
  • stencil in the form of hearts
  • cardboard

We type the paint with a sponge or brush, apply a stencil and draw hearts.

When all the patterns are applied, leave the jeans dry for an hour.

A wonderful, cute print will decorate not only jeans, but also the image itself will make it more stylish.

We offer many more photos of options for how to extend the life of old things.

We hope that these examples will inspire you to try to change something from your things. We welcome your feedback on the results of the work done!

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