New Year's image: the best ideas for 2018

New Year is always associated with festive mood, gifts, fireworks and, of course, beautiful dresses. Girls pay special attention to this, as each tends to be on top. That is why we propose to discuss what needs to be considered when choosing all the components of a fashionable image.

The dress

The choice of dress should be given special attention. After all, it sets the tone for everything alongside and creates your image as a whole. Therefore, we recommend to pay attention to its style, style and color. In addition, be sure to consider the format of the upcoming event.

For example, to celebrate a corporate party, it is best to choose more restrained, but at the same time elegant models. It can be a classic knee-length sheath dress or a maxi piece. Overalls with interesting decorative inserts look no less stylish.

A long, luxurious evening dress is a great option for celebrating the New Year in a restaurant. It can be closed or more daring: with an open back or a deep neckline. In addition, such models are often decorated with rhinestones, lace or sequins.

Of course, for a holiday with your family you should not choose too expensive and chic outfit. Look for dresses made of lace or even without additional decor. Such products always look very feminine.

As for the color range, in 2018 it is surprisingly wide. After all, you can choose not only discreet, dark shades of green, burgundy or brown. Light nude tones as well as pastel gamma will also be relevant. And of course, classic black and white colors remain in trend. Since the main color of the year will be yellow, we recommend that you look to it.


When the dress is selected, it's time to start trying on shoes. It must be comfortable, so it is better to abandon the extremely high heels and unusual models. Best look will be elegant shoes or sandals. They can be supplemented with small rhinestones, beads or even a bow. Such decor will definitely be appropriate on New Year's Eve.

If you picked up a modest dress for the celebration, then you can look at the shoes with interesting details. For example, an unusual heel or lacing. Of course, a luxurious dress in the floor is better to complement the delicate shoes or sandals with a thin buckle.

Choosing the color of shoes should be with extreme caution. After all, it is very important that the image looked stylish, but unusual. Looks great model in tone dress or contrasting options. More extravagant shoes fit real fashionistas who know how to properly combine it.

Stylish accessories

It is the right accessories that make the image complete. Therefore, it is very important to choose such products that will not overload it too much. We recommend trying on concise decorations in case you picked up an evening dress for the holiday.

In turn, more volume accessories will become excellent addition of a simple, reserved dress. These can be earrings or a bracelet with rhinestones, medium-sized gems.

As for the handbag, it is best to do without it this evening. But if you plan to visit the company, then buy a clutch bag or a small handbag.


When clothes and accessories are selected, it is worth thinking about a hairstyle. Of course, there is a wide variety of options. But to look really gorgeous, she must fit perfectly to your dress.

Perhaps one of the most popular holiday hairstyles are light curls. But in this version, naturalness is very important. That is, varnish is better to use in minimal quantities.

No less relevant will be elegant evening hairstyles. This option is suitable not only for a combination with a dress to the floor, but also with a more restrained outfit.

And of course, it is impossible not to mention the various braids and hairstyles based on them. Due to the interesting weaving, even the simplest hairstyle looks more feminine and elegant. You can choose this option for any image. But depending on the cut of the dress, you need to adjust the hairstyle a little to make the image look complete.


In 2018, the most relevant will be nude makeup. We recommend choosing it to celebrate your corporate party. But at the same time, a bright accent on the lips will be permissible. Due to this, the image looks more solemn and bright.

Of course, to celebrate with friends and loved ones, you can choose more daring options. For example, to make an ombre effect on the eyelids or just to draw the eyes with dark shades. If you do not like such intense makeup, then you better look at the calm, restrained tones. But at the same time apply dark lipstick of red or wine color.

On a festive night, you can safely use glitter for makeup. It will look appropriate with both modest dresses and evening, extravagant dresses. And of course, do not forget about the highlighter, which has not lost its relevance for several seasons.


The final element of the fashion image for the New Year is a manicure. However, the importance is not only the design of nails, but also their shape. It is best to choose an oval or almond-shaped nails. She visually makes her fingers longer and more elegant. If you like square nails, then do not make the corners too sharp. This trend is no longer relevant.

As for the design, the French and moon manicure will also be in fashion.

If you like more ambitious options, you can choose a plain coating with additional decor. For example, a scattering of rhinestone, powder or glitter.

Holiday drawings in the form of snowflakes and asterisks will also be relevant. But do not make them too large and bright, as it looks ridiculous.

To think carefully about the image for the New Year's Eve is not an easy thing. Following our advice, we are sure that on this holiday you will be on top!

How do you create a festive look: study trends or trust your own taste?